16 Content Types To Build Content Marketing Strategy


Almost every business needs a solid content marketing strategy in order to scale up their profit, and content marketing involves creation and distribution of different content types. Whether you run a blog or a whole content site, this post will help you in your content curation process.Here in this post, I’ve compiled a list of content types and content ideas or blog post ideas for your blog. Bloggers who are just starting out their entrepreneurial journey must be aware of different content types that can be used to build an effective content marketing strategy,  Stop brainstorming and read the folks below:


Content Marketing Strategy #1

Guides are long content that contains A to Z information regarding any topic. Intense research and planning are required to produce the best guide post, after all, you will be guiding someone. Guides contain long elaborated paragraphs, relevant images, and videos or anything that can make your visitor understand the topic easily.

Being rich in content and data, guides are more user-friendly and search engine friendly as well. Since more content means more information and search engines like Google loves such content rich blogs posts. It is easier to rank for a guide post than a general post.

Draft your guide in a sequential order and do include sections like Introduction, Body, Pros and Cons and conclusion too.

Include relevant graphics i.e. pictures, Infographics, videos, memes etc to make it more appealing. Apply the most appropriate formatting and editing to produce high-quality guides.

Many bloggers are using guides as a giveaway to increase their e-mail subscribers list, indeed it works too.

How-To Articles And Guides

Content Marketing Strategy #2

Example Of A How- To Guide 

Remember sites like wikihow and eHow, these million dollar websites receive tons of traffic daily. From how to get pregnant to how to launch a rocket missiles, people search everything because they believe that the internet is home to all answers. How-To articles always work but it should be content rich and can actually solve people’s problem.


To learn how to write how to articles:

First decide the topic, collect information, make a rough note about the process and the decide the sequence of your article. Finally, prepare a fair draft and include all relevant images or videos in right order.

After you’ve finished writing, read it out by yourself first. If you feel the post is okay then publish them. Don’t forget to make keyword researches before writing How-To posts.


Content Marketing Strategy #3

Example Review From RottenTomattoes.Com

Reviews are great marketing strategy especially for affiliate marketers and a great content type too. A genuine and detailed review with a hidden affiliate link can make millions for you. A content that expresses your experience and opinion about something.

You can write a review, make review infographics or create a review video about anything. Basically, you either review any product or service relevant to your niche. Tech blogs publish gadget reviews, software reviews, apps reviews etc. Similarly, health blogs review heath care products and health care consulting services. Fashion blogs review latest trending dresses and fashion accessories. Educational blogs review books, institutions or educational services etc.

Anyone can publish a review but that needs to be genuine so better try out the services by yourself or else make an intense research on that product or service. Gather all related info including benefits, current trend, history, pros, and cons etc. To make money from your review posts you can insert affiliate links of the product or similar product.

Opinion Post

Content Marketing Strategy #4


Example Of Opinion Post From The Hindu Editorial

Opinion posts are quite different and unique in itself because you present your own opinion regarding anything, that can be a political issue, a company, product or service.

Opinion posts are slightly different from typical review post since you express you express your personal opinion, suggestions and expected future aspects about the topic in any opinion post. Whereas in a review post you present the factual data as well as your experience with the product or service.

To get started with opinion post, you need to be aware of basics first and then research on the topic, latest related news and then finally make a solid opinion.

While emphasizing on any negative point, do mention links as a proof of your statement. So Let the world what’s our opinion.


List Articles

Content Marketing Strategy #5

Example Of Listicle Article

You’re actually reading a list article on 15 types of content you can create, So see it works. List articles have mass appeal and drive huge traffic too. List articles are the easiest way to generate quality content.

Pick up a topic related to your niche and google it, find some exact matches and then research further on individual items. Once you’ve collected data about each item, you can start drafting your post.
While writing introduce the topic first then list out your points, finally add a Conclusion or Final Verdict part in the end.

List articles are good from SEO perspective too and if you optimize your post for search engines, it can even rank higher on Google.

Sites like List25.com and listverse sustain on list articles. To help generate list article ideas you can try out any Blog Title Generator tools as well.

Case Study

Content Marketing Strategy #6


Case Study is a great content type where you explain everything about any issue, happenings, product or service experience etc. A case study basically says:-

What we do, how we do and result we get.
What happened, how it happened and the result obtained.

To create a Case Study

  • Summaries the topic in introduction part with a preview of consequence or outcome.
  • Explain the process in subcategories in sequential order, mention major challenges faced by you/client and how it was overcome.
  • The solution to the problem.
  • End your case study with a conclusion and call to action note.

Case Studies can keep your visitors busy in understanding the situations. Some case studies are like stories that keep readers engaged.


Content Marketing Strategy #8

Example From YourStory.Com

You can also publish interview conversation that happened between you and the prospect. Every sector has its leaders and people love to read interviews with celebrities, leaders, sportsperson, businessmen or any internet figure.
Make connections with industry leaders of your niche, take an appointment and interview them. You can use LinkedIn for making connections even with the most influential leaders, CEOs, and founder.

The fact is everyone wants some exposure so most of them will take some time out from Best part about Interview Conversation Content is that the content is unique in itself because you’ll get the answers to questions asked by you only so no one else will have that information.

Before interviewing, you must make researchers and gather enough information about the interviewee, his background and about the corresponding industry.

How To Write An Effective Interview Conversation Post?

Once you’ve collected all required information and answers, you must make a fair note first. Then decide the content flow or sequence of the content.
Here is a suggested sequence order:

  • Introduce the interviewee in short or else you can add an overview of the interview too.
  • Generate excitement, talk about the scopes in the industry or how the interview achieved success.
  • Then include all questions and answers.
  • Finally, mention the present scenario and achievements.
  • Then what’s your take on this?
    So interview posts can be inspiring and full of information.

Link Pages

Content Marketing Strategy #9

Link pages or Link posts are also known as Roundup post. Suppose your blog has published 10 high performing posts about marketing then you can make a roundup post summarizing details about each post in short and linking them too. it may look something like:


For Example Read  25 Great Photography Tutorials and Links From Around the Web From Digital Photography School Blog Run By Darren Rose.

It’s not necessary to include your posts only, you can insert posts from other blogs too.
Or else you want to go even simpler, then just introduce all related links there but won’t be beneficial unless you have 100+ quality links.

Research And Original Data

Content Marketing Strategy #10

Example On YourStory.Com

Researches are like proof content that involves everything from numbers and metrics to long survey reports. Find a good demanding topic and perform your research that will require tons of time and effort. Once you’re ready with your content, draft and edit it in a sequential order and then publish them. Include photos, related graphs, pie charts and infographics to make your research post more engaging.


Content Marketing Strategy #11


You can download Google’s Official E-Book On SEO 


E-Books are generally available in downloadable PDF format and many bloggers offer e-books as a giveaway to increase their mailing list. No doubt e-books are great online exchange materials but you can make money online by selling eBook on various websites or on your own blog. e-books are great from SEO perspective too but the hardest part is creating an eBook.

Intense research work, formatting, writing and typing huge content are required to create an eBook. You need to market it wisely to make money out of it. But as a content, it’s too rich and builds a reputation for you as an expert.

There are many sites that let you create e-books without doing formatting and editing tasks where you will feel like you’re writing a blog post.
Get a good catchy title for your e-book, arrange your data into categories and subcategories just like chapters of books and then make further editing.

Experts Round Up

Content Marketing Strategy #12

Read Example Of Experts Round Up From This Post

People who are a master at their work can provide genuine advice, review and unusual pieces of information. You niche and list out few experts. Approach these experts and ask them to comment, advice or review on any topic of their field.

Graphics Based Content Types

Meme And GIF Memes

Content Marketing Strategy #13

Memes are great content these days especially for social medias like Facebook and Twitter which achieves a huge number of likes and shares.

You can create your own memes using some online meme generator or meme generator android apps. Don’t overuse them, and must share it on social media. Memes are perfect social content for photo sharing sites and photo blogs.


Content Marketing Strategy #14

Example Of Infographic Content From BrightEdge 

Infographic is a visual graphic content that can be considered as extended form of images enriched with tons of data. Such pictorial representation of data gets shared in social networks more than usual blog posts.

People love to read texts and study graphs in Infographics, long blog posts are too boring now. Infographics are more liable to go viral and so professionals are using this in their blogs.

Some new types of Infographics are evolving called Infographics that includes some animated data.


Content Marketing Strategy #15

Podcasts are recorded audios which are gaining popularity day by day. Podcasts are easy to consume as people can listen to them while performing other tasks and exercise. Moreover, it’s a great convincing medium for marketers to persuade anyone to make a purchase.

Podcasts are easy to create, all you need is to have a decent microphone and some know-how to publish them. Create a podcast version of your content and add them to your blog.

People who run out of time can download and listen to them later. After publishing a podcast, you must share your release details in your network. To get SEO advantage, you can publish its transcript with included targeted keywords.


Content Marketing Strategy #16


Nothing is more appealing than videos. Remember your favorite movies that kept you engaged and made you believe in the script. Videos are best content on the internet that bears a strong convincing power.

A trend of video blogging is flourishing these days and it’s highly beneficial for bloggers. YouTube has given freedom to everyone to upload, share, videos with rest of the world and make money out of it.

For creating a persuasive video you need a great script in a sequential order. Video recording devices and little know-how of video editing are required as well. Start with a few seconds video first then expand your work. Or else you can hire any animator to enhance your video.


So this was a list of content types that will help you to build an effective content marketing strategy for your business. The Internet is all about blogs and websites be it search engines like Google, video sharing sites like YouTube or e-commerce site like Amazon. Actually, the Internet is all about content in various forms. It is content that makes a blog/website successful, definitely content is King. Bloggers can use this list to generate some blog post ideas. I recommend you to use a combination of all content types that will improve credibility as well as help you in building a better brand. Hope you liked my article , don’t forget to leave your comments.