These Entrepreneurs Developed The First FanPage Marketplace To Buy, Sell & Monetize Facebook Fan Page


Do You Own a Facebook Fan Page with thousands or millions of fans, then here comes a unique startup that would help you valuate Facebook Page for free. Web Assets, the newcomer in the startup eco has arrived with an amazing platform for buying and selling Facebook Pages, and Advertising in cost effective ways.

So, Individual page owners can monetize their Facebook pages on the platform, and brands can get business ready pages with the right audiences. So there is a huge opportunity for the companies and businesses looking for more social media followings, as they can acquire an existing Facebook page.

So instead of creating your own Fan page, and spending hours in its promotion to get likes and views, you can head to Web Assets and get your business ready Facebook Page instantly.

Web Assets Startup Story

Three young talents Saurabh Goel (The CEO) & Rishabh Tanwar (The COO), and Sooraj Singh (The CTO) driven by the passion of starting something of their own, wanted to do something innovative. Their vision was towards recognizing all the important assets of the business related to web like social media pages, domains etc.

The idea first came up in May 2016 & on 5th June 2016, we were sure that this idea is innovative & scalable from every end. And this is how ‘Web Assets’ came into existence.

We are growing at a great pace. Clocked INR 40000 revenues in month one and growing at a speed of 25% mOm, we expect to touch sales of INR 25 Lakh by Year 1.

– says Saurabh.

We interviewed the founders and found their story worth sharing. Read the interview below:


1. Introduce Your Startup/Company/Product/Services. What is it all about?

Our company’s name is ‘Web Assets’. We are a social media marketing firm. We offer the following services –

Valuation of Facebook pages – Facebook page owners can valuate their Facebook page on our platform for free.

Buying & selling of Facebook pages – We will help the page owners earn money from their Facebook page by either selling their pages or by just posting our Ads. Also, the Brands can now get a business ready Facebook page with the right audience they want.

Advertisement – Advertisers can have access to much more reach with lower budget through our platform. We offer the best CTR’s.

2. Did you bootstrap your startup? If yes then how did you manage to make the initial investment?

Yes, we bootstrapped our startup. We used our savings to put life into this venture.

3.Where did the first funding come from?  

We are not funded yet by any investor. We are just using our savings.

4. How did your company receive initial traction? If not then how are you planning to receive?

We received our first traction from Xpress Rasoi worth INR 5300. We received it using sales & Facebook marketing.

5. Where the revenue comes from, what’s the business model? Explain.

  • We offer 3 services out of which 2 generate our revenue.
  • First one from Advertisement, we charge our advertisers according to their personalized requirements. No upfront though.
  • And the second one comes from Buying & Selling aspect of Facebook pages. We charge commission on the sales made through our platform.

Based on the value of the page we are creating slabs for different transaction fees.

–       Up to 10,000: 10% is charged from both buyer and seller

–       10,000 to 40,000: 7.5% is charged from both buyer and seller

–       40,000 & above: 6% is charged both from buyer and seller

6. How much time did it take to make your business profitable?

Our business is not yet profitable, we just launched. But soon it would be!


7. What’s the basic business idea/theme/concept? And how did this idea clicked in your mind?

The basic business idea is to recognize the importance of Assets on Web nowadays. Our concept is providing worth to all the business assets that exist on the web like social media pages, domains etc.

There is one specific event that led to a spark in mind. A friend was starting a business & was looking to buy a social media page with the target audience. He found it really difficult to deal with the seller of the page. And that is the point where we thought it was worth enough to plan out a venture that helps young rising entrepreneurs get what they want.

8. What is the current status of your company? How many monthly or daily orders are you serving?

We received an order from Xpress Rasoi. And now there is another order from Network 18.

Also, we have valuated more than 10 pages as of now.

9. Is there any big name in the list of clients you have served till date?

Yes! We recently received an order from Network18, one of the biggest media group.

10. Tell us about your team and places of operation. When will you expand your business?


Saurabh Goel – Co-Founder & CEO of Web Assets

Rishabh Tanwar – Co-Founder & COO of Web Assets

Sooraj Singh – Co-Founder & CTO of Web Assets

Neha Jain – Marketing Manager

And as far as expansion is concerned, we will expand our business after few months to Instagram & take this project globally.

11. What is your background? (of Founders) including academic qualifications, experience, expertise, companies served before and any other untold story.

Rishabh Tanwar: B.Tech in Electronics and Electrical from IPU (2015 batch), currently in final year of MBA from SJMSOM, IIT Bombay.

Role: Business Development on Advertiser Side and responsible for campaign running and monitoring

Saurabh Goel: B.Tech in Electronics and Electrical from IPU, New Delhi (2015 batch), Worked as Business Development Manager in a digital marketing B2B startup- Simpli5d technologies for 1.5 years.

Role: Business Development on the Publisher side.

Sooraj Singh: B.Tech in CSE from IPU, New Delhi (2015 batch). He has 1+ year of Work experience in Cvent as Engineer. He has strong tech fundamentals.

Role: He is our tech’ guy.

12. What is the USP of your product or service?

–  Advertisers do not need to pay any upfront cost.

–  Our Ad will be more impactful; people generally ignore the sponsored link. So it won’t create a blind spot.

–  Our cost structure is much better. We will charge 30% less than Facebook.

–  For Publishers, It is a unique way of monetization of their Facebook page.

So, this is a win-win situation for everyone.

13. How is it changing/ impacting on society?

This will give society a unique & fun way of earning money. Web Assets will provide more independence to people in terms of earning opportunities.

14. What challenges did you face while building your product/company? And how did you overcome?

  • Moved out from comfort zone
  • Leaving job was one of the biggest challenges
  • Technology building

15. Your company’s vision in next 5 years?

We are looking forward to recognizing all the Web Assets for a business and a way to monetize them. Along with it; we are looking to expand across geographies in next 5 years.


16. What’s your niche/industry of business? And your views on the current trend in your industry.

Our industry is Digital Media Marketing. And as far as trends are concerned with people going to social media every second and digitization at pace; we are very optimistic about our industry trend.

17. 7 things about your product/services readers should know.

  • For the first time, we have developed an algorithm that valuates Facebook pages
  • A platform to Buy-Sell Facebook pages
  • Unique way of social media advertisement to monetize social media pages
  • Advertisers do not need to pay any upfront cost
  • Our Ads will make huge impact
  • We guarantee highest ROI
  • Our cost structure is very competitive

18. As a founder, who and what has been your inspiration cum motivation throughout the journey that kept you going?

Steve Jobs has always been an inspiration. His work has kept us going throughout.

19. 3-5 Marketing Strategy that worked like a charm for your business?

  • Hiring interns and getting them on work is a very good strategy
  • LinkedIn marketing played a vital role in B2B marketing
  • Using our blog as a tool for marketing looks like a good way

20. How Social Media helped you reaching your target audience?

Our content and targeting on social media proved out to be good tools

21. Countries, where you want to expand your business?

US, UK, South Africa & Japan

22. What kind of business software do you rely upon?

As of now we do not rely on any business software. Our technology is strong enough to scale up our business.

23. What advice would you like to give to budding entrepreneurs of your field?

Identify and follow your passion and use it as a tool to create new milestones


24. What title would you like to give to your journey so far?

The journey has witnessed lots of ups & downs so the suitable title would be ‘A Roller Coaster Ride’.

Our Take On This Startup

Web Assets is one of the most innovative B2B and C2B social media startups, and we see a bright future for the company. As the company has recently grabbed a deal from the media giant Network 18, that clearly shows their scalability is high and the company can go beyond our expectation.

A marketplace for Facebook Pages and a platform to monetize any Facebook Fan Page was badly needed, this will benefit all internetpreneurs trying to get exposure to their business.

There is a large community of Admins who run their Fan pages just for fun and services like this will help them earn money by promoting other brands. Meanwhile, brands will get cost effective promotion instantly.

As the company has not been funded yet, we believe there lies a huge opportunity for investors looking for innovative startups that can provide high returns on investments.

We wish them all the best for their journey ahead.