How To Create A Profitable Niche Blog And Make Millions Online


I’ve already discussed different types of bloggers and blogs in my previous post, and I’d mentioned niche blog as an important kind of blog. Niche blogs refer to those blogs whose content or posts revolve around any specific topic.

For example, technology is a niche blogs on technology are niche blogs for technology related content.There is also a subcategory available called micro niche blog.i.e which are more specific to a particular content or topic.

Make It Clear
Niche means Category or Type

Niche Blog- Any blog on Technology
Micro Blog- A Blog on android apps.
Here Technology is a vast umbrella term and android app is a small category under technology domain, So a blog on an android app can also be called as technology blog.

Why Niche Blogs Rank Higher In Google

Since all blog post of Niche blogs revolves any specific topic, so niche blogs have more exclusive content related to any specific keyword.
Now suppose yourself as Google and a search on the keyword “Android app ” comes to you’ve two options:-

  • Option 1:- Show links of health blog having a single post on the keyword android app.
  • Option 2:- Show links of the android blog having more than 100 posts on the keyword Android App.

So which option would you choose and why ?

Thus niche blogs have more keyword related content. So the concept is quite simple, niche blogs have more content related to any keyword, thus niche blogs perform better than general blogs.

How To Create A Successful Niche Website Blog

The point is that visitors trust niche blogs since they consider these blogs as master of that specific topic. 

Thus as in all improves credibility and establishes authority.

  1. Select a Niche or Micro niche
  2. Find a Niche specific domain Name
  3. Choose a hosting and create a blog.
  4. Publish 20-30 posts ( with high-quality content ).
  5. Promote your website to get free traffic.
  6. Monetize your site with Adsense or other alternatives.
  7. Submit your site to search engines.

1. Select A Niche

Select a category first, the one in which you are comfortable at exploring, researching and writing. Never choose a niche that does not excite you or that doesn’t interest you at all.

And if you are comfortable with all categories then you can try out niches like health, technologies, blogging, fitness, beauty and care, e-commerce, business, etc.which are always in demand. You can go even deeper to choose a micro topic from that category. Like the internet from technology, obesity from health niche, entrepreneurship from business niche, and likewise.

2. Get Niche Specific Domain

Having a niche specific domain is beneficial in both perspectives, the SEO (search engine) perspective as well as from user /readability.
Niche specific domain highlights the tangled keywords in advance, so thus  a little bit of marketing and branding for you.

3. Choose A Reliable Hosting And Create A Blog

A reliable hosting means Bluehost. Yes, Bluehost is also the officially recommended hosting for the site. Although there are various blogging platforms but I strongly recommended you to choose, since you will get SEO benefits and tons of plugins to help you with each small tasks. You can go through my guide that will help you setup a blog step by step, right from hosting to posting.

4. Publish 20-30 Posts (With High-Quality Content)

Many veteran bloggers suggest to create a blog first but I suggest you generate some quality content first. Because ultimately content is what drives regular traffic. And creating a blog remain only the technical aspects. You must be aware of different types of content to publish on your blog. You can try out various Blog Title Generators to get some blog post ideas. Once you get the topic, you can start your content curation then.

And once you are ready with around 25-30 relevant articles, you can then start focusing on technical aspects.i.e examples Creating a blog, Installing essential plugins, optimizing blog for SEO etc.

5. Submit Your Site To Search Engines

Search Engines like (Google, Yahoo ) won’t discover your blog content unless you submit it to them. Google and Bing run their own webmasters service to help website owners submit sitemaps. It’s one of the most important tasks that must not be ignored.

6. Blog Promotion ( Best Places To Drive Free Traffic)

After you have created your blog, published some high-quality blog posts, submitted to search engines now you need to promote it to get some exposure. You can use social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter etc To get some referral traffic. Read my post on the best free source of website traffic to increase page views.

7. Monetize Your Blog

Although there are many ways to monetize your blog but sometimes to get better results some special monetization technique suitable to any particular niche are applied. But above all, you can try Adsense and some affiliate marketing to make money from your blog. Otherwise, you can try out other AdSense alternatives too.

Final Words

To create a successful and revenue generating niche blog, one needs a strategic approach and tons of patience because blogging is something that takes huge effort and time but believe me, fruits are very sweet. So go on and make huge profits from your niche blog.