An Interview With A Travel Blogger Lori Kullberg of Fleur de Flamenco


Fleur de Flamenco is Lori Kullberg’s chronicle of adventures and experiences as she learns the Spanish art form of flamenco dancing. She shares with the flamenco community her trials, dreams, and aspirations of being a student of the art form and culture. You will get an interesting look into the universal nature of the study of flamenco. Recently, we interviewed this crazy travel blogger to take a look into her world of traveling, writing and the journey so far. Read the interview with Lori Kullberg:


How old is your blog and How and Why you started blogging?

I recently passed the one year mark of my blog. I started it because I was feeling so many emotions surrounding this form of dance. It is so expressive and fierce. My love of dance and writing merged into the creation of my blog. I wanted to write about my journey and hopefully, share with others on the same path.


How do you create content for your blog?

I use a journaling kind of writing style combined with pictures to tell my story. Sometimes it is funny, sometimes, emotional, sometimes a struggle but it is always real and from the heart. I try to find a topic that can resonate with others, even who do not dance flamenco.


What were few mistakes you made in early years of blogging?

Not reaching out to social media sites as much as I could have and probably not posting often enough. Those are things I am currently working on.


How do you monetize your blog?

I currently do not.


What is or has been your SEO strategy from the beginning?

I have always believed that quality content is the single most important thing for a blog. It creates loyal readers and provides honest stories. In addition, I used keywords and images to attract attention and aim to my niche.


How did you promote your content on social media?

It has taken me many months to realize I needed to expand the reach of my blog to gain more readers. I started with creating a Twitter account and then a Facebook page linked to my blog. I have set up my blog to automatically post there when I publish a new article. In the last few months, I have also added Pinterest and StumbleUpon.

I have joined numerous Facebook blog groups to network and gain exposure as well as being listed on some flamenco-specific websites under their resources pages.


Your traffic stats for past few month? How has been the growth in readership?

I have seen a definite increase since I have been getting my blog’s name out there to bloggers groups and websites. I was averaging only a few a day and it has jumped to 50-100 a day. I want to continue to increase this.


How did you create backlinks to your blog?

I have only tried this for the first time recently in working with other bloggers and I am in the process of writing some guest articles with backlinks also. This is one aspect I am still pretty new at.


Where do you see your blog in next two years?

I hope to increase my readership greatly, creating more followers. I would like to expand my niche, which I am currently working on as well. My main goal is to go self-hosted this year, giving my blog a more professional but personal feel to it and attracting more readers. At some point, I would like to start making money from my blog and guest writes for other bloggers more often.


Which web hosting you trust the most and why?

I currently use free WordPress and will be going self-hosted with WordPress as well. It has worked very well for me, thus far, and it easy to navigate. I have done some research and asked questions through the group blog Facebook pages about their preferences and many people recommend WordPress.


Is your blog hosted on WordPress? What are some essential plugins you use?

Yes, my blog is on WordPress but the free version right now. I do not use plugins at this time, but will.


Five SEO tips you would like to give to our readers?

Be consistent with posting, write good quality content, have a strong social media presence, use images, and market your blog wherever you can.


Who has been your greatest inspiration behind blogging?

My flamenco family- near and far- keep me inspired. Flamenco, while a very beautiful art form, is also very demanding and their support and encouragement keep me driving forward.

My two daughters are also learning flamenco alongside me and it has made for an even more special experience, something we are sharing and will have lifetime memories together of. They also make me try harder and to keep pushing myself when self-doubt sets in.

Lastly, the comments I have had from other flamenco students just starting out in their studies telling me that my words have motivated them and resonated with them gives me a great deal of inspiration. It feels good to know I can reach people and make them feel comfort.


What kept you going in early years of blogging when you were not making any profit?

I am still not making any money but my love of writing being able to come together with my love of flamenco has been a great reward. I have so much I want to say and blogging gives me a perfect forum to do it.


What is the future of blogging according to you?

There are more and more bloggers coming on the scene every day, sharing their experiences and wisdom in all categories of life. The sky is the limit! I think blogging will become increasingly popular as bloggers strive to put a more personal touch on their stories by giving it a “face.” This will humanize and personalize both the topic and the blogger.


3-5 Marketing Strategy that worked like a charm for your blog?

Self-promote and sharing my blog wherever and as often as I can plus staying true to my niche of flamenco, no matter how small. Write for yourself, first.


Countries, where the most traffic comes from?

United States, United Kingdom, Spain, Canada and Switzerland


What theme are you using for your blog?

WordPress Fictive
What is your background? Including academic qualifications, experience, expertise, companies served before and any other untold story.

I have a BA in English with a Minor in History. I have always loved to write, starting out as a teenager writing poetry, then short stories. My writing has served me well in my professional life as I am called upon to write professional articles at work and have even written award nomination narratives for my flamenco studio.


What advice would you like to give to budding bloggers of your field?

Write from the heart and write about what you have a passion for. I have seen many people in the group blog sites pose the question of what to write about. And I have also seen the simplest part of life turn into an amazing blog post because the writer had a pure love of what they were writing about. No matter where my blog path takes me, I will always remain committed to writing from a sincere place inside myself.


Any untold story you would like to share with us?

I am also a professional hula dancer. I have been doing the hula since childhood and have always had a fascination for cultural art forms. So, flamenco adds that same sense of global cultural awareness and diversity to my life and sharing both of those is extremely gratifying.


What title would you like to give to your journey so far?

Poco a poco- Spanish for little by little. This is how my blog journey is unfolding and I am enjoying it immensely!


Lori Kulberg is doing what an ideal blogger should do and that is following her own dream and blogging on what she is really passionate about and her most interesting topics that are traveling and art form of flamenco dancing. We wish her all the very best for all her future plans.