25+ Best Proxy Sites And Web Proxy Server To Access Blocked Website


Web Proxy Server And Proxy Sites come to rescue when you got trapped in the situation where you want to browse any website but you can not, and the reason being that your ISP or the organization has blocked its access. In places like college or schools, most social networking sites are blocked. And off course the porn sites as well, so this is also a great porn proxy site.  While visiting such sites you may encounter the 404 error or something like this page is not available.

How To Access Blocked Websites?

Well, guys not worry, this is a pretty small problem and the solution is just a click away.

Though there are many working methods by which you can access blocked websites, but this one is my favorite method i.e. By using any proxy site. Yes, the proxy site does an amazing stuff by giving the access, and its almost 99.9% successful.

Apart from accessing the blocked websites by your ISP or colleges, these Web Proxy Server or sites let you access those web pages also that are blocked by the website owner or blocked in any particular region entirely.

What Exactly Are Web Proxy Server Or Sites And How They Work?

There are two different terms that you need to understand, first is a  Web Proxy Server and  second is Proxy Site.
You go to a proxy site and then you enter a web address that you want to access, the proxy site takes your address to their proxy server and from there it access that particular website anonymously. Basically, it acts like an intermediary server.

To understand this better imagine a situation where you want to meet your school friend but his parents do not allow this meeting. In this situation, you ask your school teacher to arrange a meeting with you and your friend, and the teacher calls you both to the school next day and next day you get to meet your friend on the school campus.

So here your friend is the blocked website, your teacher who arranges a meeting is aproxy site and the school campus is the proxy server.

Another advantage of using Web Proxy Server & sites is that your actual identity remains hidden to client and  destination servers. Actually, in proxy sites, your actual IP address is replaced by their virtual IP address and your identity gets hidden and so you can browse anonymously.



Below is the compiled list of some of the Best Web Proxy Server & Sites List 2017-18. Some of the sites may not work at peak hours for other possible reason but still, this list can be useful to you. I have also mentioned some evergreen and all time working proxy sites in the list.

Top 13 Web Proxy Server & Sites That Actually Bypass All Filters And Lets You Any Access Blocked Website

Now below are the list of all alternative proxy sites that can be used to unblock the blocked websites.

1. Best Porn Proxy Site: The King Of Proxies – ProxFree

Let me tell you the best proxy and the best porn proxy site I have come across till now is ProxFree.Com which you can use as a college proxy site to unblock almost any website. 

2. FilterByPass.Me

FilterByPass is capable of bypassing all firewalls and filters imposed by your organization or region. It’s my favorite proxy site that I use to access blocked websites. The site shows all original content, unlike other proxy sites that removes advertisements and other unwanted stuff. Go ahead and browse the web anonymously using FilterByPass.

3. KProxy

One of the widely used proxy sites, KProxy bypasses all restricted filters and firewalls and brings the blocked websites before you. Browse anonymously and access foreign content like local. KProxy was started in 2005 and since then it’s a reliable and most trusted proxy site used by 1.5 millions of users.
KProxy promises complete security even on public WI-Fi connections. So whether your college or organization has blocked Facebook or YouTube videos, you can still use KProxy servers to access blocked/banned website anonymously. A browser extension for chrome and add-on for Firefox is also available so accessing any website using KProxy servers got easier than ever.

4. NewIpNow

Browse the web anonymously using any IP address provided by NewIPNow. It is easy to change locations through it’s diverse and dedicated servers. URLs are encrypted and you can start fresh with a new IP anytime. Even on visiting the site it shows your computer’s IP address. Above all NewIPNow is quite decent and reliable web proxy service.

Visit NewIpNow.Com


5. ZendProxy.com

ZendProxy is a great online anonymous web proxy site that allows you to change your computer’s IP address. As the IP address gets replaced by ZendProxy’s virtual IP address having quite different location. ZendProxy provides an adware and malware free web experience, so the proxy site is safe to use.

6. BlewPass.com

By passing all web filters and firewalls and access all blocked websites easily. BlewPass is the best web proxy server site to stay safe and enjoy anonymous browsing through it’s own server. BlewPass is best to access blocked video sites since it’s server is regularly updated for a wide range of video sites and videos are loaded through HTML5 video player. BlewPass is powered by the 4everProxy network and is among the most trusted proxy sites.

7. HideMyAss

HideMyAss is the best premium VPN service. HideMyAss actually hides your IP and lets you surf the internet anonymously. HideMyAss is one of the biggest player in VPN network and claims to be the most secure one. You can choose from a variety of IP address of different locations as your virtual IP so this way can choose your virtual nationality.


8. ProxySite.Com

Proxy Site has unique URL address bar that lets you choose from various server options. Proxy Site keeps your surfing safe with SSL encryption, moreover, web page loads pretty fastly. As of now Proxy Site has not banned anywhere. You can access Facebook and YouTube if it’s been blocked at your office or college.

9. UnBlockMyWeb

Yet another trusted proxy site to access all blocked and banned websites. This site has a URL search bar and the service is completely free. Its filter bypass technology is quite efficient and quick.

10. Proxy.Org


Proxy.org is not merely a web proxy server but a directory of major proxy sites which has about 891 proxy sites listed in it‘s database. Whenever you’re confused while choosing the right web proxy server, you can log on to Proxy.org and visit the recommended proxy site from there.



11. Proxify.Com

Proxify is an amazing web application that works by modifying each web page. Hide your IP and access all unreachable websites in just a single click. Proxify is also one of the most secure web proxy servers since it encrypts your browser with 2.048 bit SSL/TSL encryptions. The best part about Proxify is that it removes java scripts, advertisements, and HTML tags so that any web page could load faster. Moreover, Proxify hides titles of web pages in order to prevent them from appearing in browser’s history.

 12. DontFilter

The simple ad-supported interface has a URL address bar where you enter the site’s URL you wish to access. DontFilter doesn’t look like other available proxy sites but is capable of by passing all filters and firewalls.

13. FastUSAProxy

Fast USA Proxy is a free and secure proxy server that provides an easy anonymous tool. All sites are routed through their dedicated proxy servers and then redirected back to your browser. So this way your IP address remains hidden to targeted websites. Fast USA Proxy lets you increase or decrease your security levels too. Before visiting target website you can choose your proxy configurations like encrypt URL, encrypt pages, allow cookies, remove scripts and remove objects.

16 Other Top Web Proxy Server & Sites To Unblock Blocked Websites And To Access Banned Or Blocked Websites




My favorite among the above-mentioned proxy sites is FilterByPass.Me and Kproxy, that I use quite frequently for anonymous internet browsing.

Youngsters and students use these Web Proxy Server or  Proxy Sites frequently but there is something to care about, that all Proxy Sites does not work well and using then can lead to the serious threat of having adware, malware, and viruses.

It is always recommended, not to visit the sites that ask your username or password or any other personal details, not always but most of the time. Because the Web Proxy server might record your personal information and this can reach to the owner of the proxy server who then can make misuse of this information.