10 Proven Techniques To Make Windows 10 Faster [Get Rocket Speed]

In my earlier article I had discussed on 4 ways to boot windows from USB drive and now I am going to share some tips and tweaks to improve the performance of your Window 10 after following this steps you will notice a great improvement.
Window 10 the latest OS offering from windows has been loaded with many new features, some of the features and functionality added are quite admirable where some are the same like previous versions. The new start menu And Cortana were completely new features added however the looks of the task manager also got changed. Though the Windows has been advanced with such new features but there are many issues with it like the slow booting and issues with Cortana.

10 Great Tweaks To Make Windows 10 Faster

To speed up your computer means to optimize your operating system, and after using any new OS for few weeks or months there happen few negative changes that slow downs your system. Here we are talking about speeding up new windows 10 OS.

1. Disable Unnecessary Feature

Well this are many features that  have no use for the normal users so you can disable those features using the folder option below are the step to be followed :

1. Open this PC and then  click on view option present in this ribbon
2. Look for the option button mainly present at the end this will open the folder option window
3. Select the view tab and uncheck the following options listed below :

  • Display the size information in folder tips
  • Hide empty drives
  • Hide extension for known file types
  • Show encrypted or compressed NTFS files in color
  • Show pop-up description for folder and desktop items

3. Once done click on apply changes to folders and close the window.
This will disable showing unnecessary features of memory computation

Disable unnecessary features and function window to has many such features which has been add to make it look better and fell better by adding animation eye candy effects and sound notification but the port is these special features utilizes both power and memory so if you will disable these systems performance will get a good boost up

2. Disabling Animation And Shadow

1. Click the run option from the start menu or press (Window key +R)
2. Now enter the command system.cpl and press enter the  Performance window will come up.
3. Now choose the advanced tab and click on the setting
4. Now you need to uncheck or  disable the following option:

  • Animate control and elements inside  window.
  • Animation in taskbar
  • Fade or slide menu into  view
  • Fade or slide tool tips into view .
  • Fade out menu items after clicking
  • Save taskbar thumbnail previous
  • Show shadow under mouse pointer
  • Show transparent selection rectangle
  • Slide open combo boxes
  • Smooth -scroll list boxes

So those are the option that you need to deselect or unlock or disable but below are the two points needs to be selected:
So check these boxes :

  • animate window when minimizing and maximum
  • Show shadows under windows

Now just apply the changes and close the setting wizard.
There are another easy method of disabling animation
In window, following  the steps
1. Click on setting option from the start menu or press Windows Key+I
2. Now click on Easy access and then choose another option present at the end.
3. Now under visual option turn off the play animation in window option.

3. Disabling Transparency

Disabling transparency actually improves memory and so improves the performance. You need to disable transparency on the start menu, taskbar and action center as well.
Below are the steps you can follow to disable transparency at once:

1. Open setting from the start menu or windows key + I
2. Now go to personalization and choose the color option.
3. Turn off the last option that will make start taskbar and action center transparent

4. Disabling Sound Notification

Notification sucks power and performance especially when it is sound notification so I recommend you to turn it off to make your windows 10 faster.
Here is how you can do it:-
1. Open control panel first to open it the shortest trick is going press Window key +x
Open run box (by win +R)
and the use control command to open control panel.
2. Then click the sound icon,  this will open the sound window. Choose the sound tab
3. Select the program home first, it will give you a drop-down list.
Select None.

5. Registry Tweaks

Make your windows 10 faster by running registry tweaks just on a single click. Register scripts are a special kind of coding which when run, optimize some features like, making the contest  menu appear faster , closes the unresponsive application, removing unwanted program etc.
You can get registry scripts from many sites , but I’ve given you a link here to download the scripts. The scripts is zip file so you’ll need an unzipping program,
Download Registry script  Here.

6. Remove Or Uninstall Unwanted Programs To Speed Up Computer Performance

Some programs consumes lot of space in you computer and these program makes your system slow by taking usual updates, or running in background e.t.c so you must remove such wasteful materials to make windows 10 fatser, additionally you need to uninstall large size game softwares which you don’t play or any other unused utility softwares.


1. Right-click on the Start button
2. Click Programs and Features
3. Select the unwanted Program and click “Uninstall/Change”

7. Disk  Clean Up To Speed Up Windows 10 Processing

This is very easy to use and effective method makes windows 10 faster. If you use the internet very frequently then the chances  are high that many junk files would have downloaded so you can run a disc clean up that actually removes such program from C drive and improves PC performance .
Here is how to clan up your disc.


1. Click the Start button, Select the File Explorer link
2. Then right click on Local Disk C: and select Properties


3. Now Choose the General tab, click on Disk Cleanup button
4. Check all boxes and then click OK


8. Disk Fragmentation

The man purpose of disk fragmentation is to improve the access time for files and this consequently improves performance. This can be done by managing free spaces and arranging files location on disks. You should run  disk fragmentation regularly.
Here is how to defragment disks or drives:

1. Click On the Start button, then click on  File Explorer link
2. Then right click Local Disk C: and  then choose Properties
3. Now Select Tools tab
4. And Click “Optimize and Defragment Drive

Note:-Disk fragmentation can take some time to complete, depending upon the size and data stored.
So these are some methods you can follow to boost up window 10. Do share the post in your network and let us know.

9. Boosting Up Startup Window Or Booting Process

This is one of the most important things you need to do to speed up your computer performance in windows 10. These are a lot of programs that runs in the background and makes processing slow especially during the booting process.


1. open task manager (Ctrl+Alt+Del)
2. Click on the startup.
You will see the list of all program that runs during startup.
3. Click on any program and then right click, a drop down menu will appear. Now select disable option.

10. Run Cleaner Programs

This is one of the recommended tips to make windows 10 faster by using cleaner program that removes all adware, malware, and temporary files. If you are using any good and paid  Antivirus then chances are few, but if you have no antivirus installed then better have it asap. Popular cleaner programs include CCleaner and Adw Cleaner.


Windows 10 has improved it’s user interface in every aspect but these newly added features have impacted negatively on system performance and that is the reason many people find it a complex operating system. Turn-off some unrated features, uninstall unused software and games, remove temporary files and run cleaner programs frequently and see the result. Performing these task will make windows 7, 8 and 10 quite faster.

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