10 Best Free Online Meme Generator Websites To Create Memes


Here is the great list of meme creator tools by using which you can create your own funny, scary, emotional and romantic memes for social media. Theses listed meme generators has large repository of images of each category and all you need to do is to add the most relevant texts.

Memes were born on Reddit and tumblr later revolutionized on Facebook and Twitter. Now people use memes to in comment section to express their reaction, in personal messages to lay an strong impact and in other various places. These memes generator acts a picture generator so start showing your creativity using these meme creator online.

Top 10 Free Online Meme Generator Online Tools To Show Your Creativity

1. QuickMeme.com


The best source of entertainment ios also among best meme generator around the web. QuickMeme is an image sharing site supported by huge collection of user submitted images. Create an account first and then you can use quickmeme features. Choose the image and add text to it that’s how you create memes online.

2. Meme Generators


One of the best source of fun and gag, meme generators does exactly what it’s name says. It lets you add texts into any of images from it’s collection. Widely popular meme generator in internet. It also lets you caption already built memes so that something better can be created.

3. Memegen By Imgur.com


Memegen is an amazing tool by Imgur.com, very easy and simple to create memes. Imgur is actually an image sharing website that has huge repository of images available to create memes. Once you have created your meme, it becomes ready to be shared socially and become embeddable into other websites.  Imgur had started it’s meme generating service in 2013 and since then  it has been used widely by millions.

4. Livememe.com


Popular for having the most viral memes in internet, Live memes is one of the best meme generator used mostly by Redditors. Once you have added the relevant caption into images, you will be prompted to post it to Reddit.com and after posting you’ll get social sharing buttons too. The best thing about Livememes is the huge collection of funny images which you can download or use the same images to create memes.

 5. MemeDad


Fast and free meme generator online that lets you create memes without ads or watermarks. Both quickmeme and MemeDad was developed by same developer where the later was created after Reddit banned Quickmeme. MemeDad has rolled out a new feature i.e. Animated GIF support.

6. ImgFlip


ImgFLip is actually a GIF maker that also offers it’s own meme generator tool now. You need to sign up first and then you start creating memes. ImgFlip meme generator also lets you upload your image for meme generation and you can choose on whether you want it to be shared publically or not. While captioning images you can choose text color of your choice. To me ImgFlip is the fastest meme generator on web.

 7. Meme Center


While hunting for best online tool, luckily got this website and believe me it’s amazing. Similar to other meme generators and Quickmeme, it lets you create memes on some of the best and unique image templates.You can create animated GIF memes too, which is more effective than image memes.

8. Troll.me


Simple meme generator that works exactly in the same way as other mentioned websites. Troll.me has large meme template collection which you can use to create memes online.  Sign up first and start making memes in the easiest way.



Another similar online meme generator tool popular for having most appropriate and funny image collection. DIYLOL is gradually gaining popularity in social media including Facebook and twitter. Like other websites, you need to create an account to create memes.

10. iPiccy.com

ipiccy-com-to-create-memes ipiccy-com-to-create-memes

iPiccy is actually online photo editing tool that can be used for creating memes too. But you’ll need to download the unedited or uncaptioned images first and then edit them accordingly.


Personally I am a great fan of Quickmeme and Memegenerator.com, but all mentioned meme generators are equally good. Hope you liked the list of such awesome meme generators;  do let me know your views and experiences in the comment section below.