8 Best Google Chrome Features You Must Know Right Now


No doubt Google Chrome is one of the best browser today, fast, simple and secure. Google has tried their best to make it user-friendly and indeed it is. It loads quickly right from your desktop icons and capable of running all kind web applications. You can search and navigate right from the address bar and you can arrange the tabs according to your preferences. You can open many tabs as possible.
In terms or security also, Google Chrome excels since it comes with much built-in malware and phishing protection, auto-updates etc, that promises a great degree of security. As far as privacy is concerned, then you have tons of options to keep yourself away from all such threats.
I have compiled all best feature of Google Chrome browser, that you can go through before making this as your default browser.

1. Omnibox Searches


It’s one of the coolest and important ways to search the web, the top box can be used for both navigating to any site or searching the web directly. And the best part is this ominibox can be used to search any term, directly into individual sites, and you can add any site as a search engine.
For example, you want to search for the keyword “spiderman” but you don’t want to visit the google.com home page and search the term, and then go to Wikipedia. So go to the box and type the keywords directly, it will take you to the search result directly.

2. Google Chrome Apps


Sometimes while using the Google Chrome, I feel as if I am using any operating system inside my own OS, each like we install software in our computer for us. Special needs, similarly you can install Google Chrome Apps in your browser to avail some special feature and extend their life as well. Like you can install official Gmail, YouTube, Maps from Google , or any special app like media player, photos editor, spreadsheets, from makers etc.

3. Google Chrome Extension

A Google Chrome extension is similar to a Chrome app but it works online the most. Actually, extensions are the software component for some special functionality , so these are plenty of Chrome extensions available on the website, some works free and some fall in the premium category like here I have listed one.

4. Google Chrome Customization


You can customize or should I say personalized google Chrome according to your performance, to make it appear more friendly or unique, you can install any theme in the background, which you can get from its web store. If you don’t want use google as your search engine, you can switch to any other search engines as well, like yahoo, bing or Wikipedia.
If you browse any particular website regularly then, you can set that website on your start-up page, to do this-

  • Visit the link in your Chrome browser chrome://settings/startups
  • Click on the option to “open a specific page or set of pages”.
  • Now click on set pages this option allows you to choose your starting site.
    That’s all !

5. Create Custom Keyboard Shortcuts For Extensions


I believe this is a new feature of chrome browser, you can create your own keyboard shortcuts for your installed extensions.

  • Just go to the link chrome://extensions in the address bar.
  • Scroll down to the bottom of the window until you get “keyword shortcuts”.

Note :- this option is visible only when you have any installed extensions.
You will get a box, that allows you to create keyboard cues. For example, if you have installed google. YouTube apps, you can easily create a shortcut to quickly pop out the YouTube window.

6. Translate Anything Using Chrome


Google chrome comes inbuilt with google translator to translate any web page. There is an extension also called google translate that you can install to translate any specific phrase or passage.

7. A Separate Profile For Your Kid


If you are a parent or guardian and wants to supervise what your kid does online , then this is one of the best features of the browser, that lets you create a separate surfing profile for kids. And you can easily monitor and control it.
Here is how you can create a new profile-

  • Step 1- Click on settings>people>Add a person
  • Step 2- Click the box “control and view the website this person visit from”.
  • Step 3- Click on “Add
  • Step 4- You will get a mail and there will be a link that leads you to that supervised user page.
  • Step 5- You can then block certain sites, keep safe search on lock and you can easily monitor users web article.
  • Step 6- Your kid can log on to their chrome under their own identity tag in the top right corner of the browser.

So this way you can set up a separate profile for your kid to monitor their activity. You also have the ability to set up multiple identities with your other kids

8. Google Chrome Hidden T-Rex Game


Google chrome has a hidden game that features a monochromatic T-Rex, well the game is not so good to play but still you can give it a try.

Google has been constantly updating its browser, even its android version is my favorite browser to use. I can do almost everything on it, from surfing the net to watch movies online.