Find How Many LinkedIn Connections You Have


This post will help you to know your exact number of LinkedIn Connection.

The LinkedIn connections limit is 30,000 that means for a single profile you can build up to 30,000 connections whereas you can send only upto 3000 invitations. Once you’ve have made more than 500 connections. LinkedIn will show total number connections as 500+ always.

World’s largest social network for professional, LinkedIn is an incredible. You can create your profile, follow the most influential leaders, CEO, founders and companies, make connections with them etc. Companies have been using LinkedIn to make connections for business benefits. It’s a great source for both employers and job seekers. Companies have been using LinkedIn as a marketing tool whereas websites are using it to promote their websites.

Moreover LinkedIn has been great source of website traffic so it is important to increase your connections since it’s always beneficial for you and our business.

Sometimes it becomes necessary to know how many LinkedIn connections you  actually have, but the site does not show the exact number, so here are steps you need to follow, to find out total number of LinkedIn connections:-

Steps To Find Total Number Of  LinkedIn Connections

Browse your LinkedIn profile in computer or desktop version, not in app because the app version doesn’t let you browse freely so better try out in computer.


linkedin-connections-kumar -ujjwal

On Search Bar, search your own name and look for your profile in the search result.


Once your profile appears click on the 500+ connections.So the moment you’ll click on 500+ connections it will take you to the actual page of LinkedIn Connections where you’ll see all your present and past connections.



Now on left sidebar you’ll find the details of your connections.

The best thing about LinkedIn is that you can even know your First connections (Direct Connection), Second Connections (Connections of Connections) as well as total associated group members. Moreover you can filter out these connections based on locations be it a country or city.


Hope you were able to know total LinkedIn Connections you have do let us know your views about the post and don’t forget to share this in your LinkedIn network and let them know the trick to find it.