How To Edit PDF Document For Beginners [3 Popular Methods]

In my previous article I have shared many ways to Creating A PDF Document or file and in this article, I am sharing some tips on editing any PDF file. PDF file is very popular for reading purpose, everyone prefers a PDF document when it comes to sharing thin as an official document because the advantage is, it keeps the data text or images preserved and limited, so no one can play with the content easily. But that does not mean that you cannot edit the PDF file.

3 Best Ways To Edit Any PDF File [Beginners Guide]

Before starting, let me tell you what kind of editing I meant here. Basically, there are three types editing, like:
  • Text editing
  • Image and text editing
  • Adding digital signature to PDF file

Below are the methods of editing your PDF file.

Methods 1: Edit PDF file using Adobe Acrobat :

Adobe actually invented the first PDF file in 90’s and it is the ultimate software for all PDT created works, creating a PDF, viewing PDF, and editing it. But to use editing features in Adobe Acrobat you need to purchase this software, but don’t worry it is worth spending your bucks.

Purchase Adobe Acrobat from its website. Here is the link  install it.


  1. Click on open from the menu to open the file that you want to edit.


On the night side at the top, click on ‘tools’. Then click on “Advanced Editing Toolbar”.


  • To edit text click on “Touch-up Text Editing” from the Advanced editing toolbar.


  • To edit image click on “Touch up object” from the Advanced editing subject the image and then starting editing.



  • To edit the order of the pages of the PDF  Click on “view” then navigation panels, and then pages, on the left side you will see the thumbnail. Drag the pages and place where you want to put it.


Method 2: Edit PDF Using PDF Editor Software.

There are numbers of PDF editing program, All you need to do is open your PDT file using the software and edit it.
I have noted some of the Best PDF Editing Software For Windows, Mac And Linux Users here.

Method 3: Edit PDF File By First Converting This Into Word File.

This is one of most used methods, for editing PDF file. There are many PDF conversion tool or software that converts a PDF document into a word file. Once you have then edit according to your preference.

Here is an example on how you can Convert PDF Online ;-
1.Open Nitro Editor
2.Select your conversion type.
3.Select and upload your file.
4.Enter your e-mail address where the converted file will be sent.
5.Click on convert now.

This may take few minutes so once done, you can  check your mail, the file will be there as an attachment. Open it and then edit the file. Once done with the editing, convert the file back into PDF format following the similar method.

Final Words

Well, I prefer using the third method because it gives me flexible options to edit PDF in a way I want. Using the third method you can insert media content or delete the existing ones. So I tried to explain the easiest way to edit PDF files, try out yourself and do let me know your experiences.