4 Ways To Boot Windows 7, 8, 10 From USB Drive

Windows 10 is available for download or upgrade for free ,but according to Microsoft, the free upgrade will be for a limited period of time. Bootable USB drive is one of the easiest ways to install Windows 10 or any other version, it’s a very quick and simple. I too prefer installing windows from any bootable USB drive.
Why do You need To Boot Windows From USB ?
  • Your computer may not have a DVD drive.
  • When you need a faster installation of windows OS.

4 Best Possible Methods To Boot Windows From USB Drive

1.Rufus Method.
2.Windows Media Creation Tool Method
3.Command Prompt Method.
4.Creating a Bootable USB drive for Windows without Using Rufus

1. Rufus Method


Well Rufus is one of the most widely used ISO writing software to create a bootable USB drive for Windows OS (7,8 and 10)




  • Rufus software :-Download Rufus
  • Windows 10 ISO Image File- This can be downloaded from Microsoft servers,using the Microsoft tool or else you can also download it from torrents.
  • Windows PC Off Course.
  • One 4 GB USB drive.

Here are the steps to be followed:-

1.Download Rufus from


2. Click and open the downloaded file Rufus.exe

3. Insert your USB Pen drive.

4. Now come to the Rufus User Interface Windows.and make sure that in the file system option –NTFS has been highlighted.
Now look for”create a bootable disk using ” option, Make sure it has been highlighted.
From the dropdown menu select ISO image option.

5. Now click on the Disk icon, beside the ISO image.

6. Now navigate to the location of the Windows 10 ISO file, that you have downloaded.

7. After that click start and wait for few minutes, usually It takes 3-4 minutes, mainly depends upon type of USB drive you are using. I would recommend you to choose USB 3.0 drive, which is pretty fast.

Once the process gets completed, It’s all done. Now you can boot windows from USB.
To install it just turn on the computer with this USB drive plugged in.

2.Creating a bootable USB drive for Windows OS Using Media Creation Tool.

Well this process is somehow easier but consumes  tons of time, since you have to download  Windows 10 during the process only. The process is almost same as the Rufus one, you will need a USB drive with a minimum storage of 4GB, and make sure you do not have any important data on your USB ,because it needs to be formatted.
Steps To Be Followed:-

1.Download windows 10 media creation tool -the media creation tool comes different for 32 bit and 64 bit. Below is the link to download.
(Download windows 10 media creation tool)

2.Install the tool, and launch the application.
You will get the option:-
Upgrade This PC Now And Create Installation Media For Another PC.
Select the second option.
Create Installation Media For Another PC” And Click On Next.

3.On The New Window ,Select your Preferred Language And Architecture .
You also need to choose edition might be confusing for you ,so here is the guide:-

Windows 7 starter ,Windows 7 Home Basic,Windows 7 Home Premium, Windows 8, Windows 8.1

with Bing,Windows 10 home

 Windows 10 Home Edition
Windows 7 Professional,Windows 8 pro,

Windows 8.1 pro, Windows 8 Professionals, Windows 8.1 Professionals With Media Center, Windows 10 pro

 Windows 10 Pro
 Windows 8 Single language, Windows 8.1 Single Language ,Windows 8 Single Language
 Windows 10 Home Single Language
 Windows 8 Chinese Language Edition,

Windows 8.1 Chinese language edition or
Windows 8 Chinese language  edition with Bing

Windows 10 Home china


4. After selecting all, click on the Next option, and on the next approached window, you will get 2 options:-

  • USB Flash drive :-If you want to create a bootable USB.
  • ISO file :-To create bootable DVD drive.
    So,select the first option.

5.Now click on Next button .
You will get a reminder that you will lose whatever data is there on the drive you select.

6.Windows Media Creation tool will then download the relevant files , So you have to wait for few moments.

7.Once Done, you can click on Finish Option.

So now you have successfully created a bootable USB drive for Windows OS and you can boot windows from USB created.


3. Creating a bootable USB drive using Command Prompt

Using Command Prompt to create a bootable USB ,sounds geeky actually but don’t worry here i have tried to guide with simplest possible steps for you.
You will need Windows 10 ISO file.
In your PC and a USB Pen Drive with 4 GB disk space .One more thing you can need will be any archiving tool like  zip or Win RAR (Recommrnded)
Steps to be followed to create bootable USB:-
1.Plug in your USB drive in your computer,and open command Prompt.
For this-
Windows key+R then type command and press OK button


Open Command directly from the start menu

2. Use the “diskpart” command that will open the disk partitioning software.
Now accept the UAC prompt, After that to display the connected disks type in ” list disk” command and hit enter. Now in the list,identity the disk number of the USB drive that you have plugged in. The best trick would be looking at the size column, usually the last listed drive.3. Now you need to clean the drive so type “clean” command and hit enter.

4. Now Type ” create partition primary ” command to create a partition on your USB drive.

5. To select the created partition ,type ” Select Partition 1 ” command and then use the ” active” command to make it active.

6. Now you need to assign your USB drive a letter ,so use ” assign” command to do that.

7. Lastly,you need to copy the extracted windows 10 ISO Image file to the USB drive.
That’s all, you can boot windows from USB again!!!

4) Creating bootable USB for windows OS, Using Windows USB/ DVD Download Tool

This process is the simplest once almost same like Rufus process,only the ISO writing software is different have .
Actually when I was walking a clean Windows10. Install using Rufus,I was stuck somewhere in the Rufus window only ,so I switched to windows USB/ DVD tool that took nearly 3 minutes and I was almost done .So, I prefer this official Windows USB/DVD too over Rufus
You will need to download the tool from Microsoft official website,a 4 GB USB drive with valuable data on it ,windows 10 ISO file and windows PC of course

1.Download window USB/ DVD Download tool.

2.Open the tool and cluck the browse button and select  windows 10 ISO Image file .You may need to keep the extracted file earlier to a new location.

3.Choose the USB drive option from the drop down list.

4.Click on begin copying option to start the process, and now wait for few minutes.

That’s All!!

Now you have created the bootable Windows 10 USB drive ,and you can install windows 7, 8 or 10 easily by booting it from USB drive. Once you have installed windows OS, you can download all remaining softwares required. So These were some of the best and easiest ways to boot windows from USB drive.