Top 8 High Page Rank Social Bookmarking Sites To Get Free Backlinks


You will find plenty of social bookmarking sites where you could promote your blog and posts. But I’ll recommend you going for only high page rank social bookmarking sites. High PageRank means these sites must be ranking higher in search results page. Getting 1000+ backlinks from different sites or blogs won’t do any good for you but getting a single back link from a high authority blog or site can do wonders for you.

It’s my personal experience, publishing high-quality blog posts is not enough guys. This is highly competitive era and thousands or million others are blogging on the same niche as yours. So to get found in the crowd and win the race, you will have to go an extra mile and do social bookmarking. High -Quality backlinks are key to success and social bookmarking is the ultimate way to generate backlinks and drive huge traffic too. Before going ahead, let me list out the benefits of posting in these high PageRank social bookmarking sites.
1.Improves Brand Awareness
Social bookmarking sites are actually social networks build for people. People are those reading stuff, texting each other, sharing links, watching videos and sharing a selfie. So these are a very well known community of like-minded people, and sharing your blog posts in these communities will do branding for your site.
2. Improves Search Engine Rankings
As I already said, getting one back link from high PageRank site can improve ranking in search engines. Suppose your shared post gets reshared thousand times, that means your post will get thousand do follow backlinks, and that will definitely contribute to ranking.
3. EstablishesDomain Authority
Be more active on social media, share your posts on your timeline, business page and groups, this will establish authority for your domain and in blogosphere it is highly recommended.
4. Faster Indexing Of Blog Posts
Your blog and blog posts get crawled and indexed by search engines at faster than usual rate. Even if search engines delays crawling of newly published posts, social backlinks will trigger indexing faster.
5.Increase Website Traffic
Social networking is a great place where your content goes viral and receives tons of traffic.  Some Prominent sites like Twitter, Reddit, Digg or stumble upon can drive huge traffic to your blog. Although these referral links are no – follow links but they do have a positive impact on your rankings.

My Favourite & Social Bookmarking sites

So below here I am sharing some of my favorite social bookmarking sites, I use regularly and have worked out for me.

1. Reddit

Reddit is an amazing place full of wise and smart internet users. Reddit users are highly active and sharing links on Reddit might reward you with quality traffic. And getting traffic from the target audience is all that we need, right?
You share a link under a subreddit (in the relevant niche) and people who follow that particular niche can up vote or down vote that link upvoted links get the top position and receive more traffic.

2. StumbleUpon

Similar to Reddit StumbleUpon is again a user generated content citation cum user-generated content sharing platform. According to StatCounter, it is more beneficial than big or Reddi. I believe, StumbleUpon is a mashup of Reddit and Twitter where people can follow certain topics. You and you can easily find people in your niche who might be interested in reading your stuff.

3. Pinterest

The unique social bookmarking site that works on image sharing formula. Pin your posts on Pinterest regularly so that more and more pins would appear in your follower’s feed and you might get these replanted in their network. Pinterest has crossed the mark of 150 million monthly active users. So a huge opportunity lies there.

4. Twitter & Facebook

Yes, I know they are social networking and microblogging sites, but they also serve as the best social bookmarking site. More than 20% of the total world’s population are there on Twitter or Facebook, so chances are higher to get your shared links, clicked and reshared.

5. Google Bookmarks

Google offers a simple bookmarking tool for your personal use only, so the plus point is you will get high quality backlink, but the darker side is you won’t get any referral traffic.

6. Hubpages

Earlier Squidoo and Hubpages were two rival companies, both were revenue sharing cum content sharing site with quality contents sharing the site with quality contents and high page rank on Google. Hubpages had acquired Squidoo in 2014 and now it is ever more powerful.Posting on Hubpages is just like blogging on a new platform. So join Hubpages create a blog with the 4-5 High-quality article and add links to your original blog. As Hubpages has an established readership, your post will receive greater visibility plus you will get direct traffic to your linked content.

7. Digg


Digg is a multi-niche aggregating site that promotes stories from categories like science, politics, and technology an account submit your link under any specific category, that’s it.

8. Delicious Social Bookmarking

Delicious has been there for a decade and among the best High Page Rank social bookmarking sites with Alexa rank 2984, you can expect a better return for sharing your link there. The unique feature of group links can earn you great benefits.
Wrapping It Up
So guys, make use of all of this high PR social, bookmarking sites to improve your blog’s visibility. Backlinks brand building, traffic or traction is what you’ll get after using these social bookmarking Sites.