25 Best Homeopathic Medicines For Piles And Hemorrhoids


Here is the ultimate list of homeopathic treatment for piles and hemorrhoids. You can also refer to our another post on homeopathic medicine for piles and fissures or homeopathy medicine for piles and fistula.

Piles or hemorrhoid are among the most hated and troublesome diseases and people having these are always in stress and depression. The worst fact is hemorrhoid hits the anal area, which is the exit passage of stools so the main problem arises while defecating. It is characterized mainly by bleeding, flare-ups or formation of bulge, irritation, itching and pain in the anal area. Piles treatment in allopathy is complex, that makes use of almost every techniques like over the counter hemorrhoids treatment, piles ointments and hemorrhoids creams, hemorrhoids surgery and hemorrhoids ligation. But the best permanent treatment for piles, basically first degree and second degree piles is by homeopathic medicines.

Lumps are formed which are actually the swollen veins in the anal region. Based on the location of this vascular inflammation, the hemorrhoid is further classified as internal hemorrhoid or external hemorrhoid.

We have discussed a lot about piles and hemorrhoids in our previous posts like what is hemorrhoid? what causes hemorrhoid? Ayurvedic medicines for piles and home remedies for piles etc. But in this post, we are focusing more on the homeopathic treatment for hemorrhoids, fistula and fissures.

Homeopathy, we believe is the best alternative mode of treatment that cures any disease by targeting the root causes of the diseases.

And yes we do advocate for homeopathy treatment for piles, hemorrhoids, fistula, and fissures.

Hemorrhoid does not happen overnight, it is the result of your prolonged unhealthy behavior so you can not expect an overnight cure. You will have to wait for its effect to be minimized and homeopathy medicine does it for you.

Why Homeopathic Treatment For Hemorrhoid And Piles?

Homeopathy has been there for centuries and is the second most popular method of treatment. To sum up, let us recall the benefits of homeopathic medicines for piles and hemorrhoids.

  • High cure state
  • No side effects
  • Very economical
  • Safest way of treatment
  • No surgery required

Homeopathy medicines are helpful but its effectiveness depends on the severity of hemorrhoid.  Homeopathy medicines work best for grade 1 and grade 2 hemorrhoid, basically internal hemorrhoid while it can provide good relief to grade 3 but can’t cure it permanently, whereas it can be very little help for grade 4 hemorrhoid.

People suffering from bleeding piles won’t get an immediate result but they can expect little symptomatic relief in a long run.

Homeopathy medicines for piles are prepared from natural elements like plants, herbs, and some special vegetations. And while preparing, these medicines are diluted to remove the material particles completely.

These medicines target root causes and modify them to cure all internal disturbance. These root causes include genetic tendencies habitual constipation weaker veins in the anal area and weaker digestive problems.

How Long Does It Take?

As stated above, it depends on the severity of problems and grades of hemorrhoids. One must take homeopathic medicines timely as directed by adopting and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

A lazy body is more likely to hit by hemorrhoids.

Complaints Against Homeopathy Medicine For Piles And Hemorrhoids

A lot of people say that homeopathy medicines did not work out for them or it is an ineffective way of treatment. But this is all myth that some people propagate among their circle.

The reason they are not satisfied is, either they had not taken it timely for a long time or they are suffering from the chronic grade 4 hemorrhoids or else they might not be interested in homeopathy.





The biggest advantage homeopathy medicines for piles is that it has no side effects so why not give it a shot. Go for it try yourself and see if it works out for you.

25 Best Homeopathic Medicines For Piles And Hemorrhoids

In this post, we have compiled a list of some beneficial homeopathic medicines for piles and hemorrhoids from multiple sources so take a note of its and consult with a good homeopath doctor before taking these medicines.

1. Hamamelis


Hamamelis is undoubtedly the best homeopathic medicine for piles and hemorrhoids, that works effectively for symptoms like venous congestion. Besides this hamamelis also good medicine for hemorrhages.

2. Ratanhia


One of the best homeopath medicine for painful piles as well as anal fissures. Ratanhia homeopathy is helpful in pin and fissures of ripples. Another advantage is that it can be taken simultaneously with other medicines too.

3. Graphites


Especially recommended for constipation led piles, graphites are effective in symptoms like obesity, skin eruption, constipation, soreness and crack. Besides graphites is also a great relief for itching in anal region and piles accompanied by dizziness.

4. Nux Vomica


For people suffering from irregular piles. Nux vomica works like charm. Nux vomica is recommended for symptoms like burning sensation, itching, frequent constipation and pain.

Nux vomica can be easily available at the nearest homeopath medical store, but take it as directed by a homeopath. Nux comics 1×,30,200 is especially recommended for bleeding piles. Nux Vomica dosage for piles-This medicine is to be taken at night on alternate basis consecutive for two weeks.

Nux vomica will bring down the gastrointestinal system in working condition again.

5. Aesculus


Do you have back pain along with piles then Aesculus is right for you.

Aesculus also comes in form of ointment for external use only. Aesculus is prepared from a herb called aescin that reduces inflammation and swelling of veins. Aesculus has long been used for the treatment of veins disorders or varicose veins.

Aesculus is effective in symptoms like throbbing on abdomen, or desires of straining stools for a long time.

This medicine should be avoided by people suffering from kidney lever or a gastrointestinal problem.

Another popular homeopathic medicines for piles is SBL Homeopathy Medicine For Piles,  that is suitable for all including adults and children, and best suited for symptoms like Bleeding hemorrhoids, fissures, and internal piles with or without pain, and also severe or mild backache. There are some cases of internal piles with severe backache so for that you need to buy this SBL Homeopathy Medicine For Piles.

So these are some prominent and most useful homeopathic medicines for piles and hemorrhoids.





Other helpful homeopathic medicines for piles :-

Aloe Socotrina

When during hemorrhoids, there is intense bleeding, sore pain and a continuous bearing down sensation, and then the best remedy for it is aloe socotrina. It is one of the top ranked homeopathic medicines for the treatment of protruding piles. The patient will get relief from the itching and burning sensation from the cold application of Aloe. This medicine is also required in case the patient has a history of diarrhoea about haemorrhoids.

Arsenic Album

If the patient is suffering from haemorrhoids which burn, often bleed and are swollen, then he should make use of the homeopathic medicine called Arsenic Album. This medicine is ideal for piles which are unfortunately accompanied by burning pain and for those patients who might even suffer from spasmodic protrusions of the rectum.



The scientific name of the collinsonia plant is one of the best remedies for haemorrhoid is Collinsonia Candensis. It is a highly recommended remedy for piles is because of the presence of magnesium phosphate compound in its roots. It helps to relieve the patient of symptoms such as haemorrhoid pain and irritation. It can cure the condition of haemorrhoids by enhancing proper digestion, shrinking the swollen rectal veins, alleviating the contraction of blood vessels among others.

Muriatic Acid

Muriatic acid is a very good remedy for haemorrhoids when they are highly swollen, sore and painful even at the slightest touch.  They are effective in case of piles in children and of pregnant women. Also helpful in extreme cases where the patient passes involuntary stool while urinating.

Nitric Nitricum Acidum

Also known as nitric acid, this homeopathic medicine is administered when there is an intense pain in the stool so much so that it hurts when sitting on a chair. It is a quick remedy for when piles are accompanied by strong smelling urine, irritability and night aggravation.


Also known as Paenoia Officinalis, this homeopathic drug is perfect when there is blood coming out constantly or say puss or any other fluid. This drug absorbs these fluids that are constantly flowing out and also avoid any further infection from taking place. It works quite quickly and is perfect for a short term period.


Ammonium Crab

Ammonium crab is a good homeopathic drug in case of protrusion of piles and stools with chronic pain. It helps in relieving the patient of burning and itching near the anal area which often steals the patient’s sleep. Many girls suffer from piles at the time of menstruation making them feel even more uncomfortable. Their discomfort can be reduced by administering this homeopathic drug.

Kali Carbonic

One of the best homeopathic remedies for haemorrhoids in pregnant women is Kali Carbonic also known as Kali Carb. They are helpful when haemorrhoids develop post child birth. It is helpful in those cases of piles when there is a burning sensation, lots of blood flow and there is swelling inside.

Carbo Veg

In case of protruding piles or if there is swelling and burning in the rectum and itching, soreness around the anus region, then you should make use of carbo veg, which is a very trusted homeopathic medicine. This medicine is also used in case of white haemorrhoids accompanied with excoriation of the anus.

Milli Folium

If you are bleeding while passing stools, suffering from haemorrhoids or/and even while passing urine, then its time to administer the homeopathic drug of mellifolium. It is important to note that the blood should not be stale. Instead, it should be bright red.

Ficus Religiousa

When blood in hemorrhoids is accompanied by pain, soreness, burning, itching and aching in your rectum area then the ideal homeopathic drug would be Ficus Religiousa. It is a very effective drug and helps to reduce the problem of haemorrhoids and haemorrhage.


Phosphorus, a homeopathic drug is administered in case of blood in haemorrhoids, feeling weak after stool, the passage of blood from rectum during and after stool and the stool is white in colour and hard. Other symptoms include green mucus discharge accompanied by long, narrow and hard stool. The blood should not be stale, instead, should be fresh red along with good debility.


When you are going through constipation with severe pains in your rectum area making your stools to recede along with swollen and painful piles, then its time for you to make use of thuja, which is a great homeopathic drug. In case you suffer from distended indurations in your abdomen accompanied with chronic diarrhea then also you can administer this drug.


If there is blood in your haemorrhoids, then one more drug that you can administer is Mimosa Pudica. This offers a large number of benefits to those who are unfortunately suffering from haemorrhoids. There is a topical paste which is made from the leaves of mimosa pudica which has been used to cure haemorrhoids for a long time, 16th century onwards. The phenol content that is present in mimosa pudica is used to help wounds and heal faster.

Kalium Carb

This drug can be administered in case you are suffering from haemorrhoids which are large and quite swollen. Often women suffer from piles post their pregnancy period. Hence, this homeopathic drug is quite effective for women suffering from piles after child birth.


This homeopathic drug is also known as St.John’s Wort and is often used for curing haemorrhoids. In case you are doubtful about the efficacy of hypericum, then it’s better for you to know that this drug has antibacterial and analgesic properties which minimises swelling and also has the power to heal.

Calcarea Flour

This homeopathic drug can be administered in the case of internal piles which are accompanied by severe itching and bleeding in the area surrounding the anus. Also effective in case piles tags along with constipation and backache. In case pregnant women suffer from piles then this medicine can be administered to them.

Apis Mellifica

When your piles are accompanied with bleeding, severe burning pains, great constipation along with dark colour blood oozing out from anus post your stools and when you are passing less amount of urine.



Have a talk with your homeopath and discuss the usage and dosage of these homeopathy medicines for piles in detail. Some patented medicines have arrived in the market that you can directly buy and start consuming, but only on consultation of any good homeopath. One such popular medicine is r13 homeopathic medicine for piles.