4 Blogging Benefits: Why Every Company And Startup Should Blog


Nearly 150k new websites and 7 million pages are added everyday on web, so the biggest challenge before businesses and entrepreneurs today is getting found in the crowd.

The biggest thing is traction and today’s cut throat competition did not leave any option except depending on costly advertising.

Yes the companies spend too much on advertisement just to get leads and generate sustainable revenues.

If you’re a startup, then the challenge is even bigger because a startup has too much to do like, preparing the product, mapping correct strategies, analyzing visitors; even sometimes they go out of funds and can’t spend on advertising.

The hubpost report says that the companies that posts up to 15 blog articles per month get five times more traffic than their rival companies.

So, you cannot underestimate the Power Of Blogging which is the best content marketing strategy now a days. A blog means a written or shared expert views or reviews.

Taking an example, a poem lover will read the blog of poets, a mobile or gadget lover will read gadget review blog before buying one, a movie freak will read movie review before going to theatre, so blog severs as a pain killer for them and platform for you.

No one reads a Wikipedia articles always, people loves to read reviews, expert opinions and thoughts and there is the key to generate leads for the company.

Let me give you a live and current example of myself, i am a blogger who loves to write about blogging, technology, internet, startups and marketing, so i have to make frequent researches on internet related to these.

There is a blog called MOZ blog that i follow regularly to read articles on SEO and content marketing, and one day i came to know about an awesome SEO tool offered by MOZ for some fixed price.

I purchased the tool and it’s not only me, a lot of bloggers and webmasters like me bought the same SEO tool.

So see their blog made me their visitor and their content made me their customer, so they generated a great lead.

This is the thing i want to prove through this post, ok let me tell you the benefits of blogging point wise.

1. Blogging Brings Traction And Drives Organic Traffics To Your Website

Do you want traffic to your site? off course, right? but how?

Do some research works on what kind of queries people make to reach your website. Taking example as in above case, if your company offers any product say SEO Tool, then most related keywords would be SEO, so write quality blog posts on that keyword.

Similarily you need to do some keyword research and start your blog.

And if you are thinking that you can also invest on advertising and buying e-mail links, then please stop because these are only temporary ways to get traffic, but blogging, social media and search engines are permanent solutions.

Another reason behind why a blog gets a good ranking in search engines than other site, is that a blog is updated more frequently than any normal company site, every new post adds a new index page category and search engines just love it.

The traffic that comes from blog generate leads, So for generating lead you must write blog posts which are more appealing and persuasive, then each views of your blog post will be a lead for you. And leads means money my friend so don’t underestimate the power of a single blog post.

2. Blog Builds Trust And Establishes Authority

A company which has its own blog, posts quality articles and interact with the customers or visitors, builds great trust among them.

Being a customer, I choose products from the company which has its own blog because i believe that the company is more genuine than other companies out there for the same product. So here the trust comes into action.

A business expands on traction but sustains on trust.

3. A blog Establishes Authority

Its very simple, if a prospect gets their solution from your blog post then he/she is more likely to come into your sales, because your solution build that trust.

And once a trust is build, the prospects become long term loyal customer of yours. So just imagine how and what a single blog post of worth 500 words can give you.

4. Long Term Blogging Benefits

If the customer follows your blog regularly then their word of mouth marketing could improve your customer base by bringing more loyal customers for you, and this way your business would expand. So its a long term benefit that comes from maintaining, updating and humanizing your blogs regularly.

Well one thing is to be cleared that getting insane traffic to your website and generating leads from it is not an overnight process.

This content marketing strategy called blogging takes time, the only point is it should be done in right way then traffic comes pretty fast and you experience better results. So if your company has no blog then create it today.