Huge Opportunities In Blogging As A Full Time Career Or Business


Lets accept it, Blogging is not a much-recommended career option like any engineering, medical or management. No school or college teaches on how to blog. Neither there is any special course in any universities, nor a crash course in any coaching center.

There is a separate course for programming , web development, web designing, app development but not particularly in blogging and perhaps this is the reason why very few people are aware of the immense potential of blogging.

General people don’t see it as a career option, but some startups and companies find it as a great business opportunity. Let me go in detail separately.

Blogging As Career

I have seen many guys who are now a great blogger and earning a decent income. Yes, A guy from Pakistan who has not even passed his higher secondary exams owns a free blog on the Blogspot domain and earns around $1000 per month.

Another story comes from a blog called whose owner is an engineering student who earns more than $5000 per month from his tech blog and the interesting part is he has not even passed his engineering.

There are hundreds of such stories and examples, a student becomes a blogger and earns a solid income, imagine their career options.

Taking an example of young blogger Imran Uddin who a blogger at and now he owns a small tech company, where he is the founder and earns a seven-figure income.

Though it is not so famous career option,  but if you are going to put your efforts then definitely results will be brighter.

The best part of blogging as a career is that you don’t need any college degree or you don’t have to pass any exam for it, all you need is your knowledge and know-how to write quality articles.

Just master on few topics and make a thorough research on it, start a blog on that topic and wait for the results. This is the secret of every blogger on the internet.

Blogging As Business

Well, blogging demands dedication, regular updates, through research work, a large amount of data entry and SEO and promotions, And for a single blogger, it becomes very hard to do these all alone.

And it’s very clear that blogging is pure money if done in right way, so many big and small company blogs on various topics to earn big bucks and they operate as a team. So doing all above mentioned tasks is not so difficult as the hard work is confined to any single blogger anymore.

This way small companies post lots of quality articles and drive more traffic which eventually generates more revenue.

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There are many small blogs that turned into big media companies and are now generating millions. So the opportunities no doubt are unlimited and the only thing needed is right approach and strategy.