How To Find Your Windows 10 Product Key The Easy Way


Windows 10 product key is easy to find and comes with every new windows 10 PC now. Whether you have upgraded your previous operating sysytem to windows 10 or you got a new license off retail, you will require a product key to activate windows. Windows 10 product key is a 25 character PRODUCT KEY:- xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx. This product key is used to verify that your computer has a genuine copy of windows which has not been used on any other computer.

There are couple of method to find your windows 10 product key like :

  • FROM THE BOX:- If you have purchased this windows 10 from any authorized retailer, then you must have got the box. The product key will be on a label inside the box it came in.
  • FROM THE EMAIL:- if you have purchased a windows 10 from the official website of Microsoft, the product key will be given in the confirmation email from Microsoft.
  • PRE-INSTALLED PRODUCT KEY:- In case you bought a new PC, that came up with windows 10, the product key will be pre-installed in it.

To know the 25 character product key, down below are the steps to know the product key of your newly purchased computer.


Well if you had windows 7, 8 or 8.1 in your computer and you upgrade it to windows 10, then during the upgrade process the old product key gets converted in to a new product key automatically. The product key is required after a clean install of windows 10, so it is recommended to make a note of it.

Below are the two easy method to find the product key of your installed version.

Using software- there are many third party softwares that can be used to find the product key, like product key Finder, or The Ultimate PID checker. I consider using product key which is very easy to use and simple.
Using the code and Notepad– this is one of the tricky method to find out the present product key of any your computer having windows operating system.

Hope you liked this article, do let me know if other methods are there to find out windows 10 product key.