How To Hide And Password Protect uTorrent And Bit Torrent

Well, there can be many reasons why you want to hide and lock uTorrent in your PC and hide the program too. In my case, I don’t want other people to know what I’m downloading using torrent. uTorrent is definitely an incredible torrent client software and people use it to download movies, eBooks, software and much more stuff. uTorrent is a freeware torrent software that is supported on ad revenue.

Reasons Why You May Need To Hide And Look uTorrent

  • When you don’t want anyone to use your downloaded files.
  • Someone might delete your files.
  • Someone might play wrong with the download settings.
  • You don’t want anyone to look into your private folders.

How To Hide uTorrent Or Bit Torrent

Step 1:- Go to Options> Preferences >General

Step 2:- Enter a Boss key, by default the Alt key is already set and you need to give an additional key.
So enter any key, say H, then actual hiding key would be Alt + H

Step3 :- That’s all know click on ‘Ok’.

How To Lock Utorrent

Well on the same window, below Boss key is a boss password, actually that is a lock password.

Step1:- Option >Preference>General

Step2:- Add a unique password in the Boss key password area.

Step3:- Then click on Ok button.
That’s all,you have now set a lock password that you need to remember always to unlock uTorrent.

So this was an amazing trick to hide and lock uTorrent so do it and enjoy your primary.

About uTorrent:

uTorrent is a bit torrent client software that read your downloaded torrent files and magnetic link and starts download then after. If you don’t know how to download movies or almost anything using torrent then follow my guide on torrent movie download.