Blogging Scopes In Future: Should You Choose Blogging Or Not


Blogging industry is booming right now and this is going to expand even more. The content from your books and novels is getting online, the reason is people loves to read online now, they don’t want to carry bulky books or novels, neither they keep long newspaper with them to read articles or news. We are living in internet era today, and from reading to booking a plane ticket, everything has gone online today.

Considering the stats of previous year from, the countries like the US has 2.79 million internet users, even developing countries like India has 243 million internet users that are increasing with a growth rate of 14% each year. There are more than 2.1 billion internet users in the world. So the point is people are getting online to find information, products, and services.

Millions of blogs are created every day but very few of them manage to survive and stand out from the crowd to beĀ  successful. Even if you will consider any specific topic or niche, there would be numerous blogs on that but if you analyze those numbers then only a few blogs would be there with high-quality content.

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Content is the key to beat others in the competition, so if you think you can deliver high-quality content to your readers then this blogosphere is waiting for you.

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The biggest motivating factor for any newbie blogger is off course returns on blogging, I mean the earnings. So don’t worry even if you choose to blog. Very small niche and you blog it right then you will earn a more decent income.

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Many bloggers are making a living from their blog earnings, some bloggers even make six or seven figure income and that’s really impressive and inspiring as well.

Believe me, guys, blogging has a great future and as of now I don’t see that this industry will ever come to an end, it will flourish and flourish.