How To Earn Money On Web: 20+ Genuine Ways To Make Money Online


There is an immense potential on the internet, you can do almost everything with it. The internet has given us many millionaires and billionaires. Some people had realized its potential long ago and invested their money and effort into it to make their billion dollar business.

8 Best Ways To Make Money Online

In this post, I am going to share with you all possible ways by which you can earn money on the internet. These are thousands of people who make a living by working online. Now everyone can access the internet on smartphone, tablets or computer so everyone can make money online.

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Actually, there are plenty of online works available that you can do and earn a decent income. Out of which there are some genuine ways and some fake ways, but here I am talking about some genuine money making ways solely.

1. Publish Content And Monetize It

This is one of the most popular ways to make money online, content is most powerful stuff that rules the internet. Content can be in any form article, images or videos.

Create quality content, publish them on the website, embed advertisement like Adsense and make money, that’s all. The best way to start with is creating a blog and publishing some quality articles in it. Some popular publishing platform includes Blogger, YouTube , HubPages etc.

There is some revenue sharing sites where you can just post your content and rest are done by the site itself like embedding ads, SEO aspects and promotion.

2. Freelancing



Freelancing means offering your skills, performing some tasks as a short job and getting paid for it. There are a lot of sites that pay you for completing some tasks.

The advantages of being a freelancer are many, like you work from anywhere, anytime, with your own rules, you decide your work goals, no time boundation and no pressure from any boss. Some people consider this as an alternative of their 9 to 5 jobs, whereas some people like me think it off full-time money making the option.

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Even when I started making money online, I first worked as a freelancer and my first payout for writing 12 article was about 30$, sounds good right!!

But freelancing is not only about writing an article actually it includes all kinds of outsourcing services you can offer :-

  • Programming And Coding
  • Web Designing And Development
  • Android App Development Project
  • Content Development like Article Writing And Video Making
  • Freelancing Photographing
  • SEO Analyst

3. Selling Your Services

Ask yourself what are you good at, because every one of us has some skill, knowledge or experience. Your skill and experience can help many other and people gonna pay for it. Believe me, Guys, it’s one of the most widely used ways of earning money online. Services generally include counseling, giving advice, solving other’s problem etc. Services can be sold by you or by your team as well.

You would have heard of ‘tech support companies’ what they do??

They sell their services like computer troubleshooting, tech support for mobile phones or computer etc.

It is somehow similar to freelancing, but different in many aspects. You can sell your service according to your convenience i.e. part time or full time.

Sell Your Services On Sites Like

4. Selling Product Online

Online Retailing or E -commerce is booming now, people now prefers to purchase things from grocery to car on the internet, so there are lots of opportunities in this sector and that is the reason why big players like Amazon, Alibaba, eBay and Flipkart are making profits in billions each year.

Thus selling products online can be a very profitable for you will actually there are two ways of selling a product online.
First is creating your own online store and sell you products.
Second is selling products in any marketplace sites like Amazon and Alibaba.

The amount of money you can make selling products are you selling, like is it old, used product are or any new one. Actually, classified sites are the best place to sell your old products.

For selling online:-

5. Renting Your  Products And Services

This is also one of the coolest methods to make money online, if you have any less used product or good, say a laptop, washing machine, old car or your house, room or apartment, you can place it on rent and make money out of it without selling them. There are some sites that let you rent your least used good to the local users.


Sites like Airbnb and Stayzilla works on the similar concept, where people give their vacant house on rent and cash solid cash.

For Renting Your Products

6. Taking Surveys Online

Though this is not so popular way to make money online but still this is preferred by many as their part time work. Actually, companies spend million in their research and analysis work and that is why they make surveys to observe their user needs , customers behaviors, and trending needs. Not all the sites are genuine so many people stocks at the wrong place and hardly make money from it.

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7. Sites Flipping

You most have flipped a photo in your phone from left to right,so the flipping website is also some thing. the concept lies in, you buy website or domains, work on if to make it better and sell it again to earn profit cool no!! Some people make big bucks only by flipping websites and domains. Try out sites like Flippa to start website flipping and use for domain flipping.

I believe these are the basic money-making principle, however, there exists plenty of another method to earn money online. Let us take a quick view on all other miscellaneous ways to earn money online:

16 Miscellaneous Ways To Make Money Online

1. Are you a teacher with tons of experience on teaching then sell out your lesson plan and teaching plan on sites like teachers pay teachers

2. You can become a captcha solver and make money out of it.

3. Try micro working which are a sort of freelancing, you can try out sites like, micro worker , SEO Clerk , Click Worker, and Gig Walk.

4. Get paid for internet surfing on search engines like Google and Bing for this you can try out sites like wonder, basically, you would be paid as rewards and points which can be withdrawn as cash later. I am not saying it’s a sustainable source of income but yes an additive source.

5. Some online trading sites like Plus500, Lets you do business so if you are lucky you can earn money online early.

6. Review websites and apps on Uber Testing and get paid for that you can make.

7. Make money by playing games online using sites like Inbox dollars.

8. Or if you are a music lover, then review a music online and earn money. Try sites like Slicethepie for music reviewing.

9. Are you a budding actor and word to earn money online using acting talent then try out sites like ZoZo Casting.

10. Make money by watching videos online. But you need to do this using some apps like Swagbucks.

11. Did you know you can also make money by watching television online, yes visit Reward TV which rewards you when you answer their trivia quiz question of earlier episodes? They make money from episode advertisement and shares it with you when you prove them that you have seen their episodes. That’s really new and innovative idea guess.

12. Download some apps that given you reward just after installing them, they are offering giveaways as a part of their promotion apps like Digital Reflections, Mobile Expression, Media Insiders Panel etc. can earn you great rewards.

13. Become a Virtual Assistant and help companies grow faster try sites like virtual to be a VA, so these are some great ways to earn money online. Well, i am not saying you can not make big millions but yes you can earn enough to enjoy yourself. If you want to keep making money for a longer period them.

14. Did you know you can earn money online from your junk emails yes for move information visit Small Business 
Knowledge Center

15. Sometimes saving money is earning money so try out using  cash back sites like Fatwallet and Cashkaro to earn cash back. Which can be met as shopping coupon later ?

So these are some genuine ways to make money online. Do let me know which is your favorite money making strategy online.

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