How To Set Up A Custom Domain In Blogger with Bigrock


Here is the guide that will hep you to change the boring blogspot domain to  a custom domain in blogger with BigRock . Well having a blog with custom domain is much better than free hosted blog. Since it highlights your website and quite useful for branding purpose too. Remember all big sites and most popular blogs, they all have custom domains.
You can avail custom domains as low as $2-$3 so better have it. Buy custom domains from trusted sites like BigRock or GoDadday.

How To Set Up a Custom Domain in Blogger With BigRock

If you have a blog in blogger and you set up a custom domain in blogger to it then follow the steps below:-
First of all you need to purchase a custom domain so i assume you already bought it. Now open two tabs in your browser, one would be your browser, one would be your blogger dashboard and other would be your BigRock’s dashboard.

Step 1. Select setting from the sidebar menu Blogger dashboard. Look for your blog’s URL address, and click on change URL address or address custom domain.


Step 2. Enter the custom domain you’ve purchased.

Step 3. An error report will come up, saying we have not been able to verify your authority to this domain Error 12. Keep this page open and now move to your BigRock Dashboard. Few useful information will be provided that will be used in further step.


Step 4: Uncer DNS Management section, click on Manage DNS. A new pop up window will appear.

Step 5. Click on “Add A Record”. You need to add four A records in where the domain name will be same for all i.e. the purchased custom domain . You can see the same in image too.
No need to add http://www. or www., just enter the domain address.

Step 6. As I already said domain name will be same but destination IP address will be different for each record. Below are four destination IP address:



Step 7. I assume you have created four A records, now come to CNAME Records section. You need to add two CNAME Records here.

For Host Name Field:
Copy the first host name from Blogger’s setting page. It might be www. Now paste this host name there.

For Value Field
Copy And Paste the corresponding data provided under Destination, Targets or Points To. In case it was then you need to add it in second row where it says(Type In A fully Qualified Domain Name i.e.


Similarly you need to add another CNAME record from provided information in Blogger dashboard.
Once you’ve finished doing all these settings, wait for few hours(Max 48 hours) because the DNS propagation will take place. It usually takes 24-48 hours for complete DNS propagation in all countries. But don’t worry it won’t take that much time as in my case it took just half an hour.

How To Check DNS Propagation Of Any New Domain Using WhatsMyDNS


Step 1. Visit

Step 2. Insert your Custom Domain URL and hit search button.

Step 3. Now list of all countries will appear where the DNS has to be or has been propagated. Once you finds it’s green signal everywhere then congrats your blog is now accessible via new custom domain URL address.


So this is how you can setup custom domain in Blogger with Bigrock and the process is same for other companies too, like Bluehost, Hostgator, Goddady. All you need to add is to A record as well as CNAME Records in corresponding DNS management tool. Hope I was able to help you, do share your experiences in comment section below.