15 Best Free Sources Of Website Traffic To Your Blog


Here is the list of best ways and sources to increase pageviews of your blog and make money. Success of any website or blog depends on how much traffic it receives. More website traffic traffic means more money. For all newbie bloggers and webmasters who have just started a blog or website traffic is their major concern but the calculation of Internet goes like this:-

Quality Content+SEO brings traffic which ultimately brings money.

Below is a great list of handpicked free sources to get traffic to your blog and website:

1.Search Engines


Best and biggest source of website traffic for blogs and websites are search engines. The blogs having SEO friendly content can rank higher in search engines and get traffic for free in huge amount. A single blogpost on simple keyword can drive millions of visitors to your blog so better focus on making your blog search engine friendly. Produce high quality content, make your blog search engine friendly and submit sitemap to search engines (Google and Bing) and see the result.

Most of the profitable blogs sustain their business by getting organic traffic from search engines. Best search engines include Google, Bing, Yahoo, YouTube etc.

2.Social Media


Power of social networking site is unbeatable, they can bring tons of traffic and sharing can make your content go viral overnight. But the content should be appealing and shareable otherwise no one will follow or share your link. Social networking sites are free referral website traffic source, so it is advisable to use a combination of texts, links and captioned images which can grab attention of your followers. Some of the best social networks that can drive huge traffic to your blog includes Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Plus etc.

3.Micro Blogging Sites


Remember Tumblr, the amazing microblogging cum social networking site lets you post anything, can be a good source of traffic too. Generate relevant content on tumblr and insert links to your blog. Some microblogging sites are quite good from SEO perspective and their content are easily discoverable in search engines too. Some of best microblogging sites includes twitter, Tumblr etc.


Different types of blogging and bogger

Blogs accounts for about 11-12% of daily website traffic where content are of top notch quality, appealing and more relevant. You can drive targeted and potential traffic from blogs. If you are running any website for any product then create a blog and posts relevant content related to that product. If you’re blogger then you can guest post on other blogs that will not only drive traffic but would also improve your SEO.



Yet another great source of referral website traffic after social networking sites, forums have good relevant and targeted audience for your content. There are thousands of forums built on various niches from academic forums to relationship advice forum.

Forum users are curious so they add questions and if your blogpost has the answer to their question, then you can refer your post links there. This way you can drive traffic is considerable amount. Forums like superuser and yourdost are some popular ones that allows anyone to ask and answer.


6.Q & A Sites


Similar to Forum sites, Question And Answer sites works on the same user generated questions and answers but here the content is richer in value. Remember the questions and answers of Quora.com, the biggest and best Q&A site till date where the answers are discussed beautifully. The answers and explanations in Quora are quite appropriate and richer. Sites like Quora and Yahoo Answers brings huge website traffic so start answering on such sites.

7. Video Sharing Sites


Site like YouTube and Dailymotion allows you to upload videos and share it with the world. You can make videos relevant to your content and upload it on video sharing sites  along with  some descriptions and website link. These video sharing sites has strong SEO capabilities and you can get thousands of visitors overnight. Moreover it’s always a great idea to post related videos in YouTube and link them to your blog because that will improve SEO of your blog.

8.Photo Sharing Sites


Pictures catch more attention than texts and so images are shared easily. Some photo sharing sites or apps like Instagram or Quickmeme can bring traffic in ample amount. You need to have an account with few thousand of followers that share your picture content further. Photo Sharing sites can be used for branding purpose too.

9.Niche Directories And Blog Directories


Niche directories are perfect for creating relevant backlinks but from traffic perspective they are not that bad too. They send traffic long after you’ve added your blogpost link. You can find hundreds of directories for every niche like affiliate, automobile business, computers, dating, education etc. One such popular directory is AllTop.com where you must submit your site. Similarly Technorati is the most popular blog directory that has millions of blogs in it’s directory.



Classified sites like Craiglist and Quickr sends traffic to your site only if you have posted an ad there. You need to be tricky before posting an ads so make an ad on the services or product you offer and link them to your website. These classified sites has strong SEO so they can rank higher.

11.Content And Link Sharing Sites


Most popular content and link sharing site includes Reddit and Stumbleupon, and believe it or not they send tons of quality traffic. Links get shared on Reddit faster and no doubt the site has a strong and engaging userbase. Moreover it is very easy to drive traffic from Reddit and Stumbleupon.



Podcasts are getting popular day by day since people/netizens are lazy and they don’t want to spend time on reading long-long blogposts.  Podcasts can persuade the listeners to visit your  site and you can get direct visitor website.

13.News Sites


People will never leave news reading and so there lies a huge opportunity there. The only challenge is that they don’t allow everyone to post news article unless you are a regular news writer or contributor. So become a contributor and add your own post with backlinks to your site, believe me it will drive ample traffic because news sites are ranked better than others sometimes.

14.Content Cum Revenue Sharing Sites


Services like Outbrain  shares your content and pays you too. Almost all popular blogs are getting traffic and making money too. Register to above mentioned sites and let them share your content with rest of the world.

15.Other Miscellaneous Website Traffic Sources


Others free sources of website traffic includes Presentation sharing sites like slideshare, shopping sites like eBay, news site like HARO- Help A Reporter Out; viralcontentbuzz.com, pininterest and some small search engines like DuckDuckGo etc.


You must generate high quality content because it’s your content only that can maintain the traffic for a longer period. Focus more on SEO factors too because organic traffic is the best website traffic.