How To Promote Web Hosting Affiliate Programs And Make Money


Affiliate marketing is something that if done smartly, you can make millions. In my previous article, i had discussed best and highest paying web hosting affiliate programs and this post will help you get started in promoting those web hosting companies so that you can make thousands of dollars online.

In this digital era and all individuals, professionals and businesses are going online, creating a huge opportunity for web marketers, web developers and web hosting companies. It’s one of the most rapidly growing industry. Individuals are heading towards blogging and website building to make money online whereas companies are making their online presence for branding their business.

Suggested Niches For Web Hosting Affiliate Programs

Blogging, WordPress, Website Building, Tech Blogs, Hot- To Blogs, Web Design Blogs, Blogger Tutorials, Templates, And Themes focused blogs etc are the most suitable niche to promote the web hosting company.

5 Effective Ways To Promote Web Hosting Affiliate Programs

The biggest advantage by promoting these web hosting companies is their high paying rewards that range from $50 to $150 per referral along with some bonus amount. Bloggers who blog about blogging, hosting or website building are benefited the most.
Some bloggers like HarshAgarwal, Anil Agarwal, Syed Balki, Darren Rose are making thousands of dollars by promoting these high paying affiliate programs.

1. Use Affiliate Links

After joining any affiliate program you will be given a unique tracking affiliate link that you can insert in your blog. Write relevant posts and add your affiliate link within your content. You can use affiliate links in e-mails and on social media sites. Social media are the great place to find like-minded people where many potential customers exist.
If you’re a WordPress blogger, you must use Go Codes Plugin to create custom links that look professional, unlike those ugly default URLs.

2. Use Banners


You’ll be provided with different size formats and animated GIF banners that will help in grabbing reader’s attention. It is recommended to use the banner of any single web hosting program in the sidebar or below content area. However, you can add related banner inside the review post that will also make your content richer. But don’t use too many banners, which might have the negative impact on user experience.

3.Write Genuine Reviews


Write genuine reviews of the web hosting programs mentioning all pros and cons of the services. This will let readers trust you and will ultimately improve credibility. If you have not used the product yourself, then you can refer other’s blog and forum sites to know the pros and cons of services.

4. Use Coupon Codes For Discount


Discounts are the ultimate attraction for customers that increases sales to a considerable amount. Some web hosting companies like Hostgator and Dreamhost you create custom coupon codes offers discount to customers and you receive a commission.

I had created coupon code in Hostgator i.e. Techeera25 that offers 25% discount on all hosting plans to the customers.

5. Make Use Of Q&A sites, Forums And Content Sharing Sites


Q&A sites or Forum sites like Quora and Superuser are great places where both professional and information seeker meets. Answer relevant questions and add your affiliate links or coupon codes in your answer.


Making Money online by affiliate marketing is not tough actually but it needs a smart approach and a great marketing strategy too. All deals and coupon sites, price comparison sites, cashback sites work on affiliate marketing model and earns a huge profit. As a content marketer, you can follow the above-mentioned tips. Let me know your responses in the comment section.