How To Use VLC Media Player As Screen Recorder Software


Off course VLC  Media Player is the best media player we have, that is available for all platform, be it windows, Mac OS, Android, OS, Linux or Ubuntu. I am a great fan of VLC Media Player and I use it to play movies, as a music player and as a screen recorder tool.

Its android version is amazing too, that also lets you stream videos from any website you want. In this video, I’ll show you how you can capture your screen activities and record video using VLC Media Player.

Note:- You can use VLC Media Player as a screen recorder only in the desktop version of VLC Media Player.

Steps To Use VLC Media Player As Screen Recorder To Capture Screen Cast Videos.

Step 1:-  Open VLC media player first, then go to media menu then select open capture Device.

Open VLC media player > media menu > open capture Device.


Step 2:- In open media window, under capture Device Tap, select the following as directed below:-


  • Capture Mode – Desktop
  • Under option set Designed frame Rate for the capture – 10.00 f/s.
  • Down below, click on the small downward arrow beside “play” and select convert option.


Step 3:- Now a new convert menu window appears, on the profile raw, click on the last square button to create a new profile. It will give you a new ‘ profiles edition window.


Step 4:- In the profile edition window then will be various tabs, so you need to configure them all.
So under
Encapsulation Tab – select the format of the video you want to, Mp4/MOv is recommended.


Video codec. Tab – Tick out video option first, which will highlight various tab, below. So under encoding parameters, select codec as H264.


Step 5:- Give a profile Name, that the project will be called as.

Step 6:- Now you will be taken back to Convert Menu back. Here select the destination folder and also give the file name here. And click on save option.



Step 7:- Now by clicking on Start Button your VLC Media Player as screen recorder will work for you. Now whatever you will do in your screen would get recorded until you click on the red color Stop button.


So once you have recorded screen activities on your computer, you can destination folder.

So see how easy it was, it’s my favorite trick to capture screen activities of my computer. I have never used any specific screen recorder software to capture streaming videos because VLC media. Player always did it for me.

Hope you liked my article on use VLC media player as screen recorder for screen recording capture.

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