Top 10 Best Free Paint Program And Drawing Tools (Windows/Mac/Linux)


Paint programs are digital platforms to draw whatever you want and completely different from a photo editor or photo viewer. In my previous post i had discussed about the best online photo editors, best photo editor software for Windows and Mac, and the best free hdr software, which you can read, learn and download the top photo based softwares.

You must have be aware of Microsoft Paint -bitmap drawing program,which is one of the greatest  free paint software but that too comes with certain limitations. So here are some great alternatives to Microsoft Paint with more flexibility and image creation options. I guess artists will more tilt towards these paint programs.

10 Great Paint Programs and Drawing Tools To Improve Your Creativity digitally

 These paint programs have been loaded with tons of drawing and editing features like color selection options that lets you pick the most suitable colors, an animation feature to add motion effects, tons of filters and effects for brightness and contrast management, customizable brushes with different thickness, Stenographic Projection which the new feature, edge detection, sectorize, rounding, tunnelling, random pick and many other adjustment. You don’t need to be professional photo editor or artist to create awesome graphics, just little customization will do the job. So read the folks below:-

Free Paint Program And Drawing Tools #1. Project Dog Waffle



The free full fledged paint program comes preloaded will all drawing tools including color selection options, an animation feature, tons of filters and effects, customizable brushes, etc. Project Dog Waffle has been claimed as unappealing and slow paint program.

Another dark side noticed is its lack of support for multiple formats since project Dog Waffle handles only BMP and Target files. But if a basic Paint program is all that you need then give it a shot.

Download Project Dog Waffle

Free Paint Program And Drawing Tools #2. Krita



Krita is a free open source paint and drawing software application, being used by many professionals. The unique selling point is it’s rich tools and drawing  option as well as support for all major image formats. Earlier Krita was a part of Koffice suit but now it’s available as a separate program.

Some useful editing and drawing tools include artistic texts, calligraphy, fill and color gradient, shapes and pattern insertion, outline, fill, zoom pan, layer management, channel management,  undo scripts etc.


Various filters include an option like Kaleidoscope, Stenographic Projection, phone bump map, Siebel, edge detection, sectorize, rounding, tunnel, random pick, color groups, adjustments etc.

Various image file formats that Krita supports include .kra, Exa, open roster document,  PSD image, Gimp image, PPM, PGM, PNG, JPEG-2000,PDF, ODG draw, BMP Windows, XPM, GIF, XBM, Krita flips book, Adobe DNG negative and Camera Raw

Both Windows and Linux users can enjoy drawing  and painting on Krita paint software application. So go ahead and download this amazing paint programs. Download size -115 MB

Download Krita

Free Paint Program And Drawing Tools #3 Laz Paint


Yet another high-quality paint and drawing program, that has a clean interactive user interface with some pretty unique features. People looking some paint programs with some more artistic approach then give it a shot.Lax Paint comes in small size but performs best for what is meant to do. Some paint programs include render, filter gradient, deformation,  text mapping, advanced color selection, magic wand etc. I believe it to be best bitmap alternative. Above all, Laz Paint is free open source software and worth trying.

Download Laz Paint

Free Paint Program And Drawing Tools #4. Tux Paint


Free Paint Program And Drawing Tools software

Tux Paint is incredible paint program which was earlier designed  as an exclusive paint program for children but I believe it can be a great alternative to bitmap and other paint programs too. Its large repository of drawing tools gives the flexibility to draw whatever you want in no time. The reason it is meant for children’s use is it’s easy to use interface.


You can expect all common paint and drawing features like shapes, stamps, advanced redo, undo, brushes, magic brush, special effects, slides, starters options, text and label tools and much more. Since it’s been designed for children’s use, you would often get to hear some funny sounds on clicks moreover some teacher control option have been provided. These all feature makes this paint programs more appealing and interactive.

Free Paint Program And Drawing Tools #5. Twisted Brush


Twisted Brush is perhaps the most advanced paint programs we have till date, forget general drawings of figures and shape, Twisted Brush lets you do digital media fine arts too. You must go through its tutorial guide before starting your drawing tasks. The paint program is better known as Twisted Brush Open studio. And as a brush  is in its name, this paint program comes with very fine brushes that act as an extra value to this amazing drawing utility software.

Download Twisted Brush Free Version

Free Paint Program And Drawing Tools #6. Pixia


Pixia is an extended paint program and the reason it supports for many free specialized plugins that add extra functionality to this Japanese paint program. Any image file can be used as a brush tip to nurture special effects.Filter downloads option is quite unique for this free paint program. Pixia supports almost all general editing options like masking, layers, filters etc.

Download Pixia Free Paint Program Software

Free Paint Program And Drawing Tools #7. Smooth Draw

Free Paint Program And Drawing Tools

Free hand drawing artists would love this paint program. One of the most advanced paint software that comes with great features including layers, various effects, fill, move, select, hand tool, advanced undo, redo, various brushes, tools, paper texture, ink flow, grain etc. Above all it’s brushes can be configured to desired value and even ink flow can be controlled accordingly.Smooth Draw is a versatile Paint program since it supports all major file formats like PNG, JPEG etc. So guys if you hunting then download and try out SmoothDraw.

Download Smoothdraw 

Free Paint Program And Drawing Tools #8. PictBear


So whether you’re  a veteran artist or a budding painter, PictBear will work out for both of you. PictBear comes with an interactive,  easy to use and conventional user interface. PictBear is quite versatile since it supports all major file formats including GIF, JPG, BMP, PNG, PBX, TIFF, PCX, ARS, TGA, WNIF and J2k.

PictBear has all drawing and editing option that you would expect to be in an ideal paint program including layers, gradients,  different brushes, additional plugins, image and mask editing,  cascade, tiles and tab support  with multitasking capabilities, script support, cut, copy, paste, fill, zoom, erase, droppers, shapes and patterns etc. So guys looking for an efficient paint app or bitmap paint alternative then go ahead and try it out yourself.

Download PictBear

Free Paint Program And Drawing Tools #9. Real world Paint


All in one paint program that supports digital drawing, animation, and great photo editing. The beautiful user interface lets you know draw and modify images in multiple ways. Geeks recommend for photo retouching needs and the most impressive part is real word  paint is compatible with Photoshop too.

Like other mentioned paint programs, Real word paint too has features like animation supports, fill shapes with or without effects, brushes with or without effects crop, magic wand, red eye removal, watermarks support, Customize ink amounts and configurable brushes.

File formats supported by Real Word Paint include GIF, JPG, BMP, PNG, PAD, XCF, PDN, WEBP etc.
No doubt Real Word Paint is one of the most versatile paint and drawing software application suitable for all kinds of users.

Free Paint Program And Drawing Tools #10. My Paint


Simple but effective paint program suitable for basic to medium level drawings. My Paint has all drawing  tools similar to other mentioned paint programs. The best part is My Paint comes with hunger collection of configurable brushes to make it easier to make natural drawings. My Paint height sound to be a small sized paint tool, best believe me it’s one of the best paint programs  and a great alternative to above-listed ones. Try it out for free.

Download MyPaint Free Open Source Paint Software


So these were some best paint and drawing software apps that you can use to create drawings and images. You can use these tools to edit existing  drawings, create collages and animations too. So try out these paint programs and show up your creativity.