Torrent Movie Download-How To Download Anything From Torrent Even In Blocked Countries


This post will guide you to download movie, games, software, e-Books, songs etc  using torrent. I’m listing out the steps required to download movies from Torrent (using Torrent client software and Torrent site). But you can follow the same steps to download whatever you want (almost any digital material).

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I believe Torrent is a boon for geeks and movie lovers like me, Torrent lets you download files faster than other ways. Although there is numerous movie streaming sites as well as movie downloading sites but one prefer torrents to download my favorite movies.

[ Torrent Movie Download ] Essentials:-
1. Torrent Client Software
2. Torrent File Downloading Sites

  • Step 1 :- Download Torrent Client software like (uTorrent)
  • Step 2:- Open any Torrent website like Kickass Torrent



  • Step 3:- Search for the movie file.



  • Step 4:- Get the Torrent files or magnet link.
  • Step 5:-Once Torrent file has been downloaded, open it. The file will be opened in Torrent client software.
  • Step 6:- Select the subtitles which you actually want to download (there you may opt out the subtitles, pictures screenshots etc).



  • Step 7:- Click on OK to start the download, wait for few seconds, the download will start automatically.

How To Download Movies (Any Files) From Torrent In Countries Where Torrent Is Blocked [Torrent Movie Download]

Many countries are there where Torrent sites are banned for various reasons (Cyber Security Or To Check Privacy). So it’s tough for users from that countries to download movies using Torrent. But don’t worry, you can make use of proxy sites to access day banned or blocked websites easily.


Here is a short screenshot that I get. Like In my case, I tried to access the site in India (my current location ) where extratorrent is banned by IT And Communication Ministry.

[ Torrent Movie Download ] The above-mentioned steps would be same and the only change will be in second steps.

Step 1- Download and install Torrent Client software i.e uTorrent
Step 2Open any proxy site (here is the list) and then enter the URL of Torrent sites.

Like here I did:-

1. Visit any web proxy site, one of the best known proxy site is –

2. Then the torrent site URL- Kickass Torrent


3. And then follow the same above mentioned downloading process.

[ Torrent Movie Download ] Tips For Faster Download Movies From Torrent

The downloading speed depends on a number of leechers, seeders, and peers, so before downloaded the Torrent file, see the details and make sure that the files have a number of leeches, peers, and seeds. The move will be, faster would be the downloads.

So this how I download stuff from torrent. Well as we all know YouTube is the source of all kinds of videos, even movies. So to download movies from YouTube you could read my step by step guide on how to grab YouTube videos in your computer. However, I would suggest you download and install Tubemate Downloader for mobile. Additionally, if you want to capture or record the streaming videos in Android phone, I recommend you download A-Z Screen Recorder App which is free and the best of it’s kind.

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