25+ Most Popular Facebook Groups To Reach 10 Millions+ Members


Here is the list of few most popular Facebook groups that you can join to get benefits like blog promotion, content marketing and connecting with like minded people. Go through this incredible Facebook groups list.

Groups are a great source of referral traffic for blogs. Facebook groups are niche groups, where people having similar Interest joins and share related posts. There are two types of Facebook groups- open Facebook groups and closed Facebook groups. If you own websites or YouTube channel and want to promote your content on their groups, then you must join groups related to your niche.

How  Most Popular Facebook Groups Will Help Drive Traffic

As I already said, groups are created on niche or topic basis, so if you’ll promote your posts/videos on similar niche groups then people will definitely click on the links. I myself have done this hundred times. My referral traffic had increased up to 200 % for some particular posts.
Before promoting your post you must know the interest of group members.
Ask yourself these questions:-
1) What is the common interest of the group members?
2) What can drive them crazy
3) What else can be shared with them?
For groups related to education you must not share any entertainment related stuff, similarly, for entertainment groups avoid sharing education based content otherwise you might get blocked by admins and group members.
So a clear-cut understanding is very important:-
Here in this post, I am sharing some most popular Facebook groups that don’t require admin approval and sharing content on these Facebook groups will drive huge traffic too.

1) Friendship, Relationship And Entertainment Related public Facebook Groups

These groups are good for sharing entertainment related contents or viral contents. And the chances of driving traffic from them is pretty high 
Please Note:- some of the listed Facebook Groups might have changed their joining and content sharing policies so check each Facebook groups by yourself.
1. Find Your True Friendship150k Facebook Group Members
2. Kinki Facebook singles100k+ Facebook Group Members
3. Telugu fun500k Facebook Group Members
4. Jokes and jokes No rules applied250k Facebook Group Members
5. Secret Fantasies13 k Facebook Group Members
6. Single ready to mix and mingle530k Facebook Group Members 
7. Let’s chat 13+150K Facebook Group Members
8. Telugu girls and boys funny chat group420k Facebook Group Members
9. Islamabad Islamabad Hai 522K Facebook Group Members
10. WhatsApp Funny Videos16k+ Facebook Group
11. wtf Abbotsford11k+ Facebook Group Members
12. Zindagi Zindagi Hai360K Facebook Group Members
13.Asian Shout Out75k+ Facebook Group Members
14. International Soulmates11k+ Facebook Group Members
15. Dirty humor31k + Facebook Group Members
16. Real Love Online – 250K Facebook Group Members
17. Khan Group290K Facebook Group Members
18. Innocent Dancer265K Facebook Group Members
19. Bollywood News230K Facebook Group Members
20. General Group195K Facebook Group Members
21. Love You Forever316K Facebook Group Members
22. Friends Party679K Facebook Group Members

2. Education, Job, Exam Related Open Facebook Groups That Don’t Require Admin Approval

The members of such education-related most popular facebook groups are very sensitive and serious so you must share some quality content related to this niche so that they will be compelled to make a visit your link or post. never ever post any nonsense (Posts having adult joke or nudity kind of things).
1. Job Information37k+ Facebook Group Members 
2. Job Openings For Mechanical Eng18k + Facebook GroupMembers
3. SSC, Bank PO, and Clerk55k+ Facebook GroupMembers
4. All Competitive Exams45k Facebook Group Members
5. English Speaking Groups Worldwide261k+ Facebook Group Members
6. Quotes of Feelings 55k+ Facebook Group Members
7. Study point (WBCs)27k+ Facebook Group Members
8. Event Management jobs8k+ Facebook Group Members
So make use of this open Facebook groups, I believe you will see a considerable rise in referral traffic. More traffic means more money. Apart from these groups, you can also join our own closed Facebook groups called Mini Facebook.