How To Stop Automatic Updates In Windows 7 OS

Getting the updates notification for Windows 7 is really irritating and we are getting constant queries on How to stop automatic updates in Windows 7. Actually, the operating system considers delivery of universal drivers through windows updates a mandatory thing. But not to worry about it, you can disable the downloading of these universal drivers in windows 7.
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Steps To Be Followed To Stop Automatic Updates In Windows 7 

Step 1

Tap start Button and search for system.


Step 2

Tap/click the system (with control panel), that will be on the top. A new desktop window of system properties will open up.


Step 3

On the left side, click on the Advanced System Setting.

You will get a new system properties window with 5 tabs in it,
Computer Name,Hardware , Advanced system Protection, Remote.

Step 4

Just click on the ‘Hardware’ option.

Then click/tap Device Installation Settings.

Step 5

The next window will give you two options.

  •  1st Option- Allow windows to download driver software and realistic icons for your device automatically.
  • 2nd Option- Allow you to choose what to do, so choose the second option.

Step 6

On selecting the second option you will get 3 more options below it.

Highlight the first one– Always install the best driver software from Windows update.
The last available option in the key, you can turn on or turn off by selecting it, according to your preference. So this is the place you can choose the window option.

To stop automatic updates, just highlight the second option.
“Never install driver software from windows update”

Step 7- Finally click on SAVE CHANGES  that’s all now you have successfully disabled automatic updates of windows.

Final Words:-

Well, it’s important to have your system updated with latest versions of software and drivers but still if you feel the update notification as irritating then follow the above-mentioned steps and stop it.