How To Create GIF From Any Videos [Best GIF Maker]


Create GIF from YouTube videos and share it with your friends. YouTube being the world’s largest database of videos has the best funny clips that can be converted into GIF image. GIF are animated pictures without sound that keeps playing in look

GIF are very effective as it the picture always remains in the picture always remains in motion. Many entertainments any gag sites offers GIF pictures to grab visitors’ attention. In this post, I’m sharing an awesome trick to create GIF from YouTube videos.

About GIFs.Com is a very simple gif maker to create animated gif, basically from videos. The site uses state of the art technology to create gif maker. It’s inbuilt GIF editor offers a wide range of formatting option including image effects, image captioning and other formatting options. Various Image effects include Blurr, Hue, Invert, Saturation and Flip Vertical, Horizontal Flip etc.

Below Are Some Features Of GIF Maker Tool

  • Simple to use GIF Maker
  • GIFs provide gif editor to add effects, texts, sticker and much more.
  • You can convert live stream videos into GIF file.
  • Numerous sharing options like facebook, twitter, Linkedin, e-mail, messengers etc.
  • Lets you convert video to GIF or video to the meme in a flash.
  • Bloggers and website owners can drive huge traffic from their GIFs since lets you link your created GIFs to any custom link.

How To Create GIF Online Using -The Best GIF Maker Online Tool

Step 1. Visit

Step 2. Copy and paste URL of video which you want to convert into GIF file, you can also use it’s drag and drop option for this.



Step 3. You will get GF editor interface to create if and modify it accordingly. Refer to the screenshots.


Step 4. Once you’ve applied required formatting options, you can download, share or embed in in your websites.

Here in this GIF maker, you can add image caption or sticker and various image effects. The best part is you can decide the length of GIF too, i.e. select the start time and end time. However, maximum time length is 15 seconds and uploads can be up to 150mb. To download GIF, you need to create an account.

Master Trick To Create GIF From YouTube Videos

1. Go to in your browser and browse the video you want to play.

2. Play the video for a while, then move to videos’ URL address which would be something like this:-
Change it by adding gif, in the beginning, i.e.
and press enter.

This changed URL will take you to gifyoutube site with the same video page. Now you can configure your GIF better to keep it short.

3. Once you’ve created your GIF picture, it’s ready to be shared everywhere

I hope it was an easy trick for you to create GIF picture from YouTube. Don’t try to create GIFs using the official YouTube app because it won’t work. 


So this was a simple but useful tip to create GIF Online. There are various meme generator sites as well as meme generator apps available but this gif creator is quite unique and serves as all in one solution for all GIF needs.

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