How To Embed PDF Document In Any Blog(WordPress Or Blogger)


PDFs files are great downloadable as well as a portable document that users love to have because they can read it anywhere without an internet connection. Now many blogs and websites have started offering PDF version of their posts as an e-book which visitors appreciate. Embedding a PDF file in your blog post makes it content rich and improves the post’s appearance too.

Actually, your content gets richer if you add images, videos or PDF files in your post. While adding Images and videos is quite an easy job but when it comes to embedding any PDF document, it becomes a difficult task.

If you are WordPress blogger then you can install any plugin that lets you embed PDF document in your blog but there is a short trick by which you can embed PDF file in any blogging platform, be it in Blogger, Joomla or WordPress. It’s quite easy to remember as well.

A PDF document adds more material that increases user engagement in your blog. So here I am sharing a unique shot code that lets you embed PDF file in almost any website.

Steps To Embed PDF File In Any Blog Using HTML Code

Step1: you-Switch to your HTML Post editor.

Step2.Find the exact location where you want to embed PDF file. Now copy file in the code snippet

<embed src = "url of PDF file.pdf" width"500"height = "750"></embed>

According to the space available, you can adjust width and height of the PDF file. Here is how I’ve embedded a PDF document on my website/blog.

Note: – Make sure to add the code in HTML editor only otherwise you can’t embed PDF file, it will be shown as normal text.


My Embeded URL-<embed src = “” width”700″height = “750”></embed>

Embedded PDF documents are not indexed by search engines so you can embed PDF document but that should be already hosted somewhere. The best way to embed your own PDF file is to first upload it to your site as a media attachment and then copy the PDF URL in the short HTML code provided above.