Top 14 Best Free Photo Editor Software For (Windows, Mac, Linux)


Well, today’s post is on best free photo editor software for Windows and Mac users. In my previous post i had written on best online photo editors and online paint programs, that might help you in case you are looking some such stuff. Or else you can also read my post on best free hdr software for great image enhancement. At times we need to add some special effects to our photos so we retouch them to edit and modify the contrast Increase  the brightness, crop it somehow or for applying other editing filters. In this post, I am featuring top photo editors to help you edit your photos in no time. 

14 Great Photo Editing Program For Fast Image Editing

Alright, so you don’t want to invest your bucks for any paid photo editor software like Photoshop, then here in the free Photoshop alternative software for editing and tweaking software for editing your favorite photos.

Best Free Photo Editor Software #1 GIMP (Windows, Mac,Linux)


GIMP stand for GNU image Manipulation programs is one of the best photo editors with multiple editing options ranks top for me since you can set editing features similar to Photoshop. GIMP photo editor was started image editor software in 1996 and since then it has made a great reputation in photo editing segment.

The best part is the software keeps updating it features and comes with plugin facility to enhance its workability. Beginners might face some issues but experienced users would love this photo editing program. Windows users can enjoy both 32 bit and 64 bit.


GIMP software, however, Mac and Linux infers have their own versions.
Some common tools or so called features include color correction, blur an image, remove red-eye, special lighting effects turn it into animation etc.

Download GIMP Photo Editor Software

Best Free Photo Editor Software #2 Paint.Net (Windows)


Next in our list is paint.Net, the popular and free image editor software exclusively for Windows platform. Some geeks think of it as best free photoshop alternative,  but I firmly believe that Paint.Net serves as a great photo editor software for basic to advance editing.

If you have ever used any photo editor then you will get used to it easily. User interface looks similar to Photoshop, with all editing options in the front face  floating at left and bottom bars. has the best 3D rotation tool, color picker, layer modifier, menu bar with all recommended editing filters that simplifies your editing tasks. The most impressive feature is it’s image editing history where you can do or undo some specific editings and manipulate the image in the way you want. is a lightweight photo editor software available for both 32 bit and 64 bit Windows OS, moreover, Microsoft.Net Framework is required. So all I can say is that Windows users can blindly download this amazing photo editor software now.

Download Paint.Net Photo Editor Software

Best Free Photo Editor Software #3 PhotoScape


PhotoScape comes to the rescue when you need an all in one solution for all image editing and modification works. You can create slideshows, gift files,animations, capture screen snapshots, merge and combine two or more images etc.


The impressive part is it’s multiple image editing capability, opening more file formats, advanced tools for a pixel to merge images with HDR (High Dynamic Range)photos etc. PhotoScape is a light version photo editor programs for Windows users only.

Download PhotoScape

Best Free Photo Editor Software #4 Imagina-Virtual Lightbox (Windows)


Yet another unrestricted freeware photo editing software for Windows users. Imagina is more like a digital photography solution since the photo editor focuses on image enhancements only. There is no paint or drawing tools and no layers too but other photo enhancements featured are awesome. Imagine has HRD support from the start moreover it’s color management is just out of the box feature.

Download Imagina-Virtual LightBox

Best Free Photo Editor Software #5 Chases Draw IES


Another great photo editor software and a great Photoshop alternative that is all in one solution for all image modification. It’s multiple window interface presents tons of editing options. Chasys Draw IES is actually an image editing suite with inbuilt four programs namely Artist, Viewer, Converter, Raw photo.

  • Artist -The actual image editor program of Chasys Draw IES , where you start a new project to initiate your editing works.
  • Viewer- As the name suggests it’s image viewer programs that can view image of any file formats and size.
  • Converter- Any image can be converted into any other file formats say JPG, PNG, MPEG etc.
  • Raw Photo- This program is exclusive for raw photo prices processing.

Apart from it’s inbuilt image editing programs, let me highlights some of the best editing features of Chasys Draw IES


  • Brilliant Interface and documentation ability.
  • Better automation and meta data addition.
  • Able to export and import almost all file formats.
  • Excellent co lot management.
  • High Dynamic Range (HDR) processing.
  • Comes with plugins including Photoshop b8f filters.

Chasys Draw IES has been bundled with tons of features, so ever if you want to crop a small image, you would get multiple options for that.

Download Chasys Draw IES

Best Free Photo Editor Software #6 Image Analyzer


Image Analyser is one of the most advanced and standalone image editing software. Image Analyser is better known for photographic processing and suitable for experienced users only. I won’t recommended it to basic users since the interface is pretty confusing. But no doubt it does the awesome job.


If operated well Image Analyzer is a small lightweight freeware software with a small size of around 3MB only. So unless you’re a veteran image editor, don’t go for it.

Download Image Analyser

Best Free Photo Editor Software #7 Digikam (Windows, Linux)


Amazing photo editing cum management suit for all image related tasks. You can use it as a photo viewer, organizer, photo editor, slideshow creator and even as a calendar program. Its image editing section is better known as showfoto that can be run separately, so if you want it as image editor only then keep ShowFoto only which will save your space. Because the dark side of Digikam is that it is very large in size i.e about 350 MB.

Digikam is an amazing photo management suite from Mozilla foundation. The suit offers many helpful articles to learn photo editing process easily. Raw support including exit, image sharing, help manuals, and an interactive user interface is quite impressive. Digikam is the best image editing program for Linux users, however, the program performs best on Windows 8.1 and above.

Download Digikam Photo Editor

Best Photo Editor Software #8 Photo Filtre


Photo Filtre is among some mid-level image editor suitable for basic users who want few more advanced editing options. Photo filter now supports features like Photoshop b8f filter, GIF animation, scanner interface, batch automation, lot management etc.


Unfortunately, Photo Filtre does not support HDR or Raw processing for images. This image editor is free for a private and educational purpose only. Photo Filtre is very small size (5 MB) image editor software available for both 32-bit and 64-bit Windows OS.

Although mid-level but efficient photo editor software suitable for basic artistic image editing. Photo filter can be thought of as small Photoshop alternative. It also provides stylish contour and transparency effects. Moreover, it’s scanner interface makes in different from others.

Download Photo Filtre Software

Best Free Photo Editor Software #9 Artweaver


Artweaver is more like paint program because very few editing options are there. Artweaver is extensive using plugins that can let you do more image adjustments. Artweaver comes with an interactive interface,which is quite simple to use. This light version software is available for only Windows users only.

Download Artweaver Photo Editor

Best Free Photo Editor Software #10 Visions


Another medium level image editors in my list are visions, a stand alone photo editor software that comes with unique interface bundled with multiple editing buttons. Visions is popularly for having 3D image viewing gallery which is quite simple to use. You can print greeting cards, photo cards, and photo frames too.

Visions are now available only for Windows users (both 32 bit and 64 bit). Since it’s a mid-level image editor so you can’t expect to have support for HDR and Raw processing.

Download Visions Image Editor Software

Best Free Photo Editor Software #11 PhotoPad Image Editor


Suitable for basic editing purpose, Photopad image editors has an excellent history of changes that you can review, delete, undo, redo, modify at any time. The best part is this lightweight software supports raw processing too but lacks general drawings tools.photopad-image-editor-free-version

I believe Photopad Image Editor is smallest  (788 Kb) photo editor software available for free but only for non-commercial use. There are links provided for instant help like support, FAQs, video, tutorial etc. which might be beneficial for novice users. You can use it’s built-in tools to create a collage, Panorama, Mosaic and later share it on social media as Photopad has flicker and Facebook integration too.

Best Free Photo Editor Software #12 Pixlr Desktop


Simple and powerful photo editor program with multiple editing options. Pixlr editor is a gift from Autodesk, that has released the software on almost all platforms. You can use it as GIMP or alternative. The image Editor is available in web version too so you won’t have to bother about its compatibility issues. As an editor, it’s quite promising since you can use tons of editing options to enhance your pics. Pixlr had no drawing tools and option so that might disappoint you above all you can give it a shot.

Download Pixlr Desktop

Best Free Photo Editor Software #13 Photo Editor


I believe photo Editor is the simplest one, editing and drawing on the same podium.Basic enhancement features include settings for brightness adjustments, contrast, saturation, color cast, make-up tools, retouch tools, auto color and multiple filter options. Some features like healing brush will resemble Photoshop editing. The darker side is that this lightweight photo editor has not been updated for years so you might fall some compatibility issues with the newer operating systems.

Download Photo Editor

Best Free Photo Editor Software #14 LightBox Free Image Editor (Windows)


Best image editor for basic editing purpose beginner will get used to it easily. Basic image editing options include color correction, red-eye removal, sharpen, crop, red-size, add borders and raw file processing. LightBox Free Image Editor has great inner interface loaded with all editing buttons in sidebars. Its split-screen view lets you compare before and after editing of images. Like photo Editor, this image editor too has hot been updated for years.

Download LightBox Free Image Editor

So these were some cool image editor software for Windows, Mac, and Linux users. There exists many other photo editors that are equally helpful like Phoxo image editor, Funny photo Maker etc.