5 Best And Quickest Ways To Download YouTube Videos Fast(With Pictures)


When you will google this term download YouTube videos,  the search result will suggest you many websites to download YouTube Videos but finally, you will end up doing nothing. In this post, I have compiled a list of methods that can be used to download youtube videos. There are basically five methods listed below. Go through each method:

1. Download YouTube Videos Using Third Party Site

Well, this is easy to use method where you go to other websites and enter the URL of the YouTube video and the site starts downloading that video, But be careful not all sites are genuine to download YouTube videos as you mighty be forwarded to websites having objectionable content. 
Below are some trustworthy sites to download YouTube videos free. Some of these sites also support downloading videos from other sites like Facebook, Vimeo etc.

Here Is How To Download YouTube Videos Using KeepVid

Step 1.  Visit The website Keepvid . This is a free YouTube downloader now comes in both browser version as well as software version for windows. 


Step2. Copy the YouTube video URL and paste it in the Keepvid search bar and hit the Download option.


Step 3. Down Below it will give several links to download YouTube video in different format i.e. MP4, 3GP. 720P, 1080P quality etc. Click on any of the links you want.

Step4. Select The destination folder to save YouTube video wherever you want.

That’s it! See ho simple it was to download YouTube videos using keepvid similarly you can use other video downloading sites that genuinely let you download youtube videos as well as videos from other sites like facebook, Dailymotion etc.

Similar Sites To Download YouTube Videos Free

2. Download YouTube Videos Using Software

This is another cool way to download YouTube videos free, there are many free as well as paid software available on the internet that lets you grab any online video. Moreover, some of them are premium plans so you  may need to spend some bucks to have it but believe me premium versions are worth having as they offer great service. My favorite software is Internet Download Manager And YTD YouTube Downloader.

How To Download YouTube Videos Using IDM (Internet Downloading Manager)

I think this is the best ever downloading software you can use to download almost anything let that be YouTube videos, pictures, documents, zip files,e-books, software or even the entire website. Actually, this is my favorite software, I use it for downloading every kind of stuff. You can choose the video downloading format and then download multiple videos together.
You can download this amazing software and follow the simple steps in post

Step 1. Download And Install YouTube Downloader –Internet Download Manager. Integrate it with your browser as in most cases it happens automatically after installation.

Step 3. Open YouTube video you wish to download, on playing the video you will notice a download icon appearing over the video that says. You can easily refer to the screenshots taken while downloading videos from YouTube.





On selecting the quality of download a mall pop-up download window will come up which will show you file size and there you can change the destination folder also. The next window will show you the download speed and a progress bar.





That’s all, it is very easy and the best available download tool over the internet. Apart from IDM, there are many other YouTube Downloader which is as effective as IDM.

Other Available YouTube Downloader Software

This allows another cool software which comes free of cost and built exclusively for downloading youtube. This software with an inbuilt niche converter so you can use it to convert any video in various formats. Download files to multiple forms act as MP3 files as well you can also try this out.

After IDM this is the software that I prefer for downloading video and audio files and like the Free YouTube Downloader, this also comes with an inbuilt  converter so you can convert any videos file into avi mp4, mp3 And on any other  formats. Actually, before  using IDM, I was using this YTD Video Downloader only, this software comes separately for Windows  and iOS platform the best part is you can also download videos from other streaming sites. Get this software here

3. Download YouTube Videos Using Browser Plugins And Extensions

This method applies only when you are watching YouTube videos in your browser say Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox on your PC. Add-ons or extension are the software complement developed for some special prepare or features which add extra functionality to your browser or application.

All you need to do in just download and install these plugin or add-on in your browser. Restart your browser you will get an option to download. For different browser plugin are different, if you want any universal external/plugin for your all browser then you should consider IDM( Internet Download Manager).

Best YouTube downloader extension for Google Chrome would be Video Downloader Professional.

Whereas Best Mozilla Firefox add-ons to download YouTube videos include Ant videos Downloader and Flash video Downloader. It is better to use Mozilla Firefox which works better in terms of YouTube Video Downloading.

4. Download YouTube Videos Using Official YouTube Offline Feature


This method is suitable for downloading to your mobile or tablet particularly Android. Update  your  YouTube app you will get  a new option of YouTube offline and there you will get a save option for videos you are Playing. Downloading videos using YouTube’s official App feature has certain limitations like you can’t share the downloaded file with other non-android phones or even with computers that means you can enjoy watching videos in our smartphone only.

5. Download YouTube Videos Using Real Player Media Player


Yes, you can also download YouTube videos by a media players called Real Player. Actually, not all media players support video downloading from YouTube but this real player does support download from several websites. Since the real player comes in built with Real Player Downloader, so every time you watch a video the real player would automatically come up with as option and the Video can be downloaded. You can download Real Player for free.

Click Here To Download Real Player


Well, YouTube has been a great source of information and entertainment the site sharing millions of videos, on all topics. Registered user can upload, their videos and share anyone videos with other but no one can download it officially.

So this is it I’ve tried to list all methods to download YouTube videos, directly or indirectly, share this post to in your network and please let me know if any another method exists, I will update that method in my post.
Best Way To Download YouTube Videos Free
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