10 Best WordPress SEO Plugins For Higher Ranking


In my previous article, I had discussed about 10 must have WordPress SEO plugins for every new wordpress install and in this post I am featuring 10 best WordPress SEO plugins that will help to optimize your blog for higher rankings. But before listing plugins let me discuss the features and functionality of SEO plugins in short.

How Actually A WordPress SEO Plugin Helps You

WordPress SEO plugins helps to optimize your content for search engines by adding extra functions like:

  • SEO plugins let you add meta data description for your blog and blogposts
  • Lets you add focused keyword for each post
  • Lets you modify permalink structure
  • Some SEO plugins optimize your posts for social sharing too
  • Lets you generatye sitemap to be submitted to search engines for fast indexing
  • WordPress SEO plugin lets you optimize images, videos and other media attachments

Out of numerous available WordPress SEO plugins in the WordPress directory, I have compiled this great list.

Top 10 WordPress SEO Plugins You Can Consider

WordPress SEO By Yoast


Most downloaded (4.5 million times) and highest rated (4.7/5) plugin, wordpress SEO by Yoast has been used by most famous websites like shoutmeloud.com, mashable.com, thenextweb.com and thesmashingmagazine.com.

WordPress SEO by Yoast is an all in one solution for all WordPress SEO requirements that does the following:


  • Check Keyword Density
  • Checks the presence of targeted or focused keywords in title, meta and permalink
  • Checks content length
  • Reviews your content for better readability
  • Checks post for H1, H2, H3 tags etc.
  • It’s onpage analysis feature is incredible that keeps signaling(by red or green color mark) you on how well is the content from SEO perspective.

Apart from on-page content optimization, Yoast plugin generates sitemap for each post, category, images, tags etc. WordPress SEO by Yoast is the ultimate free plugin with tons of other features. It also comes with a premium version that works in more advanced way, but for beginners and general WordPress users, the free version is more than enough.

All-In-One SEO


Another powerful WordPress SEO plugin being widely used by millions of WordPress users. All-In-One SEO is pefect rival for WordPress SEO By Yoast. Since it also offers same kind of features. All-In-One SEO pack is best for all newbie bloggers who don’t know even ABC of SEO.


The plugin lets you add meta descriptions to your blog and each blogposts individually, also lets you choose for automatic generation of meta data based on tags and categories.

All-In-One SEO generate sitemap but you need to activate it first. Adding image ALT and Title tags gets easier with this plugin. The plugin offers an extended SEO support for e-commerce sites too.

Download All-In-One SEO Pack

SEO Pressor


Another powerful WordPress SEO plugin that functions like WordPress SEO By Yoast. SEO Pressor lets you manage all your pages, posts and taxonomies. The most powerful feature of SEO pressor is it’s inbuilt keyword research tool that lets you search and add long-tail keywords. In just one click you can insert targeted keyword and that really saves tons of time. As I said, it has all other features that Yoast plugin has, including on-page analysis tool.

Know More About SEO Pressor

WP Social SEO Booster


Social signals are an important ranking factor for major search engines soit is highly important to socially optimize your blogposts, WP Social SEO booster comes to rescue and lets you accomplish all social optimization. The plugin implements rich snippets tagging, automatic integration of Facebook open graph and adds twitter meta. WP Social SEO Booster is an absolute master in making your posts Goolge friendly.

Premium SEO Pack

As the name is, it’s actually a premium plugin but works perfect for SEO solutions. Premium SEO Pack offers a minification tool that makes optimization job easier. This WordPress SEO plugin is useful in internal link building,

Redirection handling, on-page optimization, sitemap generation, adding title & meta description, Google Analytics verification, handling 404 pages etc. One additional feature that premium WordPress SEO plugin offers in SERP tracker. Although you’ll need to loose your pocket for this premium plugin but it’s worth having. The plugin is best for big blogs or business sites.

Know More About WP Social Booster 

SEO Friendly Images


Images are great content that not only enhances the appearance but drives traffic too, so it must be optimized for image search. For image SEO optimization, the ALT tag and image sizes are very important factors. SEO friendly image is quite powerful SEO plugin that the image name as ALT attribute. This plugin has been used by many professional bloggers like Harsh Agarwaal of shoutmeloud.com.

Download SEO Friendly Images WordPress SEO Plugin

Broken Link Checker


It’s name defines it’s purpose, this WordPress SEO plugin checks for any broken internal or external links which are considered as dead links for search engine bots, so should be removed those broken links. The plugin is not compatible with latest version of WordPress so you’ll have to install it at your own risk, but it’s completely free.

Download Broken Link Checker WordPress SEO Plugin

SEO Smart Link WordPress Plugin


Internal linking is an important aspect of onpage SEO, Remember Wikipedia or About.com whose articles are full of internal hyperlinks and is why their SEO ranking is so strong. SEO smart linkWordPress SEO plugin lets you link any keyword to any  blogpost.

Download SEO Smart Link WordPress SEO Plugin

Ultimate Video SEO Plugin


Ultimate Video SEO plugin is for those blogs that publishes video contents, since it generates schema.org video object markup generates video thumbnail on search results page and sitemap too. This WordPress SEO plugin supports all major video sharing sites like YouTube, Dailymotion, Vimeo etc.

Download Ultimate Video SEO plugin




Another powerful WordPress SEO plugin, quite popular among some professional bloggers. Apart from basic SEO features, this plugin shows SEO related stats, sends you weekly SEO audits, lets you discover the potential keywords. Like SEO Pressor and Yoast, this plugin also offers real time advice while creating content for your blog.

Download SEO By Squirrly WordPress SEO Plugins


You don’t need to use all of them, find out your requirements and choose the best plugin from the list. But I would recommend you to use combination of the WordPress SEO By Yoast, Broken Link Checker, SEO Smart Link, SEO Friendly Images and Ultimate Video SEO Plugin(for video content blogs). SEO is the most vital element for making any blog or website successful and these WordPress SEO plugins makes this task easier.