How Much A Blogger Can Earn: Can I Make A Living By Blogging


I believe this is the most important and frequent question that comes to every budding blogger’s mind, that how much I can earn from my blog and what should I do to make a sustainable income.

So let me answer this interesting question and the answer is “It depends on“, yes earnings depends on many factors like:
1. Type of Blogging and Blog.
2. The niche of your blog and traffic.
3. How a blogger has monetized his blog.
4. The popularity of blog.
5. The quality of content.
6. The design of blog.

Let us go in detail, about all these factors that contribute to a bloggers earnings.

1. Type of Blogging and Blog

In my previous post I have clearly differentiated Types of Blogging and Blog,  so here I am going to give a rough average estimate on how much such blogs make money.

  • Niche Blogs – 1000 – 5000$ per month
  • Professional Blog – 5000-20000$per month
  • Freelance Blog – 100$ – 500$ per month

2. Niche of Blog And Traffic

This is a great factor for good earnings, actually, there are some specific niches for which the demand is really high and a lot of advertisers are there to bid for single keywords, so the profits are bigger.

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For example, consider a niche ‘mobiles’, there are a lot of advertisers available for this niche, they bid to place their ads in search engines and blogs. So because of the tough competition, the benefits comes directly to the concerned blogs and search engine.

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Apart from this, some specific niches get more queries than any other niches, like technology and health are most searched niche,  so such blogs get huge traffic that generates better revenue.

  • Technology blog – 5000$ per month
  • Health blog – 3500$ per month
  • Fashion blog – 3500$ per month
  • Entertainment blog – 5000$ per month

3. How A Blogger Has Monetized The Blog

This is also an equally important factor that decides the earnings of a blogger. As there are many ways to monetize a blog, some ways are very specific to a particular niche. For example banner ads or text ads suitable for blogs with lots of text contents, whereas for a photo blog banner ads are the only choice, similarly a business blog which has a very well educated audience should be monetized with affiliate links, not with text ads or banner ads. Similarly, an entertainment blog can be monetized with many advertisements.

4. Popularity Of Blog

If you are wondering, how blog popularity can increase it’s earnings then let me clear this, if a blog is popular in any particular niche then advertisers approach these blogs for direct advertisement and pays huge bucks for just one month of promotion. Yes, really through direct advertising one can earn from 100$ to 10,000$ or even more, and this all depends on how popular a blog is.

5. Quality Of Content And Design Of Blog

Well these are not so big factor actually, but it does make an impact in creating a brand value which in turn makes a blog popular. Quality content keeps up the traffic and good design of blog increases it’s brand value.

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So if you are wondering on how much a blogger can earn or how much a blogger earns monthly, then the answer is between zero to unlimited. If you can not produce high-quality articles then you would never make enough money but if you do it right with proper strategy and put all efforts into it then the sky is the limit for you.