[Easiest] 9 Best Screen Recorder For Android Phone You Can Use Now


At times you need to create videos or demos for your project or presentation, or you may want to create tutorials for YouTube or blog, these apps will help you a lot. Screen Video Recorder for android are very easy to use and beneficial too, these listed apps have been tested by me.

Top 9 Best Screen Recorder Apps For Android To Record Videos

These screen recorder apps for android can be used to capture any streaming videos and in this way you don’t need to download them after watching, well this was the trick I use to do long ago. Anyways below are the great list of top screen recorder for android.


1. AZ Screen Recorder- The Best Of All


  • Price: Free
  • Android Version: Android Lollipop Or higher
  • Rating: 4.5
  • Rooting Required:No

This is one of the best screen recorders for android, that I use for making demonstrations and tutorials, it can be downloaded free and it is really impressive, I recommend this app to everyone.

Some Screen Shots:





  1. No limit for downloading Videos.
  2. No watermark is added in the video.
  3. It also records the background sound, if you want to add on it.

2. Screen Recorder


  • Price: Free
  • Root Required: No
  • Android v-5.0 lollipop



This cool Screen Video Recorder makes itself in the first place for its compatibility with the latest android version like android v 5.0, v5.1, v5.2, Lollipop, It has been exclusively prepared for the lollipop.


  • It has a magic Button, that controls the recording without showing anything on the screen.
  • It can capture front camera as well as screen recording.
  • Some cool stuff like countdown times and videos trimming are these to add volume to the app.
  • Though the app in free to use but these are some of the app features are premium so you need to invest your bucks to enjoy all functionality. If you want to use this for your professional work than it is worth having in your android device.

3. Telecine Screen Video Recorder


  • Price : free
  • Android : Android 5.0(lollipop) or higher
  • Root Required: No

Telecine in yet another free app that offers super service in terms of a video recording of all your screen architecture. It’s the highest-rated the app in google play store.


  • It is also totally free to and has no watermarks.
  • It is an open source that means the developer can submit fixes and patches all on their own. 
  • The app actually puts an overlay over your device that lets you know what you are recording.
  • It does not clog up your notification.


4. One Shot Screen Recorder

  • Price: Free version, premium version -0.9
  • Android version: lollipop or higher
  • Rooting Required: No Root

One shot screen recorder in yet another simple and easy to use screen recorder for android that comes in two version the free version that has some united options and the premium version that cost you around $.99. But the premium version comes a lot of cool features.


  • All recording activities can be done in just four simple steps so the app is really convenient.
  • The premium version does not add any watermark in your record videos, but the free version which in past a final version, add a watermark to the videos.
  • The premium version lets you improve your own logo, hide the notification icon and remove annoying ads.

5. Unlimited Screen Recorder

  • Price: Free
  • Android version: Android lollipop or higher
  • Rooting required:No
If you are confused between the above option, you can go for the ultimate recorder that brings awesome video recording of all your screen activities. This ultimate screen recorder is completely free and has no money advanced features for all its experienced users.


  • It does not impose water marks on recorders video.
  • Unlimited video recording.
  • Very simple with one touch users interface.

6. REC Screen Recorder

  • Price: Free and premium
  • Android version: Lollipop
  • Rooting Required: No

Rec is another screen recording app with a so easy to use interface that looks beautiful. These are some setting that needs to be done once you open the app like you need to adjust the bit rate and duration before you can start your recording.


  • Audio recording can be enabled.
  • You can name the recording much before standing your recording.
  • The recording starts after 10 seconds after you tap the record button. So it gives you enough time to prepare yourself.
  • You can stop the recording by tapping on ‘stop’ button or turning off your screen light.
  • The premium version offers better functionality like unlimited recording, since with the free version you can
  • Record only up to 5 minutes (video) and 10 minutes of audio recording so if is better to go for paid version.

7. SCR Screen Recorder


  • Price: Free and premium version $4.99
  • Android version: KitKat
  • Rooting required: yes

If your device runs on Android KitKat or anything lower than lollipop version than you should go for this screen recorder. But the sad part in It does require to be roasted. The thin app comes in two different version the fire version and the paid version you can upgrade to premium version at any point of time the premium version costs $4.99, which is more than average price.


  • It records audio and video.
  • It allows putting your front failing camera footage our the screen recording on well.
  • The free version allows video recording only up to 3 minutes and adds a watermark to your records video as well.
  • The app has easy to users interface with 3 buttons, namely, records, setting and exit.
  • The app setting page has a lot of features like video encounter, resolution, image transformation using GPU or CPU, indicating bitrate , choosing a frame rate.

 8. Mobizen Screen Recorder


  • Price: Free
  • Android Version: below lollipop
  • Rooting Required: No

It is our of the best screen recorder for your android phone that course and the best part is, you don’t require the rooting process. And yes there is a sad part of it as well and that is poor video quality, there will be jumps, skips and frames rate drop


  1. You can send SMS from your desktop.
  2. You can transfer files to your PC.
  3. You can stream video directly to your computer screen.
  4. Easy to use interface.

9. Shou Screen Recorder

  • Rice: Free
  • Android Version: KitKat or lower
  • Rooting Required: No
  • Rating: 2.5


Though we have placed this app at the last position but this is the ultimate option for your Kitkat devices.


This app can be used to record all your screen activities along with stereo sound. You can mirror your device screen to any Mira cast or airplay enabled device. Unlimited video recording is provided so no need to worry about memory. Some options include selecting your source engine, orientation, resolution, bitrate etc.


In my personal opinion, my favorite is AZ Screen Recorder and I believe you must give it a shot, other than that you can try out SCR Screen recorder too. Let me know your views and opinion about screen recorder apps you are using to create screencast videos.