How To Create AMP Ads Or Show Google Adsense Ads in AMP WordPress


Don’t worry if AdSense ads are not appearing or showing up in AMP version of your WordPress pages, here is the simple trick to add or insert Adsense ads in any AMP pages. Well, Google has been pushing the concept of AMP(Accelerated Mobile Page) to improve the user experience of all sites that appear in Google Search Results in mobile and high-end mobile devices. Moreover, it’s beneficial for all those bloggers and webmasters who had to suffer due to their slow loading of web pages. Now even if you do not have any premium fast loading WordPress theme, your site can appear faster than usual rates in AMP format.

Creating an AMP version of your blog is easy if you are on WordPress i.e. you can download and install a plugin called AMP developed by Automatic. The AMP plugin is compatible with the multisite network also. And if you are using Yoast SEO plugin then you also need to download Yoast SEO AMP Glue plugin, that adds SEO markups to your AMP pages. [Highly Recommended].

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Well, in this post I am focussing more on adding AdSense ads in AMP pages, and this trick is very useful for all those bloggers who survive on their AdSense income. Well, officially AMP does not allow the AdSense script to run in AMP versions so you need to configure AdSense ads into AMP ads format. I have attached the screenshots that show my website in AMP version is appearing in Adsense ads inside the post, after the content and above the fold.

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Watch the video version of the post here:

Requirements To Create AMP Ad Unit From Adsense Ads

  1. You must have your Adsense Publisher ID, something like this- 3255676100993292.


create AMP ads and add gooogle adsense ads in AMP wordpress pages


2. Create A Responsive Ad Unit [Link Ads, or Text or Text and Image Ads]. And make note of the Ads ID that would be something like this- 6092592963


create a reponsive AMP ads unit

3. Install A WordPress Plugin Called LH Multisite Ads.

Steps To Create AMP Ad Units From Adsense Ads


1. Replace the AdSense publisher ID and Ads ID with yours in the code given below.


AMP ads code format for adsense


2. Create A Post Adverts, give a name and paste your AMP ad code in the box below. After that hit Publish button.

create AMP ads and add gooogle adsense ads in AMP pages


create AMP ads and add gooogle adsense ads in AMP wordpress pages

3. Check the AMP version of your web pages after few minutes in your mobile or smartphone. It will appear soon.


create show and add adsense ads in AMP wordpress pages

So this way you can insert Adsense Ads anywhere in your post, but I would suggest you insert ads above the fold and after the content, because that brings the best result with no ill effects on user experience.