10 Genuine Online Part Time Jobs To Make Money Online [Work From Home]


Online Part jobs are best for students and housewives who need some handy cash by working at home. The comfort of working from home is priceless. Flexible working hours and savings from different expenses makes online money making Part jobs an ideal solution. People generally have a negative conception about online because most of them are either scam or misleading. But some legitimate online part jobs do exist that lets you make money online by doing some specific tasks.

Top 10 Best Ways Generate Instant Income From The Best Part Time Jobs [Genuine Work From Home Jobs]

Hunting for the right online part time jobs could be a daunting task so to ease  your job, I’ve listed top ten part-time jobs to make money online.

1. Content Writing- The Best Part Time Jobs

There are billions of websites and millions of them are created every day and they all need content so there is a huge demand for quality content writers. One of the best online part time jobs that can actually pay thousands of dollars.

Content writing work includes article writing for content firms, guest posting, ghost writing, copy writing, writing PR articles, making a brochure, news posting etc. My first income was from writing an article for a content agency $35 for writing 11 articles.



To get content writing job assignments you can try sites like writer  and Freelancewriting.com. These sites pay you well and payments are made on Paypal mostly. Contentmart is a great site for Indian content writers. In content writing industry, the payments are either on per word basis or per article basis.

2. Blogging For Everyone To Make Millions

No doubt, blogging is the ultimate way to make money online but it’s a long journey so you need to have patience, effective planning and a strategic approach to run a successful profitable blog. But believe me, guys, you can make millions online at home.

ultimate guide To create a blog in wordoress

Few bloggers like Jhon Chow, Harsh Agarwal, Amit Agarwal, Neil Patel are playing in millions now, even these bloggers have incorporated their online businesses. You can read my blog posts on How to create WordPress blog in 5 minutes to start your blogging journey.

3.Online Tutoring For Teachers And Experts

Are you an expert at something, any teacher or any veteran professional who knows enough about any specific thing, then you can teach others online and make some handsome cash too. Online tutoring business is rapidly growing and it’s actually profitable.

Students and other knowledge seekers are looking for guidance, lessons and a little help to improve their academic performance and internet being the ultimate source of information comes to the rescue. As a teacher, you will have to teach your online students and you’ll be paid on per hour basis, per weekly basis  or per chapter basis. The payment part is taken care of by site.


There are various sites that let you learn, teach and earn online like Tutorvista, HappyTutors, Tutor.com, Tutorweb etc. Don’t worry about your educational qualification, even if you don’t possess any degrees you can get work according to your caliber.

4.Web Designing For Techie Professional

Yet another genuine money making part time jobs exclusively for web designers. Internet is all about websites and blogs. Companies badly need web and graphic designers to enhance and improve websites. So there is a huge opportunity for web designers and if you are a developer that you will get countless offers.


Web graphic designers can get tasks like logo designing, banner designing, infographic design, merchandise designing, business card designing, site appearance design etc. If you are creative enough then sky is the limit for you.

As a beginner you can start with sites like 99designs.com where you’ll find various assignments for web designers. Once you get an assignment you can start your journey ahead. There are other freelancing websites where you can find relative assignments like upwork.com, Toptal and Freelancer.com

5. Programming For Geeks And Students


For all those geeks, programmers and developers out there. Programming has a grand scope and sites like upwork and Toptal can offer you programming projects. All you need to do is look for some programming jobs and assignments in such websites and start earning.

Programming jobs include developing apps, games, web development, software development, troubleshooting jobs etc.

6. Data Entry Jobs To Work From Home

Normally people considers online date entry part time jobs as scams and misleading task but some data entry jobs that actually pays exist too. There are many companies and firms that need to outsource their data entry projects so they look for freelancers and students having good typing speed.


Freelancers are paid either on per word basis or per assignment basis. Usually you’ll get projects in bulk and amount like 2 cents per word will sum up to huge amount. So it’s not a bad job at all but yes getting a assignment from a genuine company is the toughest part.

Sound tying speed, minimum 30 words per minute, less liable to make mistakes otherwise you might have to pay penalty as deduction in payment. Basically no major skills are required except typing skill. Best place to start data entry jobs- Capital TypingFreelancer etc.

7. Online Survey Sites To Make Money Online


Online surveys are a part of consumer research program that big research companies carries out to know consumer opinion regarding any product or services. Companies invest millions in survey and there the opportunity lies. Not all survey sites are genuine but sites like surveymoney that pays you in points and rewards which can be withdrawn as a cash through Paypal. I’ve listed few best survey sites that actually pays you.

8. Mobile Apps- Money From Free Time

The perfect money making part time jobs you can do from anywhere whether you are watching movies, playing games, having lunch or sitting at your garden. Get a smartphone, preferably Android and an internet data pack too, then download few apps like Swagbucks(the best one) and start performing money making tasks. These task would be like watching videos, playing specific songs, downloading other apps etc.


Basic mobile operating skills are required and anyone can start making money online. You will earn rewards or credit points which you can use for shopping at major online sites. Some of these apps converts your earned credit points into PayPal cash from where you can withdraw payments.

9. Digital Marketing For Instant Cash

Digital marketing is an umbrella term that includes SEO(Search Engine Optimization) Marketing, Social Media Marketing, PPC Marketing, Content Marketing etc. If you are well versed in any of those online jobs then its easy to earn money online. Most new and even old web companies need SEO experts, Digital marketers, bidders and social media managers who can handle the marketing part of their business.


Some big blogs hire SEO professionals for short time and pays them hefty fees too, after all it’s all digital marketing that brings potential customers and ther make profit. To get started, you can look for internet marketing jobs in freelancing sites like upwork.com, Toptal and Freelancer.com

10. YouTube- Create Videos And Earn Money

Get a handy cam and shoot something unique, that could be a video of laughing baby, a dance performance or any artistic creation. And then upload it to YouTube. First monetize your video and start sharing in all social networking sites and then wait for no. of views, you’ll actually start making money.


YouTube video search engine and video sharing service is owned by Google(ALPHABET) so don’t worry about the payments. Like blogging, YouTube has made millionaires to many people and if your video gets viral then it would be the ultimate achievement for you.


So these were the top 10 best part time jobs to make money online that can actually give you some cash. While searching ob Google you’ll find hundreds of ways to make money but it will take ages to actually generate cash. This is my personal experience. Try any of the above mentioned ways and continue with patiently, believe me your effort and patience will bear fruitful result. Do let me know your experiences and share this post, because sharing is caring!!