How To Make Google Open Search Results In A New Tab


When we are surfing Internet for our research works, when we are looking for some information on any particular topic, we search that in google and more than 10 links appear, each website reference in google search result carry different amount of information, and we have to consider almost all links, so visiting each links and then coming back to search results is a crappy process. And it would be great if you can open search results in a new tab, In this article I am going to share the steps that will let you open search results in a new tab in one click. First Method is for logged in users while other method is for only Firefox browser users.

Method 1:- For Google Logged In Users

Open Search Results In A New Tab  In Any Browser (Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox)

1) Open and sign in  first.

open search results in a new tab


2) Go to the homepage of Google again and then Click  on settings  Option located down below at right side.
3) Choose Search Setting Option, which is bring a new window.


open search results in a new browser window

5) Scroll down on the search setting page, you will get “where results open”. You Have to tick mark or check the box for “open each selected result in a new browser window”.

But Google Sign In Required.

That’s all, now every time you click on links of google search result, a new tab will open up for you.
But this will work only when you are surfing or searching the web with your account signed in.

Method 2:- For All FireFox Browser User

Open Search Results In A New Tab In FireFox Browser 


There is one more method to do it, but the second method will work only with Firefox browser. This second method will guide to set Firefox search box to open results in a new tab. Actually what happens is, when we type any query on browser’s search bar, the search results open in the same tab. So to open this search result manually you need to hit Alt+Enter.

But if you want it to be done automatically follow the steps below:-


  • Step1:- Open a Firefox tab and enter about:config on its address bar and hit enter you will get a warning message and you have to click on “I will be careful, I promise!
  • Step2:- A new window will appear and on the search bar find tab, you will get that in the first list. Just double click on the false value to change it true. This will open up your search result in new tab, when you search for a new form.

And if you want each links open up in the new window (tab follow the above steps from method 1)