How To Create PDF Document [Create E-Book In PDF Format]


PDFs are everywhere, from your official documents to online eBooks on Amazon. The biggest plus point is it’s portable, easily shareable and highly secure than other available formats. If you are a computer geek then you would know the easy trick to create PDF or eBooks, but for non-tech users creating PDFs seems to be a nightmare. So don’t worry friends, because today in this post I will be sharing the best simple handy tricks to create PDF files.

5 All Time Best Way To Create PDF Document [Beginner’s Guide]

If you wish to create PDF file or create an eBook then follow any of the mentioned methods, because PDF (portable document format) is a great format for sharing and reading purpose. Almost all e-books are available as PDF document now :-

  1. Create PDF using MS Word or Word Doc.
  2. Create PDF using online PDF converter.
  3. Create PDF using Google Chrome Browser.
  4. Create PDF using PDF Creator Software.
  5. Create PDF using Google Drive.

So here goes the detailed process on how to create PDF file:-

1. Create PDF file using MS Word Processing

Ms Word for PC or word Doc for Mac using this method is quite simple, the concept is to create a word document with all necessary content in it and then save it as a PDF File format.
If you’ve PC then use MS Word or else you have MAC computer then try out word Doc to create the file.

Steps to followed below:-

  • Open MS word
  • Create a new document and add you content.
  • Save the file as PDF



  • click on the print option in file menu or (ctrl +P)
  • Then select PDF and choose “Save as PDF“.
  • Name your document and choose the folder where you wish to save it and then save it.

2. Create PDF using PDF Creator or PDF Editor Software

There are many PDF creators and let you create PDF document with tons of editing and customization options. Read my post on Best Free PDF Editor software for Windows, Mac And Linux users, as it is always very useful to use a customized editor only. These software not only let you edit documents only but also let you create a new PDF file. For your help I have mentioned some PDF creator cum editor tools below, you can try out these mentioned software :-

  1. PDF Creator
  2. PDF factory pro
  3. Adobe Acrobat

3. Create PDF using Google Drive

I believe Google Docs or Google Drive is a great tool to create any kind of document, be it a spreadsheet file, word file, presentation, PDF file. Here the concept is simple like MS word I.e you create an online document using Google docs and then download it as PDF file so this way you have the flexible options to insert any type of content you want.


  • Open Google docs
  • Create a new document
  • Click on file menu then choose download option then hit the “Download as PDF” file option.

4. Create PDF Document Using Online PDF Converters

Well, Online PDF converters work on the principle that any file or document format gets converted into PDF file format. So you’re independent of creating your document in whatever format you want. Let that be JPG, XLS, DOC, PPT or RTF, you can always convert them into PDF format. Try out these Best Free Online PDF Converters that can do all conversions for you.
Here is an example of converting a PDF

  • Open
  • Click on “Choose file “Or “Browse”
  • Select your Files. [Note:- Most online converters limit 3 files at a time]
  • Click on convert to PDF file.

Then wait for the file to be converted,it might take up to 2-3 minutes, depending on the number of files you’ve selected.

5. Creating PDF Document From Any Webpage Using Google Chrome

The multi-function browser Google Chrome gives you an option to save any file as PDF file. When you paint any document (whether a document or any web page in Google chrome)
Here is an example, where I have converted a web page into a PDF file,


  • Open a site say,””.
  • Click the print option from file menu.
  • Look for the destination Option in left sidebar. Now select save as PDF option.
  • Click on’ Save ‘ then.


If you want to edit your content and then save the file as PDF,then follow the steps below:-


  • Open Chrome Browser.
  • Copy the text “Data:text/html,<html contenteditable>“in the URL bar.
  • Now your tab is editable, but you can not insert any media-rich content like images or video. While editing the normal keyboard shortcuts will work, and finally, at last, you need to save the file as PDF and to do that
  • Click the print option from the file menu or Ctrl +p.
    Then in the destination, Choose Save As PDF format.

Wrapping It Up

So these were some easiest way to create PDF file. My favorite trick is creating a word document and then converting it into PDF document. I use Google Drive for this as it is the most compatible and handy tool for me. Do share your views in the comment section below.