Top 10 Billionaires & Richest Men Of World Who Can Buy Almost Anything


Wao thats sounds amazing, Billionaires right? Very few people on the planet are lucky enough to get this title of billionaire. Even we don’t know the formula to be a billionaire overnight or within few years. Absolutely there is 50 percent labor and 50 percent luck needed to hit the mark. The thing is most people can’t even become a millionaire, so it’s always a dream to be a billionaire.

Of course, you can become rich, but not the richest. The people who got the title of world’s richest man had to do something exceptionally good and unique, had to undergo situations that demanded the entire use of brain and body.

Every year, world’s leading magazines like Forbes and Time releases a ranking is done by taking multiple parameters like the value of assets, accounting for debt, royalty and dictator and much more.

This list is with reference to Wikipedia because we believe that’s the best source to get the right information. However, recent news shows that Amancio Ortega has beaten Bill Gates, and now he is the richest person in the world, but here we are following what Wikipedia says.

Through extensive surveys, and researches are done by a team of experts, the list of world’s wealthiest people is released, and here in this post, we will be taking a look at these lucky and hardworking billionaires of the world.

1. Bill Gates 


Whenever we think of world’s richest person, Bill Gates image appears in our mind. This Guy is an absolutely genius, created world’s most popular operating system and invented the term ‘ Personal Computer ‘. Now most of his earnings come as a royalty as he stills shares most of the Microsoft stocks.

With an estimated worth of 75.0 billion dollars, bill gates took retirement in 2008 and now serves as technical advisor to say Mandela, the current CEO of Microsoft. Bill Gates is not only a genius billionaire but a philanthropist, entrepreneur, and programmer. Now he is involved in charity works with her organization called Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. Definitely, he will remain the greatest inspiration of all time.

2. Amancio Ortega 


A popular name in the fashion Industry owner of the Inditex Fashion group. You would have heard of his brand called Zora, which has been a huge hit. This Spanish billionaire is believed to have a net worth of $75.8 billion and holds the second position in the list.

3. Warren Buffett 


Warren Buffett is the real wolf of wall street, it would say, who started small and made a big hit. The owner of world’s largest supermarket, Warren buffet grabs the third place. Warren Buffett heads Berkshire Hathaway Inc as a CEO and posses the most shares of the company. Warren Buffett is popular by various names like the most successful Investor of the world, wizard of Omaha, Oracle of Omaha, or the Sage of Omaha.

4. Jeff Bezos 


Founder chairman of the world’s largest online store Amazon, holds the fourth place. Bezos owns the most of the company shares and the man is still investing in new startups and ventures. His deep interest in Aerospace made him fund Blue Origin, an aerospace developers company for space flights. Most of his revenue comes from his multinational company Amazon Inc.

He acquired the Washington Post a few years back since he is also interested in news and media. His journey of building a billion dollar empire started from his garage where he first started as an online bookstore by borrowing money from his father. Jeff Bezos is a man who never stopped dreaming and achieving and we hope to see more in coming yrs. Jeff has been valued at $45.2 billion, and that’s amazing.


5. Carlos Slim 


Carlos Slim is a Mexican business tycoon, a successful investor, and a great philanthropist. Earlier Carlos was crowned the title of world’s richest person for the year 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2013. Carlos owns 40% shares of Mexican Stock Exchange listing and is considered to be the ultimate business magnate of Mexico. The Chairman and CEO of Telmex, American Movil, Samsung Mexico, and Grupo Carso, is valued at $46.5 billion as of December 2016.

6. Mark Zuckerberg


Who doesn’t know this guy, the most popular billionaire after Bill Gates. Zuckerberg is also the youngest billionaire in the world to have an asset of $44.6 billion. The CEO of Facebook Inc has revolutionized the entire online social networking. Mark holds most of the company shares and now works as a philanthropist. The Hollywood movie The Social Network depicts his real life story of creating the world’s largest social network. He acquired Instagram and WhatsApp, which proved that sky is the limit for him.

7. Larry Ellison 


Co-founder of Oracle corporation with a net worth of $ 43.4 billion, Larry Ellison is another most successful businessman. As a philanthropist, Larry Ellison continues to donate 1% of his wealth to charity. Larry took retirement in 2014 from his CEO post and now serves as CTO of Oracle.

8. Michael Bloomberg 


The founder, CEO and owner of Bloomberg L.P., Michael Bloomberg has been valued At $40.0 billion as of October 2016, holding him the eight position. Micheal is a self-made billionaire, philanthropist, author and a successful politician too. He joined the parties like democratic, Republican and Independent.

9. Charles Koch 


Another American billionaire, Charles Koch has been valued at $39.6 billion. Charles is a co-founder, chairman and is the largest shareholders of the company i.e.42% of Koch Industries.

10. David Koch 


David Koch is Charles’ brother and serves as executive vice president of Koch Industrie. David has been valued at the same share in the company. Koch brother’s combined wealth would be greater than Bill Gates net worth.

When you will read more about then you will see how they did it. Some people like Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerburg, Jeff Bezos, Warren Buffet and Mr. Bloomberg are absolutely genius. They all started small, from their little room or garage and built a billion dollar empire.