10 New And Cool Features Windows 10 Brought


Windows 10 operating system from Microsoft has a lot to offer like the new startup menu and the universal app’s features that have made it more user-friendly. Operating windows 10 will make you feel like you’re using a Apps in a bigger Tab, it’s amazing.

10 Best New Features That Windows 10 Gave Us

Windows 10 has been designed to meet requirements of both expert and novice users, and definitely, Microsoft has taken care of all small things if the user interface is considered. The sound notification, the colorful looks, Cortana will be a new experience.

1. The New Start Menu


Now stay more organized and more personal, the new stat menu is a combination of windows 8 and windows 7 startup menus, personally I loved this feature. The new start menu shows all apps list and shortcuts to other programs.

2. The Personal Assistant Cortana


It is a personal assistant located at the bottom of screen’s desktop that has task bar included. The sad part is it is available in certain countries/region. There is a short search option that can be used as online search bar of Microsoft edge.

3. Microsoft Edge


The old browser Internet Explorer is no more, now its Microsoft Edge, an improvement over IE that has been added few advanced features like notes making and highlighting of texts or other things directly on the web page. Moreover, the Cortana has built in Microsoft edge search bar, to enable better searching and functions.

 4. The New Task View


Now you can swipe between virtual desktops, yes! So you can use the shortcut (Alt+ tab) to switch both between apps and virtual desktop. A much-needed feature we all wanted.

5. The Command Prompt With Shortcuts


Well, this new feature is perhaps for geeks and coders, to make the coding, programming and troubleshooting easier. The updated Command Prompt comes with many command shortcuts, to let you copy and paste your important commands.

6. Continuum

windows 10 continum feature

Well, this was one of the best and badly needed a feature, continum is an on -the fly mode for all 2 in 1 devices, that lets automatically change mode if suddenly the system detects the absence of the keyboard, then the device will work as a tablet.

7. Window 10 Universal Apps

universal apps for all devices

Window 10 can run on all devices from smartphones to the servers, and The apps that come inbuilt in windows 10 can in all devices be it a smartphone, desktop, laptop, tablet or others. The apps float on the desktop as tiles and you can switch between different apps quite easily.

8. Window 10 Business And Enterprise Version


Generally, Window 7 was most preferred OS for business purpose and with the advent of the new enterprise version of windows 10, this can be the next choice of professionals. Window 10 Enterprise version has plenty of features like a customized store and protection for corporate data, the new feature called mobile device management etc.

9. Improved Window Explorer Features


Explore the document, pictures, videos, songs, files and folders in the simplest way than ever, the new Window explorer now has a new share option added in the explorer taskbar.




Now One Drive is part of file explorer and on opening windows explorer, you will land into Quick access folder that will show frequently used folders and recently used files and documents. Above all, you can use Apps for file and photo sharing right from this new explorer.

10. Snap Assist


This new feature lets you snap window into a new screen. Snapping just got easier and better. Snap assist is just and advanced version of taking a screenshot of window screen.

Windows 10 will be extremely popular among students and professionals and these new features would definitely impress them. To know more about new updates you can also visit window official blog. Don’t forget to share your views, opinions and experiences of windows 10.

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