3 Best Ways To Download Facebook Videos The Easy Way

Facebook has rolled out a new feature of serving videos as a post in users feed  just like Instagram that has made it even more exciting. Its billions of users play millions of videos each moment. Sometimes you watch some really amazing videos and you wish to save or download them, but unfortunately Facebook does not support official download of the posted videos. But don’t worry, this post will guide you to download facebook videos in the simplest way:

Method 1. Master Trick To Download Facebook Videos

Step1. Find out the video first from the page where it’s been posted. For example, visit the Facebook page, Click on the more options and then select the videos options

Step2. Find the video you wish to download, click to open it .





Step3. Change the URL of the video
The only change that needs to done is from “ http://www to http:/m.
For example:-

The actual video link is something like – http://www.facebook.com/video.php?v

which will be replaced by something like this-  http://www.m.facebook.com/video.php?v
Actually changing the URL will give you the mobile version of the videos and this will enable the saving mode.

Step5. Now you can just right click on the mobile version of the videos and select save video as options
You will get the mp4 options:
NOTE:- you need to play the video first in order to get that save as video option.
This is the master method to download facebook videos, but the drawback is you are not given any option to choose video downloading quality.


Method 2. Download Facebook Videos Using Third Party Sites :-

I will recommend this method only if you want to download facebook videos in other formats.
You can follow to download Facebook videos:-

Step 1.Copy the URL of the video first.

Step2. Go to the third party downloading sites ,like- en.savefrom.net

Step3. Copy and paste your URL in the box and then hit the download button .You will get to choose different video formats in which you select the format your video will be downloaded.
Beware of some fake downloading sites that may lead you to adult related content. Some downloading sites that support facebook videos  downloading are :-

Method 3. Using software to download facebook videos

There are plenty of downloading software that let you download almost anything from the web. Here I am describing IDM Internet Download Manager,one of the best over downloading software.
IDM is a premium software but comes with 30-day free trail.Below are the steps you can follow to download Facebook videos using IDM:-

Step1. Download and install IDM


Step2. Close your browser and then restart it ,you will be asked to enable the extensions of IDM so enable the extension.

Step3. Then open your Facebook video,you will notice an IDM downloading icon upon your Facebook video,it will give a drop down list of all video formats. or else you can open IDM on your computer icon from the shortcut and the just copy the URL of the video and hit the download button. Below are some screenshots to help you.


Step4. Click on the format,your video will be downloaded.

So these are the possible ways to download facebook videos.Do share this amazing tricks in your network, let me know if there are another way of downloading any facebook videos, I will love to update my post.