Best AdSense Alternatives : 16 Ad Programs To Monetize Your Blog


No doubt AdSense is the ultimate way to monetize any website, be it any simple tech blog like techeera or big news blog like mashable. Even site like YouTube and Dailymotion are AdSense publishers. But AdSense is not the only one and in this, i am featuring 20 best AdSense alternatives that will make money for you.
Adsense is very strict in terms of its policies and bloggers who are aware of their hard policies face lots of problem like-

  • Their AdSense account gets banned
  • Deductions if invalid clicks were detected
  • Not all ad types are available like CPMAds, Intext Ads, Pop-unders etc

Thus for all such reasons, many bloggers tend towards other monetizing alternatives. For your convenience I have divided my list of AdSense alternatives in two categories, so read the folks below:

16 Best Ad Programs Which Are A Great Alternative To Adsense

1. Media.Net


Media.Net is quite similar to AdSense, which is managed by Yahoo and Bing ad network. Being backed by Bing ( the second biggest search engine), has a huge list of verified advertisers, thus it can serve different ad types similar to AdSense ad units. Popular publishers include Forbes Magazine, Good Housekeeping, Reuters and many others. is a contextual ad program suitable for blogs having more text contents.

The contextual ad blocks are search targeted ads that mean these ads work best for blogs whose visitors are brought by search engine referrals. To get ads from, sign up first and submit all personal and website details. Each application is reviewed manually for approval usually, all blogs having good design and content gets approved. Once your account gets approved, you can customize ad units according to your theme design. ads work best for sites getting organic traffic from U.S., Canada, and the United Kingdom.
Although few publishers complain that suspends account with stating any reason but still it turns out to be the ultimate AdSense sister.

2. Amazon CPM Native Ads


World’s largest e-commerce site runs the biggest affiliate program for its variety of physical and digital products. So if your blog’s content revolve around topics like gadgets, fashion, health, or other accessories then it might work out for you.

Generally, there are 3 types of ads – Recommended Ads, Search Ads, and Custom Ads. All these ad types work on an affiliate basis, that means you get a commission when a qualified purchase is made via your ad link.

Responsive recommended ads work best for all since these ads are optimized for mobiles also.

Note:- Amazon Native Ads is exclusively for U.S. based sites or publishers. U.S. based working address and tax information are required to start receiving payouts.

3. Chitika


Another AdSense sister having more than 350000 publishers, Chitika serves about 4 billion ad impressions per month. Chitika is known for its search targeted ads so websites getting organic traffic are benefited the most. Since visitors will see more relevant and generic ads.

Chitika lets publishers customize ads to blend with the site’s theme so even if you have nonorganic visitors, Chitika will work out for you.

Chitika runs two premium level ad program i.e. Silver level program and Gold level program for publishers having tons of quality content and huge organic traffic. Ads served for these program performs much better than general ads since they are more specific and relevant.

Chitika is free to join and even websites with less or no traffic can get approved for it.

4. Infolinks


I’m a great fan of Infolinks, one of the best AdSense alternatives that show in text ads ( quite unique). Some popular names like Facebook, Ali Express, Pizza Hut, Trip Advisor and Hyundai come under its partner list. Infolinks serves targeted ads on over 120000 blogs and websites. Read below to read how infolinks in text ads work:-

Infolinks indexes all your websites content first (mostly text i.e. blogposts or pages) and most potential keywords are selected for being hyperlinked with ads so after that any particular text or phrase is hyperlinked and highlighted by single or double underlined or dotted line.

And whenever a visitor scrolls over the highlighted texts, a small pop up displaying relevant ad is displayed. So once a user clicks on those highlighted texts or pop-ups, you make money. You can set limits on a number of texts being hyperlinked and this way you can maintain the quality of your site.

Infolinks also lets you place ad units similar to AdSense,  these ads units appear as related tag clouds. Besides in text and ad blocks, info links also offer a search widget that floats at the bottom of your screen. And whenever a visitor scrolls or hovers over the bar, it comes up to display the ads.

Infolinks work for both newbies as well as established blogs. So if your blog/website has primarily text content in it then you must give it a shot.

5. BuySellAds


BuySellAds work in a pretty different way, as the name suggests it’s a platform where publishers and advertisers meet up directly and exchange their business needs. Basically, it’s a podium to sell advertising space on your site and here you can set your own charges.

As a commission, BuySellAds keeps 25% of the revenue and you get the rest. You must price yourself accordingly under the market price.

You can sell your ad spaces for various ad types like background take overs, display ads, e-mail news letters, RSS feed ads, Image plus text ads and text ads. BuySellAds runs CPM ad program so you can set your charges that ranges from $.50 to$15 per thousand miles.

But please note that BuySellAds is quite strict in its approval process. Below are some terms and conditions for new sites:-

  • Site must be in the English Language
  • Minimum 100000 page views Per Month
  • Must be on Custom Domain (Sub Domains are not accepted)
  • Must have quality content and organic traffic

Besides this, BuySellAds also considers Pagerank, Alexa ranking, and no. of inbound links to check for quality of your site. So if your site has it then go ahead and make millions without AdSense.

6. Viglink


Like Infolinks, Viglink also analyses your all text contents of your website for potential keywords and phrases. Later these potential words are hyperlinked with affiliate links. So Viglink basically acts as in text affiliate network. If a visitor makes a purchase via given link then you get a small commission (between 25% – 50%). Viglink runs three different ad programs.
Type 1- Takes many of your links to products and converts into an affiliate link.
Type 2- Takes keyword phrases and converts them into an affiliate link.
Type 3-This program is called Viglink Anywhere, that lets you share the links on social media

So if your blog or website has content related to physical products and services then it might turn out to be a great AdSense alternative. Viglink is available for all newbie and established blogs, so create a free account, integrate it into your blog and make money online fast.

7.  Vibrant Media


Vibrant Media is known for their premium advertisers and high paying CPC rates. This Adsense alternative is not for budding publishers since the minimum page views requirement is 500000 per month. Vibrant Media works in similar to Viglink and Infolink i.e. In-text advertising.

Potential keywords are hyperlinked with hidden advertising link, on hovering the mouse over the linked text, pop-up ads appear and these ads are quite relevant to keywords.

Thus Vibrant Media ads are more likely to get clicked. Apart from in-text ads, Vibrant Media also offers in-image and display ads.

8. Adversal


Adversal is gaining traction slowly but this ad network is best for established publishers who nurture more than 500000 page views per month. Even if you have a mobile app and you wish to monetize it then Adversal is a great alternative to AdMob. Certain requirement to be a verified Adversal publisher include:-

  • Minimum Site Traffic 50000.
  • The site must be operational for at least 60 days.
  • Must not contain any link to adult content or site.
  • The site must not be any of the following a traffic exchange, any image hosting site, file upload or sharing website, any URL shortening service, proxy related website, any online toolbar, plugin or other downloadable utility.
  • For Mobile apps, it must be available through iTunes or Google Play.

Payment is processed after 35 days and the company claims to offer the highest eCPM rates.

9. Clicksor


Clicks or is a contextual ad network that works on PPC model, unlike AdSense that shares only up to 60% of ad revenue, ClickSor shares up to 85% of your ad income. Moreover, there comes a huge difference in terms of CPM and CTR, between AdSense and ClickSor ads.

As a publisher, you can choose from multiple ad formats including Incline Text Links, Text Banners, Graphical Banners, Pop under ads, Interstate Ads, and even video ads. Apart from ad program, ClickSor also runs a referral program for promotion where the referrer receives 10% commission on their earnings.

For blogs receiving traffic from US, Canada, or the UK, Clicksor works like charm. Payments are processed on net 15 days via PayPal or Wire Transfer.

10. Revenue Hits


Revenue Hits is new in the ad industry, but its popularity is increasing day by day. A variety of ad types includes banner, Pop Unders, sidebars, top and footer styled banner buttons and interstate ads. It’s get targeted contextual ads performs better and suitable for all countries.

Revenue Hits is basically a performance based ad network i.e. CPA( Cost Per action). Its inbuilt ad exploring technology learns from existing ads thereafter serves with better and more relevant ads.

11. BidVertiser


Another great AdSense alternative for both budding bloggers as well as high traffic sites. BidVertiser is a unique platform for both publishers and advertisers, where advertisers bid for ad placement on the sites their ads appear on.

BidVertiser offers a point and clicks ad builder tool that lets you customize the ads to match the look and feel of your site. BidVertiser offers both clicks and conversion based ads which are available in different ad formats like text ads, banner ads, mobile ads and slider ads.

If your blog has great quality content and a great design too, then go for BidVertiser, hopefully, you might get the highest bidding for your blog.

12. Propeller Ads Media


Earlier Propeller Ads Media has known for its exclusive pop-under ads but recently many other ad types like banner ads, on-click ads, in-banner video ads, sliders and sponsored Links are also available to the publishers.

Basically, Propeller Ads Media is a CPM ad network that offers high ad fill rate and maximum eCPM. Propeller Ads Media is suitable for niche sites on entertainment, games, movies, software. tech, how-tos, dating and gambling.

Propeller Ads Media works best for sites receiving traffic from 2 and tier 3 countries like India, South Africa, Singapore etc. Propeller Ads Media has been operational since 2011 and since then it has achieved a great traction.

13. Ads Optimal


Ads Optimal serves ads on more than 50K websites and blogs including some popular ones like The NewYorkTimes. Ads Optimal has partnered with other premium publishers like Google AdSense, Double click by Google, Gitmo, and Life Street Media.

So the ads served by Ads Optimal are quite interactive and relevant to site’s content.
Mobile optimized ads with one simple tag placement are available, moreover, it’s omnivore ad formats performs much better than simple ad banners.

Publishers would love it’s On Demand Payment Facility. Premium websites can also get cross platform 360 video ads that are more interactive for visitors.

14. Epom


Great Adsense Alternative but only for big blogs or established sites. Publishers who get approved for serving their ads can get to work with many premium advertisers.

Epom claims to offer the highest ESPN rates and advertisements. Moreover,  it’s Google Ad Exchange program is quite unique too since it opens up the door to get more relevant ads from available advertisers.

It’s publisher’s analytic dashboard lets you monitor results in real time and you can always figure out how much money will be credited to your account at the end of the month.

15. Linkworth


Linkworth is a pioneer in providing PPC ads that include various formats like text link ads, paid blog reviews, in-text links, in-content ads, rotating text ads, article submission, directory submission, hosted content pages etc. Linkworth ads are suitable for blogs having tons of content.

16. SkimLinks


Skimlinks is actually an alternative to Viglink( where hyperlinked texts were converted into affiliate links) but can be a great AdSense alternative as well. Like Viglink, Skimlinks also converts outbound links into affiliate links and you’ll get a lot of customization option to make it more appealing. For blogs and websites that discuss a lot about product or services reviews, Skimlinks could be a great alternative to AdSense.

17. AdMaven


A variety of ads all from a single source, that is Admaven ad network. This AdSense alternative serves banner ads, posted under ads, lightbox, slider ads etc.

According to a report, Admaven serves more than 500 million ad impressions a day and that’s a huge figure. We all know that inception of ad blocks(which blocks ads in your browser) has been a great threat for all publishers. Thus Admaven comes to rescue and offers unique and block bypass solutions.

Their ad block bypass system presents ads to all users without any blockage and thus you as a publisher would not suffer the losses.

18. Adsterra


Adsterra could be the next AdSense, really this amazing ad network is growing at an incredible rate. Currently, Adsterra is serving over 10 billion get targeted ad impressions per month. Adsterra is the best alternative to Adsense for both publishers as well as advertisers.

This premium ad network offers various ad formats including Pop-unders, standard banners, pushup ads, interstitial ads, slider ads, and direct links too. Ads from Adsterra are well optimized for The Web as well as mobile devices.

No doubt Adsterra offers highest CPM ads having global coverage. For publishers, they offer a real-time monitoring dashboard even through Adsterra API. The minimum requirement to be Adsterra publisher is having a website with over 500K impressions per month.

The payments are made bi-weekly and on time as well. So if you’ve one such website and looking to monetize it then sign up for Adsterra ad program.

  • Minimum Payout: $100.00
  • Payment Options: PayPal, Bitcoin, Payoneer, Web Money, Wire Transfer, Paxum, Payza
  • Adsterra Homepage
  • Adsterra Publishers Sign Up

Wrapping It Up

Earlier getting an adense account was pretty tough but now their account approval process is quick easy and simple, so new bloggers can easily become AdSense publishers. But still, if you want a wider approach and flexibility in placing your ads then you can sign up for any of the mentioned ad programs here. Ad programs like and infolinks are my favorite for contextual ads. However, you can opt for BuySellAds if you receive tons of traffic to your site.

I would suggest you experiment all these ad programs and see what works out best for you because sometimes your niche and targeted traffic are also great factors. But yes continue any ad program for a longer period, don’t lose patience because making money blogging takes ample amount of time, especially through advertising.

So try out these Adsense alternatives and do let me know your experiences with these programs in the comment section below.