How To Install Or Update Window 7 Drivers

Windows 7 comes pre-loaded with all required drivers and software, though there are some instances when you may need to install or update Window 7 Drivers. This latest operating system from windows is compatible with almost all hardware types and its quite easy to install Window 7 Drivers.
Basically, there are two methods to install or update drivers.

Methods 1: Using Windows Update To Update All Windows 7 Drivers

This is very easy to use the method, that updates your entire computer.
Follow the step below to do so:

  1. Open Run window, using (windows key + R) on your keyboard.Methods
  2. Type wrap and it Enter or click on OK.update-drivers-in-windows-7-using-windows-update



3. Click”check for update” button. After clicking on it, windows will start looking for an update over the internet. The best part in, you don’t need to download each driver individually. Windows will automatically download and install essential drivers.

Method 2: Using Device Manager To Update All Windows 7 Drivers

This method is suitable for any particular driver, if you want to update it, but if you want your system to better go with method 1,
Below are the steps to be followed:

1.Press Windows Key + R, the Run Box will appear down at the bottom left the side, then type dev mgmt.msc and hit enter. This will bring a Device Manager dialog box.


2. Look for the yellow sign(warnings), that denotes all the device drivers that have not been installed properly or needs an update.


3.Right Click on the drivers which have yellow warnings, and choose Update Driver Software option.


4. As a result, a new wizard will come up before you with a title of Update Driver Software-PCI Serial Port 

5. And in this window, you will get two options.

  • A.The first Option is “Search automatically for updated driver Software”, This will let your computer to search the required driver from internet automatically and install it as well.
  • B. The second option is “Browse my computer for driver software” , This option is to choose when you have already downloaded the necessary drivers. After selecting this option you need to select the driver from the downloaded location. Once you choose the driver, let windows do it for you.

That’s all, now you have updated your drivers on your computer.


It’s very important to keep updating your all drivers so that your computer won’t hamper user experience. Windows 7 drivers get lost after any fresh install or after formatting windows so in that situation it is highly recommended to install and update all windows, 7 drivers. To download each driver individually, you can also visit computer’s manufacturer’s official website. Hope my post was able to solve your windows 7 drivers update issue, do let me know your experiences in the comment section below.