How To Backup Whatsapp Chat History And Photos To Google Drive

Don’t worry, even if you have deleted your message, you can get it back. Actually Whatsapp has rolled out many new features to that lets you backup WhatsApp  conversation, contacts, photos, music and other data to the google drive. It this post I am sharing all procedures to backup WhatsApp chat history or restore WhatsApp messages, photos, videos contact and videos to google drive and restore it backs.

The giant messenger has about billion of active users, almost every smart phone has WhatsApp installed in it. It has very friendly interface and easy to use features like voice calling, instant messaging, last seen features, Unlimited messaging of all kinds like text, audio and video messaging. At times you may need to delete you chat messages and history, and there can be multiple reason for it,


To use the google cloud serve you need to have to have a google account activated in your phone. For that you need to download google play services from the play stone.

Steps To Backup WhatsApp In Google Drive

Follow the steps below:

  • Open Whatsapp
  • Tab the menu option, option the select setting and then choose “chats and calls”. The updated WhatsApp will however show the Chats Option Only.



  • Then choose “chats backup” option.



  • Select backup to Google Drive and select the backup frequency.




  • You will be promoted to choose the google account in which you want to backup your chat history.
  • Tap on ‘Backup over’ to choose the network, I’ll suggest you to go for Wi-fi to avoid cellular data charges.

If you want to manually backup to you drive at any time, then while choosing your backup frequency, select any option other than Never this will take some time but your backup will get started soon.


Restore WhatsApp Backup From  Google Drive


So you have deleted all your chats conversation from your WhatsApp and you want to restore your backup whatsapp messages and photos back, follow these steps to restore your backup:

  • You need the same google account which you had used to backup whatsapp, and you also need to uninstall and reinstall WhatsApp.
  • After installing it back, and verifying the same mobile number, you will be promoted to restore your messages and media from Google drive so  you need to select the restoring option and let the restoring process be completed.
  •  Then tap on next and all chat conversation will be displayed after initialization is completed.


Deleting Your WhatsApp Backup File From Your Google Account

Well no one wants to keep their personal chat conversations in a drive, so you want to delete you created backup from your google account.

  • Go to your google drive account, and select desktop version from menu button.
  • Then click on the gear shaped Settings Icon.
  • Click on Manage Apps, scroll down until you get WhatsApp.
  • After some time you will get “Hidden App Data”. Then click on “option” and select “Delete hidden app data”.


Note: Please make sure that you have enough memory in your phone and drive as well, in order to backup  WhatsApp tasks successfully. Do let me know your experiences in the comment section below.