How To Create A WordPress Blog In 5 Minutes [Ultimate Guide]


Every day millions of blogs are launched and the majority of them are built in WordPress. Create a blog and make money online has been the goal of many bloggers. There are various types of blogging and bloggers but one thing that is common to most of them are their choice of platform; WordPress.

Step By Step Guide To Create A WordPress Blog For Free In 5 Minutes

WordPress is an amazing platform to create blog and site and the actual power of WordPress lies in its compatibility with countless plugins and customized themes. About 60-80 % of the blogs on the internet are built on WordPress.

Why WordPress Is The Best Platform?

  • Large repository of plugins helps to run a blog more smoothly. These plugins can convert your simple WordPress blog into any kind of site.
  • You can use any theme suitable according to your needs, even you can customize that theme also. WordPress dashboard is far much better than the dashboard of any other blogging platform.
  • The best thing about WordPress is its more search engine friendly so the blogs created on WordPress ranks well in search engine.

Before Creating Your WordPress Blog

You need to buy web hosting and domain Name from any hosting provider like Hostgator, Bluehost, Dreamhost etc. These are my favorite hosting provider but I prefer HostGator the most which is just awesome at  its service and speed or else if money is your concern then you can go with Bluehost then, which offers cheap and  reliable hosting for you.

Now I assume you have purchased on domain and hosting plan and ready to proceed now so follow the step

Almost all dashboard and control panel of the hosting providers are same here I am showing you with the screenshots of HostGator:-

  • Log into your account provided by your hosting service.


hostgator list

  • Search your order, here I have purchased by the name of guidemydreams
  • Now scroll down to your manage hosting and click on it, which will take you to your actual control panel.

manage hosting hostgators


  • Scroll down and look for softaculas  app Installer




Now click on this on the next screen you will get a lot of logos, Click on the WordPress logo as the first one. In case you didn’t get the option, Click on Blogs option from the left sidebar and the Click on ‘ W ‘ WordPress icon or on hovering over the WordPress option you will get an option to  install.




In the next window, you need to give some details in site settings like Site Name, Site Descriptions, whether you want to enable multisite or not, Admin username, Admin password, Admin e- mail, language selection etc. I’ve discussed each point separately.

installing wordpress2

  • Site name :- Give a Name to your blog/ site.
  • Site description :- Add a one line description about your site like” it’s a tech blog ” Keep this description short. It is like a tagline.
  • Enable Multisite ( WPMU) :- Enabling this option will add a multisite functionality to your site, I don’t recommend this as of now since these are the things which you can do later on as well.
  • Admin Username :- This is an important and one-time entry, so choose a unique and easy to remember the username.
  • Admin Password:- Keep an alphanumeric password
  • Admin E- mail :- you can give your own e- mail id here. This mail id will be used in case you forget your password

installing wordpress3

  • Language:- Select your preferred language here
  • Select Plugins:- You can select that Login Optimizer option but it’s not mandatory. It will actually limit the number of attempts to log in by wrong username or password
  • URL:- Leave it blank
    You can skip the advance option, this is not mandatory. But don’t forget to enter your current e-mail id in the last box. All the Installation details will be sent to that Id.

installing wordpress4

You can there click on install button. It will take merely around 10 seconds and the WordPress software will be installed successfully. You will get the congratulation message and the links to start with.

installing wordpress5

wordpress dashboards

Just visit the administrative URL and login to your account, you will get into the WordPress dashboard. See how easy it was!!!

Now all you have to do is to start posting and publishing content in your blog.

Now To get special features and functionality of WordPress you need to install various plugins and add different widgets into it. Plugins are a kind of extended software web application that adds some specific functionality in WordPress whereas themes are the customized designed website basically used for enhancing the appearance.

How To Install WordPress Plugins And Themes?

Step1- Click On Plugins/ Themes Option present in the right side of the dashboard.

Step2-Search the plugins/themes by its category and the list will come up before you.

Step3-On choosing the plugin/theme you want, you will get an option to install it.

Step4- Now the added plugin or theme will be installed.

It is really very easy to create a blog in WordPress, actually, you can create almost all kind of websites using WordPress, be it an e-commerce store or a simple company profile site. Create your own blog on WordPress and start publishing content.