6 Best Free HDR Software To Create High Dynamic Range Photos


[ Free HDR Software ] High dynamic range photos look great because of its high range of luminance. You either shoot photos in bright light or direct sunlight or use any HDR software to get a high dynamic picture.

Basically, you capture and merge several different range exposures of the same photo.When you take a snapshot using any Non HDR camera, then the photograph taken receives limited exposure and very few details in highlights and shadows.

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So the best way to get a high dynamic quality photo is to use any of the listed free HDR Software and apps.These free HDR software actually merge multiple ranging photographs to produce a single high-quality photo that is worth having.

I have listed some best high-quality free HDR software, so read the folks below:-

Best Free HDR Software #1 LR Enfuse For Lightroom (Windows & Mac)


Adobe Lightroom is a program that you need to download into the order of use this free HDR software. Actually, LR Enfuse is a free plugin that ends HER functionally to Adobe Lightroom,don’t worry the program is available for both Windows as well as Mac users.


LR Enfuse does little when it comes for HDR photos,since the picture quality is low and no preview option is there,you need to assume/imagine the final result of HDR photo. So if you’re already using Lightroom,then it might a good option otherwise I would suggest you try out other free HDR software From this list.

Download LR Enfuse For Lightroom (Windows & Mac)

Best Free HDR Software #2 Picturenaut (Windows,Mac)


I believe picturenaut is the best free HDR software till date.Easy to install, Use and create HDR photos in no time. Beginners may take the time to get used to it but eventually you will be able to create high dynamic range photos. Multiple Files together and that is what makes it different and unique. Picturenaut was developed by HDR labs around 8 years ago and since then the program has been used by many.

Download Picturenaut (Windows, Mac)

Best Free HDR Software #3 Canon Digital Photo Professional


The official HDR software of canon corporation is not behind in the race of free HDR program.Unfortunately, the HDR software is for only Canon camera owners,but if you’ve one then it’s all you need for all your HRD photo creativity. Canon Digital Photo professional is great for beginners who don’t even know to create HDR photos. I won’t say that it’s for professionals but yes you can give it as a shot.

Download  Canon Digital Photo Professional

Best Free HDR Software#4 Fusion F.3 (Windows)


Yet another free HRD program that performs well, Fusion  F.3 is earlier released version if fusion2.6.3, Fusion F.3 is known for it’s simple and clean user interface that provides enough control options.

Fusion F.3 is suitable for photographers who can’t much time on experimenting and need the output  as soon as possible. The software supports processing of single images in formats like Raw, TiFF or JPEG formats.


Automatic alignment, two exposure fusion  modes, size tone mapping modes and batch processing are some good features of fusion. The free version is of 8MB size, and available for Windows users only. If you want more flexibility with this software then download the premium version that worth of 25$.

Download Fusion Free Version HDR Software For Windows

Best Free HDR Software#5 Luminance HDR (Windows, Mac)


Luminance HDR is a free open source program from Sourceforge. The HDR software has been upgraded with new features like automatic anti-ghosting, FITS support integration with Windows taskbar, improved 1/10 with TIPF 32 bit and redesigned merge algorithms. Using luminance HDR you  can export photos to third party software for high-quality post processing.

Best Free HDR Software#6 FDR tools Basic (Windows, Mac)


Looking for a free HRD software that can create realistic and good looking pictures then download FDR (full dynamic range)  tools basic which is available for both Windows as well as MAC users. The impressive part is,the software keeps updating its features and support and it’s highly helpful for HDR Photo Creation.

FDR tool basic is a freeware from FDR tools, and great programs to create HDR and great programs to create HDR photos. Unfortunately, FRD tools are available for 32 bit Windows version only and the software is suitable for basic proposes only. To enjoy more image creation option.You can upgrade to its advanced version but that’s a paid version.

 Download FDR tools Basic (Windows, Mac)

So these were few best free HDR software to create HRD photos in the simplest way. If you want high-quality HDR programs to create dynamic range photos professionally then you must try any premium HDR Software.