6 Different Types of Blogging And Blogger: Know Which Category Do You Belong To


Well, Blogging industry is booming right now and believe it or not but some bloggers are making millions of bucks every day just by writing few articles per day or per week. There are many types of blogging, based on the type of content published and their purpose, for example, a company blog publishes content related to their products and services and their aim is to promote their company. Below is the list of types of blogging and blogger, Let yourself decide which kind of blogger you are :-

6 Types Of Blogging And Blogger

  1. Niche Expert

These are the bloggers who write mainly about any particular niche, almost every aspect of a single topic, they are very specific regarding their content, and that’s why their blog gets a good  rank  in search engines.

For example, the most popular niche is the gadget or tech niche. The source of income for them is affiliate marketing and advertisements.

  1. The Company Blog

As I’ve stated above, the main aim of such blogs is to promote their businesses and products to reach their target audience, basically, they don’t run any other related ads like other bloggers, they are funded by the company itself. Their main target is to generate leads from the traffic they get from their blogs. Moreover, it helps to build a strong trust among their costumes.


  1. Business Blogging

These blogs are run either by a company or group of bloggers and they provide one of the best and high-quality content  on web.

Since the business sustains on the revenue generated from the blog so it has to deliver great compelling content in order to get more views. They have to maintain their reputation so they treat their blog as their marketing tool and the only earning platform.

  1. Professional Blogger

The professional bloggers are an amalgam of all these kind of blogger, their blog is their business. They make a living from it. Professional blogger may own a number of blogs, each offering different content because  the basic aim is to make money. They are like business blogging but not exactly like that.

  1. Freelancing, Guest Blogging And Ghost Blogging

I have placed these three categories under single type since these are all the backstage bloggers who produce the high-quality contents for other blogs and help them grow.  The freelancing and Ghost blogging is for making instant money since there are a lot of blogs that pays you for writing articles for them.

As far as guest Blogging is considered, it is mostly done for link building so that their blog can rank well in search engines .

Still, there are many blogs that pay you for guest posting

        6.Personal Blogging

Well this kind of blogs and blogger are pretty interesting actually, yes they don’t blog for money, they blog to express their thoughts and ideas to the masses. Like the author, philanthropists, celebrities or many politicians. You will not find any advertisements on their blog, they are just expressing themselves.

Some people even blog as their hobby in various free blogging platforms. They don’t care what others think or whether they are getting good traffic or not.

So you came to know all types of blogging, decide which type of blogger you are. Don’t forget to share the article.