How To Choose A Domain Name: 16 Best Domain Name Suggestion Tools


By Having a cool domain for your website, does half of the entire branding of your business. Domain name relevant to your business or niche in beneficial from SEO prospective too.

For example, a blog on health topics must have a relevant domain like or, rather than having an irrelevant domain like, etc . sometimes domain name authorities your content.

The next big thing is domain extension i.e. .com, org, .net, aside etc. Having a top level domain mean having domains with any of the above notes extension.

If the content of your website is targeted to a global audience, then better have a top level domain extension (.com, .org, .net, .name), otherwise, country specific extensions can be a great alternative for blogs getting traffic from any specific country.

Below is an incredible list of some of the best tools to discover relevant domain name for you, which available to buy.

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Actually, the problem is, most of the top level domains have been sold out already, so new webmasters face problems while selecting the relevant and appropriate domain name.

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16 Best Domain Name Suggestion Tool To Get Great Domain For You Blog

1. Name Mesh
2. Domain Typer
3. Impossiblity
4. Domainr
5. Lean Domain Search
6. Namestation
7. DomainsBot
8. BustAName
9. Domain IT
11. Domain Puzzler
12. Panabee
13. NameStall
14. Dot-o-Mator
15. Wordoid
16. NameBoy

Let us know more about these domain suggestion tools in detail:-

1. Name Mesh


You can search for multiple keywords by giving commas and generate most relevant and available domain names . Name Mesh claims to have 6 Million plus words and 20+ Generators in its directory. You can check availability of the most common extension including .com, .net, .org.

Use popular prefixes and suffixes to modify domain names and other techniques to smartly create existing keywords to generate new words that are brandable. All in all Name Mesh is the ultimate domain name suggestion tool for you.

2. Domain Typer


Domain Typer claims to be the fastest domains each tool that lets you hurt for the most relevant domain name to matchable to your keyword. You can hunt for the country specific domains as well as generic domain.

You can try this out here also:- Just enter your keyword in the box below.

Domain Typer has been rated 4.5 out of 5,  moreover, webmasters and bloggers have embedded this Domain Typer tool on their website.

3. Impossibility


Yet another Domain suggestion tool to get started, Impossibility lets you filter search option while hunting for the most suitable domain name. impossibility combines your keyword with most appropriate and suitable list of nouns, verbs, and adjectives and lets you choose the location of these additional words I’ve in the beginning or end. Impossibility is better known for speed of it’s processing since they use multiple servers from image and linode.

4. Domainr


Search for all domains is what Domain says to all. The interface is pretty clean with no irritable ads on it and lets you search some top lend domain in a hassle free manner.

5. Lean Domain Search


Lean Domain Search works in a petty decent way, just enter a keyword that you want to your domain name to include and hit the search domains option. For beginners , various suggestions below the search bar are provided. Lean Domain generator belongs to automatic Inc that is iced by millions of webmaster.

6. Namestation


Namestation seems to be a pretty intelligent domain  name generator tool, which works in quite  a unique way. Namestation  serves as Domain generators, instant availability check tool, and as a keyword suggestion tool too.

Name still allows you to organize contest to reduce 100+ name suggestions, so to get a domain name, you need to hold a name contest first . One of the best feature of Namestation domains generator tool is filtering feature. That means you can filter names out of sort business category categories or niches.

Namestation offers various tools like Business Name Generator, Domain Name Generator, Domain Name Contest, and ideas. Namestation has a wide range of domain extensions and you can check for the recently added extension in its official blog section.

7. DomainsBot


Domains Bot is a domain name search engine that is used for available domain suggestions as well for sale domain name search. Using Domain but you  can turn your ideas into names and the best part is it’s pretty simple to use.

8. BustAName


Another free domain name suggestion tool with tons of  filter options. But a name offers two domain name search bar, the first search bar combines your keywords to produce multiple unique suggestions with various extensions whereas the second quick Domain checks for the available domain names instantly without combining with other words.

BustAName seems to be a go daddy affiliate and lets you buy domain names instantly. Filter option includes domain extension selection, word combination, prefix, suffix, hyphen, plurality nouns and much more. BustAName rolled out a new tool  brandable domain generator to generate top quality and brandable domain names, suitable for business and big companies. You can also buy Web Hosting through Bust A Name since they are an affiliate to other Web hosting companies.

9. Domain IT

One of the oldest domain name generators now offers multiple web services like domain names, web hosting, and custom e-mail services.

Domain IT has pretty simple UI, just add a keyword, select to include hyphens or numbers, choose maximum domain length and select from various available extensions(.com, .net, .TV , .cc) and finally hit the submit button. Within few seconds, Domain IT provides a suggestion that you can choose.

On Domain IT, you can register a domain, Renew a Domain and Transfer a Domain.Besides, perform who is search and bulk search in a pretty simple way. If you are looking for an ultimate domain name suggestion tool then give it a shot.


The free domain suggestion tool lets you create a huge list of suitable and appropriate domain names which are rich in keywords. The best thing is that NameTumbler has move than 100 gLTLDs available and the number is still increasing .

Enter a keyword, combine with different words from the database, choose keyword placement, choose whether to include hyphens or not, select the desired extension and hit the generate Domains option, a huge list of domain names will be given to you.

11. Domain Puzzler

Domain Puzzler lets you discover the most relevant domain names 3 different ways i.e.easy, advanced,and magic.

  • Easy discovery lets you check the available for the keywords you selected.
  • The advanced option lets you choose from a variety of extensions or gLTLDs.
  • The magic Option is perfect that allows you to combine your keyword with popular words, prefixes, suffixes etc.
  • To get the best result, you must go with the magic option.


12. Panabee

I find Panabee as an ultimate name suggestion tool for businessmen, names, domain names and even personal names. Panabee combines keywords with some popular words, syllables, prefixes, suffixes, abbreviation to generate more appealing names for you.

13. NameStall

Looking for a brandable top level domain name for your business, then give it a try. Like other domain generators, NameStalls combines your keyword with popular words(more than 180 in the database) and presents the best suggestion with multiples gTLDs.

14. Dot-o-Mator

Like Domain IT, Dot-O-Mator has been there for more than a decade. Dot-O-Mator brilliantly turns you keywords idea into brandable domain names. The best feature is that it shows available domain names, alerts you of expired ones or to be expired domains and for sale domains. Dot-O-Mator is the only domain generator tool to be available as an iOS app.

15. Wordoid

Modify single keyword and generate multiple short domain names. not more than 10 letters long. Wordoid lets you choose from time different languages and allows you to mix two different languages to produce a better domain name. Moreover, Wordoid lets you decide the Quality level of domain names.

16. NameBoy

Generate high-quality domain names using various filter options that include hyphens, an addition of one or two words, use of prefixes and suffixes, use of rhyming words. NameBoy has pretty simple domain search bar that shows a huge list of potential domain names based on exerted keyword and selected filters.

Wrapping It Up

Domain Name highlights your brand, improves authorship and credibility, so it must be given utmost importance. But choosing the right domain names is pretty challenging since you have to consider all factor like the niche of the website, availability to top level domains, the length of domains, modification of domain names. So to ease your job these best domain name suggestion tool will help you to grab the best domain names for your next web venture. Check out our Blogging University for more such productive tools and article, or you can also check out our sitemap to read our posts.Do let me know your views regarding these in the comment section below.