How To Make Money Blogging [16 Best Ways To Monetize Your Blog]


Although there are numerous ways to make money online but blogging stands out the best way to make money for a longer period. You will find many bloggers who are churning out $1000+ per month, even some star bloggers are making millions out of their blog. Off course there a lot of hard work, patience, planning and strategy involved in it but yes they are doing it successfully.

Newbie bloggers might be thinking, even you would have similar questions in your mind like:

  • How Do They Make Millions From Blogging?
  • How To Make Money Blogging?
  • Are People Still Blogging For Money?
  • How To Make Money Blogging?
  • How To Make Money With A Blog?
  • How To Start A Blog And Make Money?

Well, there are multiple ways you can monetize your blog and make money, but still, some bloggers fail badly and there are many reasons for that. I have compiled a detailed list of ways to make money blogging.

How To Earn Money From Your Blog Or Website

1. Advertising


Well, advertising, of course, is the first thing that comes to our mind when we think of monetizing, but wait what kind of advertising?

There are many types of advertising each suitable for different types of blogs Like banner ads are good for a photo blog, entertainment and media blogs; whereas in-text ads are good for content blogs that publish a large amount of content. When you opt for any of these (PPC, CPC, Sponsored Text Link, In-Text Ads) advertising, you become a publisher and the revenue generated by your blog gets shared between you and the ad serving agency.

You would have heard of Google Adsense or Chitika, which are great ad network to get started. If you have a website or blog with lots of content then sign up for Google Adsense, the best network to monetize your blog.

Google Adsense works on CPC and PPC model, that means you make money whenever a visitor makes a click on these ads. The revenue share is 60-40%,where you receive 60% of total ad revenue. Bloggers are making millions, via Google Adsense, still, if you want any other ad program then there are many Adsense alternatives which are equally rewarding.

2. RSS Adverts


This is also a kind of advertising, but here it’s not your blog but the blog feed is the player. So if you have an RSS feed, you can find adverts for this from famous services like Bidvertiser and Google Feed Burner.

These feed burners actually take your content and implement CPM or PPC ads, and also recommends your content along with other similar content on the web.

I am not saying that you should rely solely upon it, but yes RSS adverts could be a great way to monetize your blog. RSS Adverts are suitable for blogs which publish quality content on regular basis and have numerous followers or subscribers.

3. Affiliate Marketing


Well, affiliate marketing is an umbrella term in itself, actually, it is a performance-based marketing in which your visitors buys any product in any site via your referral link then you get a small commission for that. This is called affiliate marketing, in which you market other’s product and services and in return, you get a small commission for it.

The commission varies from $1 to $10000 or even more. Some affiliate marketplace like Commission Junction and ShareASale are great to start your journey as an affiliate marketer. The best thing about affiliate marketing is that you don’t need your own products or any online store to sell and make money. Just a simple recommendation brings profit for you, so you get paid for spreading the world only.

Each niche has some relevant products and services that need to be promoted before right audiences. You can promote eBook, physical products like gadgets, services etc and add a hidden affiliate link at the end of your post.

Who knows a single product review can brings 1000 bucks for you. You can join Amazon associates program, world’s largest affiliate program where you can get all types of products i.e digital and physical products. Commission ranges from 4% for electronics products to 15% for digital eBook purchases. Browse the most relevant products, write a long review worth 1000 words highlighting all pros and cons, and insert your affiliate link as a Call To Action Plan.

Note:- You must go through all terms and condition joining any affiliate program.

4. Product Reviews


Once your blog gets popular and starts getting a good number of visitors, big companies will approach you to post reviews of their product or services, and you’ll be paid for this. You can set your own prices for posting any review on your blog.

If no company approaches you then you can pitch those companies which are more relevant to your niche and ask them for product reviews on a discounted price in your blog. Many bloggers post sponsored reviews of other products and get paid for it.

You can also specify your charges for writing a sponsored product review in your “Advertise” page. Sponsored product reviews that you post are one-time hard work that remains in your blog forever so better charge them wisely because it would be an evergreen promotion for the product.

LinkedIn could be a great resource to hunt for the relevant product or service company as you can get their contact information to pitch your proposal.

5. Sell Your Own eBook


E-books are the future of reading and people prefer offline reading when they have no internet connection, So you can create a special e-book version collecting some of your most potential posts or amazing articles which you have not posted yet and sell them online on your blog.

Since you will be writing articles on similar topics, so you can promote your e-book in your posts as well. This will not only market your products but will also create a brand value.

As a beginner, you can also try out Kindle Publishing that will not only be easier  to create an eBook but also for marketing it later. Once you’ve created your own eBook, distribute or sell it on multiple eBook marketplaces including Amazon and eBay.

eBook carries authority and establishes you as a master of the respective topic or content.

The Easiest And Simplest Way To Create An eBook

Arrange all topics and create quality content. Try to include all types of Content like the picture, quotes, graphs,infographics etc. You can use any word processing tool like MS  Word or Google Docs for it. However, you can use PowerPoint or Presentation Making Software as you will get lots of customization and format option there.

Once you’re done with all content curation work, convert the file into PDF format. For this, you can either try out the online word to PDF converter websites or PDF Software.

Now you’re ready to share your newly created eBook. Decide a fixed price according to industry standard and start promoting it. If your blog caters to the global audience then I would suggest you integrate PayPal Payment Gateway in your blog. However, you can try out Instamojo to receive payment from Indian audience buyers.

To be frank, this will take time and you must have a virtue of patience after all you’re going to be next best selling author.

6. Premium Membership Site


Premium membership sites are one of the most successful business models that can turn your blog online into a sea of income. Every single visitor is a potential member that can increase your earning. Premium Membership Sites could be a great source of recurring income, but to build a successful membership site you really need to work harder and smarter.

Think of why? Why would anyone pay you and what for?

Content, the solid content that is not available anywhere else. It’s either a product or a service that they want, and as a blogger your blog posts are your ultimate product and your interaction with them are the greatest service. Think what else you can provide to your premium members except for information and content?

  • A Consultation Service, Counselling, And Advises, A Network Of Like Minded People, or any other kinds of stuff.

If your site members are satisfied with your offerings, then blog will definitely become a revenue generating tree.

If you’re a blogger, you don’t need to bother about the technical aspect of a membership site. There are multiple membership plugins available that let you set up a premium membership site within minutes.

Here a rough calculation of how much you can make from any premium membership site.

Suppose you charge $1 monthly then, for 1000 premium members you would be making $1000 monthly and that adds up to $12000 annually.

Make a small like in your monthly subscription package say just $3 per month, still the annual earning sums up to $36000 and that’s really awesome.

Luckily if the member crosses 500 Mark it would sum up to $160000 annually.

Famous blogs like CopyBlogger is already doing the same thing i.e. offering premium content to premium members.

7.  Survey And Polls

survey sites

Survey and Polls are probably the best-considered way to monetize your blog, but probably the most suitable for high traffic blogs.

The idea is pretty simple, place survey questions and polls in your blog and let your visitors answer these. The more they engage with Survey And Polls, the more money you gonna make.

Google has it’s own customer survey program that gives a great way to monetize your blog. Most of these survey and polls operate on CPM  (Cost Per Mile) and the revenue is shared on 60/40 or 50/50 ratio between advertisers and publishers. Survey And Polls could be an additional source of income for bloggers.

8. Create A Job Board


Every niche has some professionals and freelancers looking for a better job opportunity and work alignment. And you can take full advantage of this gap i.e. by providing them a podium to find relevant job offers.

The revenue model works like this,you can change a fixed amount from the employer to post a listing for one month or two months. Suppose you get 100 listing and you charge $50 per listing per month.So your revenue sums up to be $5000 for one month only.That’s really huge number.

Some popular blogs and websites that are making money from job boards are etc.
It doesn’t matter what is the niche of your blogger,almost every niche has its professionals. Let that niche be in fashion, marketing, web development, engineering, art, health and fitness niche.

blogger have always been privileged of using a large number of plugins, so you can try out plugins to create job board in your site i.e. by using JobPress.

9. E-mail Marketing


E-mail marketing is one of the most successful type of digital marketing that bloggers can apply to make money online. The idea is to collect as many e-mail list as possible and then use it to generate leads. Whenever a visitor subscribes that means you get direct access to their email ids. And believe me, it’s a great resource. Most digital marketers believe that if you’re not doing this then you are definitely leaving money on the table.

Here Is How You Can Build A Great E-Mail List

  • First, drive quality organic traffic.
  • Offers a freebie like an ebook or any digital product.
  • Use the best auto responder or e-mail marketing tool. You can use Aweber or MailChimp.
  • Build a great landing page and use an effective call to an action plan.
  • Use your social media networks to promote it better.
  • Build  a great e-mail list, generate leads and make money.

10. Offer Freelancing Services


You must good at something or you must be knowing a little bit more about any particular subject and perhaps that is why you’re blogging,right ?? Use your skills,which can earn you some extra cash.

Being a freelancer and selling your services is not a bad idea, though. Build a Hire Me page on your blog, showcasing what services you can offer to your clients that might be any of the following:

  • Blogging Services, SEO Services,
  • Content Writing, PR Writing, Proofreading,
  • Photo Editing, Video Editing, Audio editing,
  • Data Entry, Script Writing, eBook Making,
  • Managing Social Media Accounts, Social Media Marketing,
  • E-Mail Marketing, Lead Generation, AdWords Bidder,
  • Graphic Designer, Infographic Makers, CAD Designer, Home Designing,
  • YouTuber, YouTube Marketer,
  • Counselling Expert, Consultation,
  • Consultant, Programmer, Coder, App Developer
  • Billing And Accounting

Basically, you’ll be using your blog as a portfolio, but the actual money will come from your freelancing work.

10. Live Workshop Online Or Webinar


You can organize a live online workshop and make money out of it. Online workshops are actually live streaming video of yours where you discuss on some specific topic.You can think of it as a video version of the podcast or spoken blog post. Live online workshops could be a great technique to generate leads and promote your affiliate products.The revenue model is such that you make money by selling virtual seat (access) to your presentation or video.

Tips To Create Result Oriented Webinar

  1. Gather enough information about the topic you’re going to discuss .Make all sort of research and collect relevant photos, graphs, stats, video and infographics.
  2. Structure Out,how you gonna make your presentation i.e. the content flow. Incorporate presentation and video to support your views.
  3. Don’t forget to mention your visitors and try to get connected emotionally but logically. Just hit the weakest point and you’ll make it.

Webinars and live workshops are a great marketing and branding tool that grabs some amount of money for you too.

11. Paid Directory Listings


Paid directory listing can be considered an indirect form of advertising where you sell advertising space to place relevant sponsored links to the companies or their services.The companies pay you for listing their links only.

Let me explain this,

Suppose you’ve written an article on Top 10 SEO companies in India and your post is getting thousands of views daily, then you can pitch any similar relevant unlisted company to include their link in your post.

Sometimes companies will approach you to buy advertising space and then you charge accordingly. This way you can make money by placing few links and the company gets promotion and a valuable backlink to their site. Getting a backlink on high authority and the quality site is the toughest task for companies. And I believe paid directory listings are actually an act of selling backlinks on your website.

12. Sponsorship For Event, Post And Even For Entire Blog


Another great way to monetize your blog, sponsorship means,someone or some company will provide you all monetary or financial support to run your blog efficiently and in turn, you would promote the company their products and services.

This way you can generate funds to in your initial phases, and later when the blog gets profitable then you can apply the bigger model of sponsorship as you may have seen on television.

For blogs who need instant monetization, they can approach companies directly and ask for sponsorship for an entire year.

You must master the art of persuasion in order to convenience companies to sponsor you, Be genuine and show them how sponsoring your blog is profitable to them.

13. Donations


Blogging is a service and you’re a service provider,whereas your blog is your most valuable product for you.And it takes effort,time and investment to run any service, nothing is free in this world.

People or your visitor would never want to get this service closed because they are getting benefits in some way or other. So there is no shame in asking for funds or donations to keep your blog running.

If you look it from a business perspective then it’s not a bad technique, though.

Because even if you get an average of  $10 for a donation from 1% of your 1 million visitors, then amount sums up to $1000000,annually.
Yeah, I know it sounds great but seems rocket science, but still, it’s worth trying. Remember Wikipedia the largest encyclopedia services on donation only.

If you’ve PayPal account then gets a donation button widget for your website.

14. Private Forum


Forums are great places where many like-minded people unite a share common views and discuss questions and answers.If you’re a blogger then you can use forum plugins like BBpress to create a forum for free but I recommended you to keep it private and monetize it.

Premium Forum Members are more consensus and attentive towards any discussion and they tend to deliver high-quality answers and posts which won’t be available in free forums.

And if once your forum gathers quality discussions, it will automatically drive traction for you. Like a membership site, having a private forum integrated into your blog can be a great source of recurring income.

You can create a forum for any niche, even for a single product or service.

15. Sell Your Own Products


Turn your blog into an online store,and make money directly by selling physical products. Feature Some products that you can retail (purchase at the wholesale rate and sell at a higher price) and add a product ordering system as well as payment gateway into your blog.

Let your visitors directly purchase products from your blog. bloggers can make use of woo commerce plugin and woo theme to build an online store. Nowadays e-commerce industry is booming and there is  an immense scope if you could deliver high-quality products. Selling products related to your niche will be highly beneficial for you.

Particularly, if your blog has a more local audience then it might be a great option for you.

So these were 15 great ways to make extra money from your blog, I recommend you to use a combination of the above-mentioned methods. Keep patience because blogging takes time but will give the best result. Hope you liked my article, please share this article in your network.