WP Engine Review: Is It A Reliable Web Hosting For WordPress?


As I already said in my previous post, WordPress is now synonymous with blogging. World’s best content management system backs the best websites and blogs of the world today. So Many web hosting companies have started offering premium and exclusive WordPress managed hosting services for those whose business sustain on WordPress blogs.

Wp Engine is one of those excellent hosting providers, known for offering the best WordPress managed hosting in the industry. While some bloggers believe that WP Engine charges more than what should be charged, and do not offer more than basics, Indeed that’s true somewhere. But That does not mean they are totally bad.

I’ve seen some popular blogs like Neilpatel.com and Humanovation.com are hosted on WP Engine.

WP Engine is comparatively s a new player in WordPress managed web hosting space. In 2010, the Austin-based company was cofounded by Jason cohen and Ben Metacafe. The company soon built a customer base having more than 50K customers and traction they received was a consequence of their great customer service and Managed WordPress Hosting solution. Let’s dive deeper and see how reliable WP Engine Hosting is:-

WP Engine Uptime/Downtime

This is their strong points, WP Engine sites have 100% uptime and the company promises to pay 5% of their monthly bill for every hour of downtime, unfortunately, there is no uptime information history provide on the website. There is WordPress speed test tool provided by WP Engine that you can use to rtest you site’s speed. Do check it once.
WordPress Speed Test

The WP Engine has it’s data centers at Texas, Tokyo, and London, so customers can choose any of these locations.


WP Engine Plans And Pricing: Where It Sucks

WP Engine is the only web hosting service that changes you on per visit basis. And A visit here means a unique IP address Within one 24 hours. And this is what makes a negative point for them.

Okay for new blogs that hardly receives over 1000+ visits daily but what about those high traffic blogs which receive over 50k+ daily visits.

WP engine review


  • Personal Blog- Single WordPress Install ($29 p.m)  (visit limit 25,000).
  • Professional Blogs- 10 WordPress Install ($99 p.m)  (100000 visits per Month).
  • Business Plan- 25 WordPress Install ($249 p.m) (400,000 visits per Month)


Believe me, guys, for personal individual blogs, I would not recommend you for WP Engine unless you don’t care about your money. Alright, so let’s figure out its pros and cons in short.

WP Engine Pros

  • Excellent Application Specific Hosting
  • Reliable WordPress Managed Webhosting
  • Your Blog, Website will be in safer hands.
  • Daily Automatic Backups
  • Top Quality Admin Interface
  • Aggressive Catching Improve Website loading speed
  • 60- Days Money Back Guarantee

WP Engine Cons

  • Very Expensive
  • Very Bad Site Migrator
  • Limited No. Of Plugins
  • No 24×7 Phone Support
  • Wp Engine does not support .htaccess files
  • Slow FTP upload Speed

Should You Choose WP Engine Or Not?

Though it’s a costly web hosting for budding bloggers but still WP Engine remains favorite to some web developers. If you really wanna focus on content for your website and need a safer hand to handle all technical aspects, you can then go for WP Engine Managed WordPress Hosting. It’s really very cool that, your site would be handled by WordPress experts and webmasters. Don’t worry you are not alone, sites like illusivecomics.comcountryjam.com, returnonnow.com and neilpatel.com are already WP Engine Customers.